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Former Radio 1 controller attacks decision to pre-record Jonathan Ross show

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Reader comments

  1. Who cares not a gay story. The guy offended his listeners, not just the gay ones, now he is being punished. Lets move on.

  2. While I agree this is old news, let’s just check the facts here:
    Some people were offended. I suspect a handful of over-sensitive little poofs, and a lot more straights that were worried their softie friends *might* be offended, made a few irate phone calls to Auntie and the shit hits the broadcasting fan yet again.

    Meanwhile, back in Realityland, millions of listeners have a little chortle at Mr Ross’s risqué little comment, and continue on with their lives, totally unaware of the effect of a few interfering little twats.

    The unfortunate balance here is that complaints are generally recognised and acted upon, however, everyone that liked Jonathan’s show, *didn’t* call the BBC. Had they done so, the lines would have been jammed all morning.

    Basing offence on the number of complaints received is pointless and unfair. Producers should know what and what not to broadcast. They know the boundaries. If they think something is too close to the knuckle, it is their jobs to make the decision, not the public.
    If people didn’t like Ross’s show, they wouldn’t listen to it in their masses.

    That’s my final opinion on this matter, the rest of you can argue amongst yourselves, be bisexual and go 50/50, or phone a friend (if you still have any left.) I for one am rapidly losing the will to live regarding this topic, so I’m off to have a pop at MP’s expenses on another topic.

  3. Simon Murphy 28 May 2009, 1:16pm

    RobN – why do you apply double standards when it comes to offending black people and gay people? Or do you think that black people would be oversensitive little n*****s if they were offended by racially insensitive remarks?

  4. Simon Murphy: At what point have I mentioned black people?

    Don’t try and move the goalposts. The point is, black people *don’t* complain as much. It’s usually white people who whinge, in the apparently noble, but utterly misguided sentiment that somehow they are doing someone, somewhere, a favour.

    If they spent as much time managing their own sad little lives as they did trying to protect other peoples, this country might have a more balanced, level-headed standard.

  5. I think if celebrities abuse their position to make fun of gay people – then it’s important to see if they can take as well as make a joke.

    The best test, is a great British tradition of Egg-throwing.

    People like Chris Moyles should be singled out for such treatment. It’s harmless fun, freedom of speech. And it gives them the opportunity to see how it feels like to be the subject of ridicule. It’s a much better solution than banning or sacking people. (And if it encourages them to make more jokes – fine, let’s throw in some tomoatoes, too!)

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