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California parole board appointee rejected over homophobic comments

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  1. Arnie doesn’t want gay marriage! He’s such a fartcather.

  2. I meant fartcatcher!

  3. Terry Floyd Johnson 29 May 2009, 5:26pm

    Doug Drummond made those comments; he doesn’t deny them, but he also recanted them, as he saw his error. This shows a man who can admit his mistakes.

    Denying him this parole board position, is tatemont to saying that a person cannot grow, cannot see what he did in the past was wrong…it sets a bad position for politicians, etc., to follow.. we in America know people make mistakes, but when they see the error of their ways…and show it by being active in gay events, and donating to gay organizations/issues/etc., we have to learn to forgive, and support a person, in this case Doug, who has shown he has the ability to learn from his mistakes.

    I feel this decision was wrong; Doug doesn’t deserve this.

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