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Hundreds of protesters voice their opposition to Supreme Court marriage ruling

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 27 May 2009, 1:14pm

    Shameful and disgusting decision by the supreme court. I wonder who the religious facists next target will be. Ethnic minorities and women should beware. The churches are out to get them next.

  2. Even though the supreme court upheld my marriage, I’m scared that the fanatics will come after us 18,000 couples next.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 May 2009, 3:36pm

    Staci, if they tried to do that, they’d alienate themselves even more. The 18,000 couples could well prove to be a blessing in disguise further down the road towards full equality. It is up to us now to convince the population that religion does not exclusive rights to marriage, least of all civil marriage that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the religious component. I suspect the religious cultists who are at the root of this evil piece of legislation are using the procreation mantra as a reason to justify a ban on marriage equality. We as a group have to go after them and tell them that if procreation is the reason, then they’ll have to bring another proposition to ban all straight couples from marrying who choose not to procreate or can’t, and similarly ban all married childless couples. It will piss them off royally but it will emphasize the absurdity of their claims. We on the other hand could give them a taste of their own medicine by advocationg for an amendment to overturn tax-exempt status of every religious cult that meddles in the political process if separation of church and state are to be maintained and upheld guaranteed by the constitution. Why should they be above the law and exempt from taxation anyway and protected from it at our expense?

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 May 2009, 3:37pm

    Staci, I missed out a word in the third sentence. I meant to have said…”religion does not OWN exclusive rights to marriage”. My apologies to readers.

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