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India’s only gay magazine back on newsstands

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Reader comments

  1. ‘… secured funding from the United Nations Development Programme for the next three years.’

    That’s incredible ! !

    Has anyone thought of having a UN flag in the London Pride Parade?

  2. A ‘gay’; magazine for the ‘gay community’ aimed solely at gay men……never! :0

  3. Great news! It’s a shame that it aimed soley at men though.

  4. I have ordered a copy! The magazine should be supported. Yes, you can use Paypal! It is very important that India decriminalises homosexuality. India is increasingly a very crucial part of the world.

  5. Mihangel apYrs 29 May 2009, 11:37am

    The report suggests that while “the 56-page glossy contains just one shot of Mr Gay India in swimming trunks” it does contain book and art reviews and reportage on gay rights issues.

    I would have thought that these latter matters would be of interest to lesbians as well as gay men.

  6. Perhaps it refers to us and the LGBT community as a whole. I hope so anyway.

  7. FYI
    The magazine has 10 pages dedictaed to Lesbian issues, a discussion Frida Kahlo paintings , Lihaaf , which is the only lesbian themed indian literature so far…its all LGBT, not just for men.

  8. Does this mean someone will be holding up a UN flag in the London Pride Parade? I hope so.

  9. Brenton (4):

    Thanks for giving me the idea.

    I’ve just ordered a copy using PayPal – $24 Canadian for Volume 1, 2009 = a collector’s item.

    Worth every penny.

  10. I am an Indian in New Delhi, and I have ordered a copy of Bombay Dost online. I recently heard that Microsoft has launch a gay themed ad for IE in India. Then there are regular gay columns in the Indian media, especially English language media. The only way gay tolerance can increase in India is if they realize that gay means money!

    1. Rashid Karapiet 6 Sep 2011, 12:53am

      I read these comments with mixed feelings – New Delhi is where I grew up, where I had my first adult sex – all those beautiful American GIs, randy and ready for most things – and the married Indian lovers, Hindu and Muslim and everything else and the tragedy is that the laws which are being used to persecute gay men and women are the laws inherited from the British Raj – the politics of ignorance and hate know no ideological boundaries. I wish all of you gay men and women in New Delhi and everywhere else in my once beloved land peace and happiness and the strength to hold on to this unchanging truth: Love is never wrong!

  11. Hey Brenton, Jean-Paul – did you receive your issue? How was it?

  12. Hi Richa, my copy has just arrived from Mumbai today. The magazine is an excellent production. Interesting articles and illustrations. I am pleased to be able to support this new publishing venture.

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