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Gay minister faces new challenge in ‘disrepute’ allegation

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Reader comments

  1. Is the gobsh—e, that is bothered that it did not know you were gay before your church living was granted to you,from the same group that has just voted to accept you, Mr Rennie?

    So now they have decided that while you are ‘utterly lovely’ in every other way, your homosexuality is, sooo sorry, a ‘no-no’ and it’s ‘Goodbyes-ville’…?

    Had aforementioned gobshite known, you’d never have got inside the door, am I right?
    So as I said before on umpteen occasions, DUMP THE FOOKIN’ LOT and let them wallow in the mire of their own bigotry.
    Mr. Rennie, sir, it will not take two years, this farce of an ‘examination/query’!
    It is a put up job while they re-group for the kill, like the hyenas they are; they have already started with their ‘second thoughts’.
    You have already been decided upon; you are a cog in a wheel; the tail of the dog; you will not be allowed to wag the dog, not be allowed to turn the wheel.

    It is the same in the Catholic Church.
    “Rome rules, OK..?”
    So they did not know that you were gay and now they do know because you told them.
    So what?
    That makes them penalise you for telling the truth, Mr Rennie.

    It will be the money that decides anyway, as the article says.

    It happened 2000 years ago with Christ Himself, who came ‘that they might have life…’
    They didn’t want to know and murdered Him.
    There’s nowt new under the sun; plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…

    Another schism, anyone..?
    Coming right up!

  2. ‘Why should they ‘KNOW’ anyway?
    Is it a communicable disease?
    Bugger off.
    And that is what you should be telling them Mr. R.

  3. “Forward Together”?! Ha! “backward in division” more like!

  4. This allegation is nonsense, as has already been reported elsewhere. Rev.Rennie was entirely open & honest in advance of his being voted in by the congregation of this church. This person who claims he was not made aware of his sexuality by the session clerk, is known by the rest of the congregation to be stirring up trouble in order to, frankly, settle something of a grudge. I’ve no doubt people will pay it no credence and the media should do the same.

  5. lets all hope and pray that Mr Rennie gets in there and settled quickly and then all the true christians can benefit from sharing the love of God with him.
    As for the vile biggots, well let them split up the church and they can bugger off and set up their own superior and disgusting church, where they can judge everyone but themselves and see if they get to heaven through it.

  6. heavens above what a bunch of homophobes – i bet Scott Rennie could tell us a few things about his parishioners – why dont they get a grip on life and front some of the real issues out in the world?


  7. This allegation is just the result of some poor bigot who doesn’t like being forced to face up to the realities of life never mind the realities of what it really means to be a Christian. Every gay within easy reach of Queen’s Cross Church in Aberdeen should make a point of attending … imagine the consternation of the bigots who might have to share a pew with one ‘of those people’!!!!!!!!

  8. I didn’t know they were homophobic bigots before they opened their mouths.

  9. the fundamentalists are really scraping the barrel here. Quite right it’s a difficult time for the Kirk, as for anypne, and Forward Together are going to threated to plunge the whole institution into the abyss unless everyone goes along with their extreme, uncompassionate, reactionary world view.

    While I’m generally anti-religion, I wish Mr Rennie all the best and hope decency, fair play, reason and honesty perseveres.

  10. Brian Burton 28 May 2009, 5:50am

    I have just arriverd back from a visit to Scotland. I must admit to being on tender-hooks while they debated their ‘Gay Minister problem.’ When it was anounced that Scott Rennie was voted in, I was cocker-hoop and did a ‘Highland Fling,’ in celibration.

  11. “Someone has lodged a complaint suggesting that Scott’s lifestyle is bringing the church into disrepute.” Its not a lifestyle, they make out as if its a choice. Who would CHOOSE to put themselves in the firing line of religious bigots. I really get annoyed by the church, which supposedly promotes love, understanding and a caring “lifestyle” telling people how they should live their lives. Delve beneath the surface of any of these self rightchous, self appointed champions of the “word of God” and you’ll find hipocracy. Lies, hatred, etc. It is about time that the law stepped in and stopped giving these people a legal right to spreading hatred, wrapped up in religious doctrine that has been misquoted from soddam and Gamorah. Read the bible properly and follow it all, or none, don’t pick and choose what you like and brush aside what you don’t. Analmen

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