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Interview: Minister for Europe Caroline Flint

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Reader comments

  1. Jessica – you might have asked whether our minister for Europe had finally got round to reading the treaty of Lisbon yet.

  2. Simon Murphy 29 May 2009, 1:14pm

    Write to Ms Flint to tell her what you think of her support for sexual apartheid.

    Her email is

  3. Simon Murphy 29 May 2009, 1:15pm

    “Dear Ms Flint

    It was with great disappointment that I read your interview with Pink News where you claim to be very proud of what the Labour government has achieved for gay rights and then say how wonderful you think Civil Partnership legislation is.

    Civil partnership legislation was created specifically to avoid having to legalise gay marriage and therefore grant equality to gay relationships. Creating a ‘separate by equal’ law is not true equality and you are being really offensive if you promote discriminatory legislation like this in the gay media. CP legislation is better than nothing but if you expect gay people to be grateful for it then you are very much mistaken.

    Straight people can’t get CP’s. Gay people can’t get married. Regardless of what rights the CP’s offer, any ‘separate but equal’ law is still discrimination.

    The Green Party say they would introduce full civil marrriage. If Labour refuse to do the same then obviously I’m never voting Labour again despite having done so all my life.

    Civil Partherships are sexual apartheid regardless of what spin you try to put on it.

    Apartheid is wrong. Why does the Labour Party support sexual apartheid?

  4. Between a rock and a hard place? Who is more gay-friendly,(or least gay-hostile) the BNP or the otherwise unchallenged growing power of Islam?

  5. Simon Murphy 29 May 2009, 1:17pm

    And her ministerial email address is

  6. vulpus_rex 29 May 2009, 1:32pm

    Simon – satisfy my curiosity, do you actually have a boyfriend you want to marry, or is your zeal for equality motivated purely by altruism?

  7. I think Ms. Flint came across as alright and was spot on about the Tories being aginst gay rights. A lot of them, (not a tiny minority) continually vote/voted against gay rights, IVF for lesbians, civil ceremonies etc. They’re a foul party.

    ‘Civil ceremony’ and ‘marriage’ are different and always will be, because the majority of the church doesn’t want us, so f–k ’em, have a civil ceremony and be happy! : )

  8. Brian Burton 29 May 2009, 2:06pm

    I did not like this minister for Europe whom I saw on ‘BBC question Time.’ She seemed very reluctant to listen to anyone elses point of view.

  9. She just doesn’t get it does she? I am against marriage (feminist values) but feel we should be given the choice (ie. equality) so I can still choose CP’s & so can my st8 friends! x

  10. And what about the governments collusion with religious lobby, allowing religious schools to encourage gay kids to hate themselves because they can ‘teach sexuality according to their faith’. It disgusts me.




  12. Can anyone tell me why we even need this woman? The EU costs the UK £40 million a DAY!!

    It’s fucking obscene. Get out now.

  13. I find her very annoying on TV. She thinks she can just shout people down and silence them by repeating the same word over and over.

  14. And this is the woman who, during her time at The Department of Health, presided over the fastest ever rate of HIV infection in our community, yet encouraged the likes of THT and GMFA to continue with their disastrous PC approach to HIV prevention that has served to normalise the virus and, in the eyes of much of the younger generation, made it seem like no more of an ordeal than catching a cold. Like everything New Labour has touched, sexual health education has been a disaster under New Labour, and STI ares at epidemic proportions. You and your Whitehall cronies have nothing to be smug about, Ms. Flint. Good riddance!

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 30 May 2009, 2:50pm

    Simon Murphy, I wholeheartedly agree with your points. Ms. Flint is really avoiding the issue on full marriage equality. She glibly states that she had a civil marriage in a registry office and equates that with a civil partnership. Clearly they are not, she needs to re-read what it states on her “Marriage” certificate, there is NO reference to partnership or union. Amazing how our government suddenly and conveniently adopts a temporary case of dyslexia when it comes to this issue. Her lame excuse regarding Proposition 8 in California is a way of appeasing and what she really means is, don’t ever try to push for full marriage in the UK. Both Democrats and Tories are no better than each other, and the UK government only introduced civil partnerships under duress by the EU, it never did it of its own volition, ditto with gays serving in the military. The Tories would have had to have complied had they been office when all that happened. Ms. Flint can use the California all she wants. So far, there are now six (6) states in America offering full marriage, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey are next bringing that to nine states. Proposition 8 will eventually fail, the tide is turning in our favour. Ms. Flint would do well to stop burying her head in the sand. I predict Denmark, possibly Finland will be next in Europe….that’s not going to stop. At least in America, they’re doing something instead of sitting back and being lulled into a false sense of equality as we are in the UK. I only hope that Holland, Belgium, Norway, and Sweden refuse to recognize segregation of this kind and rightly so. They had forms of civil unions long before the UK had ever heard of them and look what happened, they abandoned them for something far better. If civil partnerships are so equal, allow straights to have them if she really thinks they are the same thing under a different name. The fact that they can’t, proves they are indeed unequal. We all know why any British government won’t allow straights to enter into a civil partnership…its because gays will demand the right to marry if they so choose. So transparent.

  16. oh great another labour person attacking prop 8 while defending their own version.

  17. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 May 2009, 2:19pm

    Simon, another thing Ms. Flint fail to realise. If she’s so concerned about reciprocity of civil partnershps, PACS and other forms of legal unions for gay couples across the EU, doesn’t she realise that if for example a British gay couple were to live and work in France, their civil partnership carries far more rights than PACs and other unions do that don’t even have fifty percent of the rights of a civil partnership, so right there we have a major imbalance on reciprocity. To me, its an exercise in futility because of the lack of identical rights across the entire EU. The only way to resolve is very simple….open marriage to every gay man and woman if they so choose. Similary, straight couples should also have full equality by allowing them to enter into a a different form of union other than marriage, if they so choose.

  18. I was surprised Ms Flint did not comment on the shameful behaviour of Russia during Eurovision. Instead of asking who voted for whom, she should be asking what the hell did our money go to?

    I am waiting to marry my partner. I’m still waiting, with less and less patience. While I don’t want a church marriage, and there is no way it can be a white wedding, I still want an equal, civil marriage. Not good enough, Ms Flint.

  19. Robert, ex-pat Brit 31 May 2009, 5:50pm

    Matt, I hear you. I wonder how she’d feel if she were told she couldn’t get married if she so chose, in fact all straights should be asked that very basic question. Let them walk in our shoes for a moment in their lives. She’s rather smug comparing her marriage to a civil partnership. Its a form of appeasement, avoiding the real issue. They can’t use the Church of England opposition mantra any more, the primary reason why Blair avoided a confrontation, because Spain, an overwhelmingly catholic country succeeded with far far more opposition. Belgium too, another catholic country, Holland roughly 50% catholic; Canada faced tough opposition with the powerful catholic church in the Province of Quebec, but looked what happends, it succeeded and who would have thought South Africa? Religious opposition is a lame excuse and it has more to do with cowardice and not understanding what full equality really means. The UK has absolutely NO excuse to not do the same. Sooner or later its going to catch up with them and once again, Britain will be dragged kicking and screaming to do what is right and decent.

  20. christopher 1 Jun 2009, 8:05am

    Though Ms. Flint was “married in a registry office and in some ways that was a civil, legal partnership” because she is straight her status is still that of “married!” A civil, legal parnership is NOT the same. Separate is not equal!

  21. How can I continue supporting Labour when they have a Home Secretary like Ms. Smith whose department treats gay men and women who are seeking refuge here, escaping tyrany in their own country, with disregard of the law and “due process” in the courts? I have actually sat in the public gallery of one of these so-called Immigration Tribunals (they are more like kangaroo courts). The guy was ‘guilty’ at the ouset of the hearing and then had to try and prove his ‘innocence’. Even the ‘judge’ was an appointee of the Home Office. The application was thrown out, of course. But thankfully the applicant was able to get a hearing in a REAL court of law which found in his favour … he did not have to return to Iran. Voted Labour all my life … but not any more.

  22. Glad she has gone!

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