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Nigel Lythgoe apologises for anti-gay comments on dance show

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Reader comments

  1. “I am not homophobic and it was extremely upsetting to be classed as such” said Nigel Lythgoe.

    Well, Nigel, the best way, and by far the simplest way, to avoid being so awfully “upset” by being labelled a homophobe, is to STOP using homophobic language, you twat.

  2. Simon Murphy 26 May 2009, 2:00pm

    Oh give him a break. He made a homophobic statement and when he was called on it, his apology was immediate and full. Which he should be commended for. And it’s more than can be said for the likes of Jonathan Ross; Miss California; Chris Moyles etc.

  3. SACK HIM !

    Only joking having said thatdo we really need two guys doing ballroom dancing??

  4. Why was his statement homophobic? I just read it, and it seemed quite reasonable to me … if what was reported here was what was said. Of course, so much of the ‘tone’ is in how one looks when onwe says something and the inflection put on it. Not having seen the programme, maybe I shouldn’t comment.

    It seems to me that too many people are just apologising for “homophobic” comments instead of fighting the label! I think many people in middle America WOULD have been alienated – seems factual to me #, rarther than homophobic – and if he personally doesn’t like “Brokeback Mountain” style dancing, so what? I’m sure there are loads of other comments I could dislike the man for, in fact having watched the show once or twice, I know there are. But ‘homophobic’? Please!!

  5. John (Derbyshire 26 May 2009, 4:05pm

    You`re kidding yourself Kevin. Fo far too long we`ve put up with these kind of throaway comments-and just brushed them aside. Thetime has come to challenge each and every one. Nigel Lythgoe need to understand – we`ve all moved on from these low-level sneers at us.

  6. Simon Murphy 26 May 2009, 4:48pm

    Casual homophobia (like Lythgoe’s comments as well as Jonathan Ross and Chris Moyles) is acceptable on TV and in society in a manner in which casual racism is not acceptable. Carol Thatcher was instantly fired for her use of the word ‘golliwog’ because it appeared racist. Chris Moyles escaped scott free for his repeated homophobia.

    Ross, Lythgoe and Moyles are not foaming bigots like most religious people (for example) are but there casual homophobia leads to a situation where casual homophobia is regarded as acceptable.

    It is not acceptable and should always be challenged (especially in a society where the word ‘gay’ is used as a synonym for ‘rubbish’ or ‘crap’ by young people.

    At least Lythgoe has issued a full apology

  7. I couldn’t give a damn about those comments, Nigel basically called Kym Marsh fat on Popstars all those years ago, does that mean he hates/is scared of fat people??? No, he just doesn’t think it looks good.

    It’s the same here and the gay community being over-sensitive and re-acting to every little offensive remark, real or imagined; only serves to get on people’s nerves. If we moan and moan about little things people will have stopped listening by the time something that is actually important comes up.

  8. First, they weren’t a gay couple. The dancers were interviewed, and one is straight, and the other gay. In fact, the straight dancer said that the intimacy of the dancing “took some getting used to”. As far as Lithgoe goes, I have figured that he was family ever since the show premiered. Looks like INTERNALIZED homophobia, more than anything else. And, even if it isn’t, dance is full of gay men, so it was rather silly to play the “shocked and amazed” routine.

  9. Will you talk about this on your next job review? LOL
    That was infantile. He apologized.

  10. Brian Burton 28 May 2009, 1:18pm

    Poor old Nigel Lythgoe, I remember him 40 odd years ago. His PinkNews picture looks positively stilted (perhaps it’s the polyfiller!) He should be put out to pasture!

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