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Eminem helped by Elton John in drug addiction battle

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 26 May 2009, 4:42pm

    Elton John has disgraced himself by his association with Eminem. Eminem has never apologised for his hideous lyrics (he hides behind the pathetic excuse that he’s being ironic). Then again Elton John is so out of touch with reality his association with Eminem is only to be expected. A man who spends £300,000 a year on flowers is hardly in touch with reality now is he?

  2. Please get of your little pedestal.
    A lot of eminems lyrics are tongue in cheek, I suggest if this sort of lyrical content hurts you so much you start with the more serious offenders such as Elephant Man, Capleton and most other Jamaican rappers.

  3. Was he homophobic? Yes. Could this friendship with Elton change his mind? Yes.

  4. HAve you noticed that Eminem likes to dress in drag in many of his videos?!

  5. Simon Murphy 27 May 2009, 3:26pm

    #2 Gaz: You say:

    “A lot of eminems lyrics are tongue in cheek”


    ‘Do I hate fags? The answer is yes!’

    How is that tongue-in-cheek?

    And if his friendship with Elton ‘£300,000 a year on flowers’ John has altered his opinions why has he not apologised for his hateful lyrics? Eminem’s lyrics are no different from Capleton’s.

  6. i grew up listening to eminem and even though ive now diverted to rock (metal and screamo mostly) im still fond of his music. you cant take his old stuff seriously for one most of his stuff was toungue in cheek and was offensive just for a reaction and secondly he was younger then, now he is more mature and being involved in the music industry means hes more exposed to gay people. as for his latest comment in his song, i think that is more a case of confusion over linsey’s choice of partner “samanthas a 2 your practically a 10” and the whole song is a joke anyway, its not serious at all. people gotta learn to take things with a pinch of salt sometimes.

  7. A man who spends £300,000 a year on flowers is out of touch with reality?
    The guy is worth £170 million for god sake. So spending that much isn’t a big thing… again get of your pedestal, your obviously just a jealous, hateful gay/queer/bi

  8. anyone with half a brain knows that eminem isnt being serious. and the writer of this article should have done more research. (if i remember correctly) the song criminal was a direct response to claims of him being homophobic. because people were STUPID enough to think he actually was, he purposely went out to make the most outrageous song he possibly could. can you think of a time when eminem is serious? theres some yes but most of the time hes kidding around. look at the hook of the song retarded “im sorry/ im mentally retarded/ slim shady/ i think thats my name” of course, he must actually be telling people hes retarded, right?

  9. Elton John: “There just aren’t many people in the world with balls that big and talent that awesome.”

    Here I’ve tried to collect all notable tributes and quotes on Eminem from peers:

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