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Two-year moratorium on gay ordinations in Scotland

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 26 May 2009, 1:32pm

    Looks like bigotry and discrimination is alive and well in the church of Scotland – although let’s be honest – it’s a religious group so of course it engages in discrimination. Let’s hope this debate does cause a schism. Religion has no place in modern society if it tries to undermine democracy and human rights as all religions do. Unless religion can accept that those people who disagree with them have points of view which deserve the same protection under the law then religion needs to be fought.

  2. Simon Murphy 26 May 2009, 1:33pm

    Therefore a religion which campaigns against abortion rights; gay rights or women’s rights has no place in modern society as throgh its own actions it is perverting democracy.

  3. Looks like the Church of Scotland is “Suspending its Enlightenment Values”

    . . . hopefully the flame of Englighenment will guide them out of this set back.

  4. Of course they will KNOW which ordinand is gay and which isn’t..?
    After all gays are ‘obvious’, aren’t they..?
    They all mince, do gays, and have exaggerated hand gestures and speak in a high pitched voice, so they’ll be easy to spot.

    So that’s alright then.

    Oh? and wasn’t Mr Scott Rennie married…?

    Well, he’ll be ok then; can’t be gay; he’s married.

    So are we back to Salem?


    Don’t you just love what religion does to minds.


  5. Anyway, they must sort their own nest of vipers out, the poor wee kirk.
    There is more than enough to cope with, with RCC bigots.

    Wot’s the latest numpty’s name, looking for his 15 minutes?
    Owen is it?
    Why can they not see that some homosexual men are paedophiles, some are not; some heterosexual men are paedophiles, some are not and that being homosexual is NOT any indicator of a predilection for minors.


  6. Sooo, let me get this right. Appoint an openly gay vicar with more than just marginal approval (i.e. nearly 50 votes clear majority, rather than just one or two), but ban any further appointments of LGBT people. Have Scotland adopted Paula Abdul as a theme song?

    “One step forward, and two steps back…”

  7. AnthonyfromAyrshire 27 May 2009, 1:09pm

    They’ve banned ordaining new ministers who are gay, yet in today’s Glasgow Herald, they advocate asking newly released sex offenders and paedophiles to join their congrigations. Good to see they’ve got their priorities in order when it comes to deciding who is “evil”.

  8. Brian Burton 1 Jun 2009, 1:22pm

    What the Hell do they want stupid Monatoriums for? Are they hoping the Gay issuue will vanish in the night?

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