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Church of Scotland to establish commission to examine gay clergy issue

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Reader comments

  1. I have just heard on BBC News (Radio 4) that this ‘church’ (ahem!) has resolved not to ordain any more gay ministers until the conclusion of the 2011 report.

    Of course they will KNOW which ordinand is gay and which isn’t..?
    After all gays are ‘obvious’, aren’t they..?
    They all mince, do gays, and have exaggerated hand gestures and speak in a high pitched voice, so they’ll be easy to spot.

    So that’s alright then.

    Oh? and wasn’t Mr Scott Rennie married…?

    So are we back to Salem?


    Don’t you just love what religion does to minds.


  2. Wasn’t it 4 articles before this one that we read that churches had been ‘banned from turning down gay staff’..?

    And how many posts did that attract?

    Some 189?

    Mostly dealing with a moron…acres and acres of print spent writin’ to a tit.

    And that is what is facing you, Mr. Rennie, and any would be openly gay minister.

    I say again, dump the bloody lot.
    Find something else to do or found your own church and take your supporters with you.

    You do not think that they will allow ‘that sort of thing’ you?
    What?…. “after you, the deluge”…?

    You have won a small triumph, a stay of the chop until 2011, then you will kow-tow.
    It is not over yet.
    Vicious block-heads will not be thwarted.
    They cannot possibly allow the tail to wag the dog; that is the politics of it all.

    Anyone for schism?


  3. (keith, it will be a matter of hours before this thread goes the same way, mark my words.)

    Clearly the Kirk, like its English counterpart, chooses bigotry and stupidity over moral leadership, for the sake of ‘unity’. The message is, gay people should be accustomed to feeling shame and guilt for who they are.

    Meanwhile, rational people are leaving the churches in droves. This cop out to fundamentalists will serve to make this institution even more irrelevant. This kind of nonsense will accelerate their demise.

  4. Hahaha.!
    (Why am I not in bed at this hour, I asketh myselfeth…!)

    Spot on Adrian…!!

    I shall now try to contain myself and keep ‘schtum’ and watch how proceedings develop in this thread.
    But I am opening another book that this too will run to 200+ comments…5/4 the field, now…!!

    Sees ya layder…alligayder…!

  5. Rev. Davina Skinner 26 May 2009, 8:50am

    5:10 Blessed are the homosexuals which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven and Abercrombie & Fitch.

    Mat 5:11 Blessed are ye homosexuals, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, yay you’re all still fabulous!

    Mat 5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding gay: for great is your reward in Heaven, or any other gay bar: for so persecuted they the fabulous queers which were before you.

  6. Simon Murphy 26 May 2009, 2:05pm

    The church is a nasty, bigotted, hateful, undemocratic institution. No-one should be surprised they choose the lazy, homophobic route. Why any self respecting gay person would want anything to do with some bigotted cult which believes in some godhead is beyond me.

  7. Simon, I couldn’t agree more. I left the catholic church years ago by a formal act of defection…. I could not allow myself to be associated with them, even if lapsed, I was still “on their books” so to speak. It amazes me why so many gay men, while being lapsed, still associate with these institutions. If every out gay man defected from their respective church, it would send one hell of a message.

  8. How does one do that, Will, formally ‘defect’?

    I haven’t been in a church for 50 years and do hope I do not have to go through any nonsensical ceremony.

    I would love to defect in the same religious order that I left (with their advice that I ‘get treatment’ for it).. back in ninteen hundred and fobble-dee-glob.
    It would be my way of saying, ‘You want I should get treatment? I have been considering your request (for nigh on 50 years!!) and the answer is, ‘Where do I defect…?’
    I would also like to de-baptise myself but cannot find any baptismal certificate; would it be necessary to produce one?
    Actually, I had that idea many years ago and told a priest friend of mine (old school friend). He just laughed; I experienced a big deja-vu when that Professor Hunt (?) mooted the idea recently.
    I just do not believe in ANY of the claptrap anymore.


  9. Well Keith, for Catholicism, its as easy as sending a letter to your local Bishop, or the Archbishop with your request to “formally defect under Vatican II” and give you date of birth, Parents names, and place /date of baptism, and they will take you off the books. You don’t need the baptism cert, I didn’t have one, I didn’t even have the date, just the church, the DOB and parents names.

    I know some argue to never erases the baptism, or that if you’re lapsed and don’t believe, they why bother, but the important thing for me, at least, was taking me off their records as an ACTIVE catholic. The catholic church doesn’t differentiate between lapsed and practising catholics, they’re all “on the books”. Officially now, I am non-denominational, and that’s the way I like it :)

    Better late than never Keith!

    I’m sure the something similar applies to the Anglican faiths, perhaps someone else can confirm the process?

  10. Ave! Fons omnae sapientiae…!

    (’s not rude, Will…!….’onest…!

    Thank for that..!

    I do not even know the church.. :(
    I do know that my mum and dad had to ‘expedite’ matters…hahah!

    So, I’ll not bother; I’ll maybe just go into SALFORD Cathedral and moon on the high altar and follow that up ‘for afters’ with a ‘shoe-throwing event’ when Ratzi visits these shores.

    The food in nick is not that bad, actually.

  11. …I’ll bet they differentiate at the Pearly Gates…!

    There I goeth!
    Believin’ again…
    Fook ’em all..!

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