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Civil servant escapes jail over gay male prostitute service

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Reader comments

  1. Loyalist Pride 29 May 2009, 2:10pm

    The gaydar site has a specific chat room for commercial members

    who sell sex but I am unaware if this is the case in the Republic

    of Ireland. Though supposedly no bullying or coercion was involved

    you would have to question whether any escorts became involved

    because of poverty or underlining emotional, intellectual or

    psychiaric issues, and other vulnerabilities.

    Maybe the legalisation and regulation of prostitution could

    improve the working conditions and safety for sex workers as some

    models have in parts of Western Europe and Australasia. How likely

    this is to happen in relatively liberal Dublin let alone in deeply

    conservative Ireland (well at least it is desribed this way

    according to almost all travel guides I have read), I am unsure.

    At least with the proper regulation without any organised crime

    involved , it can reduce any exploitation as well improving safety

    and health of the escorts involved.

  2. Brian Burton 30 May 2009, 11:13am

    ‘Aint yer heard me Boys…..If Your Irish, come into the parlour, there’s a welcome here for you. If your name is Timothy or Pat, as long as you come from Irland there’s a welcome on the mat…..!Trust him to get caught! Now what’s wrong with having ‘Welcome’ on your bedside mat?

  3. Oh, I was going to be flippant and ask if he claimed it on expenses, but you are right “loyalist pride”; there does need to be a sea change for sex workers. Having been a “Glamour model” (I can’t even type it without laughing) I think there is a case for regulation for the protection of sex workers. I do not think I was exploited, indeed it was me who lied about my age to get the work (I was under eighteen) so it could be argued that I exploited the industry rather than vice versa. If you find the pics, send them to me when you stop laughing! (Mullets; all I can say is I’m sorry.)

  4. Another example of just how progressive Ireland is.The irish society have to long been apologists for child rapists and murderers as seen in the Ryan report and still nobody was named or prosecuted.My sister there has been the victim of rape and two attempted murders by her ex-partner, with constant death threats by text and phone and the Garda refuse to act as they are corrupt and she is a bit of an outsider.(According to Will she is a twat and deserves everything she gets, but Im guessing womens groups might disagree).
    Just as a peaceful demonstration about the victims of republican violence ended with rioting by violent unapologetic Irish nationalists, the victims of that society will not be bullied by filth like Will who is no better than people who blamed the children for being sexually abused as if they were tainted as happenned in church care.I make no apologies for being gay and people like Will show me how even Irish gays are as vile as there straight brothers.
    I have lived in wonderful countries like the U.K, Australia and the Netherlands and cannot praise them enough.But if you abuse people, and more reports in the Irish times show high levels of racism in Eire and widespread homophobia, there will be consequences. People like Will who bully innocent people and this is how I developed a hatred for a society that refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing.I am not alone in my bitterness against violent Irish people and am not afraid of your thuggery.I will stand up against your racism and vilolence against women,when I come there will be no hiding place for excrement like Will.
    I grew up a polite and shy lad in Ireland until I left there,but now I have one message for child rapist apolgists like Will so common in Ireland. NO SURRENDER!

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