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Church of Scotland approves appointment of openly gay minister

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Reader comments

  1. Great news!!

  2. To be honest, I am not really surprised by the outcome. If it was the Free Kirk I would have fallen off my chair!

  3. I’m very pleased indeed for Rev.Rennie. To his detractors, I’m sure they’ll find in the coming days & weeks that the sky won’t collapse and the earth won’t self-destruct in the wake of this wise decision.

  4. To paraphrase Bill Hicks, I think that’s great… now there’s vicars of two sexual orientations I don’t believe in!
    Whilst I appreciate the olive branch gesture of equality, the doctrine is where the whole thing stands or falls, and that doesn’t change a great deal whoever’s staffing the pulpit.
    The only detectable difference is one lot skip those specific verses in Leviticus and the other lot hang onto them like their mortal souls depended on it.
    The next big ecumenical schism starts here folks…
    I’m going with the holy gourd of Jerusalem!

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  7. As a ctizen of the Homophobic States of America, I congratulate the Church of Scotland for its decision re Mr. Rennie.
    Scripture makes no sense when you take specific items at face value, and ignore others.

    Is it Leviticus that also says that children who sass their parents should die, and that a woman found to be unchaste after getting married “is to be taken to the home of her father and stoned to death”.

    Sounds like a wonderful way to reduce the ranks of the homophobes, which apparently does not, and I thank, the majority of the church of Scotland

  8. Vo Dong Cung 25 May 2009, 9:13am

    Let compare the honest openly gay Minister and thousands covered child sex abused priests,and then answer the question who raise the respectful value of the Church?

  9. david skinner 25 May 2009, 10:40am

    The kirk of Scotland may vote away and wonders what next they will vote away? What in effect has happened is that Almighty God, as He reveals Himself to us in the Bible, has been voted out, only to be replaced by false idols. God is not mocked.

  10. david skinner, have a wank for God’s sake! Will do you good!

  11. David skinner thread 9

    Would God discriminate
    Would Jesus discriminate
    Should the Church of Scotland discriminate

    The answer is no

    Read the Good news . . . it is called the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  12. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 May 2009, 1:43pm

    Way to go, Church of Scotland! Are you listening, Rowan Williams? Take note!

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 May 2009, 1:44pm

    David Skinner, check this link out and learn a bit more about the book of fables you cling to…

  14. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 May 2009, 1:45pm

    One too many w’s in that previous link I posted, should be…

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 May 2009, 1:45pm

    Sorry, again…

  16. david skinner 25 May 2009, 3:25pm

    In a previous debate in the House of Lords, on the issue of gay adoption rights, the Honourable Baroness Howarth of Breckland said:

    ‘My Lords, I speak without a prepared speech but with a heavy heart. As a Christian woman, I find this an extraordinarily difficult and distressing debate. It is distressing because we are not really prepared to face the fundamental issue. I have listened to speeches in which noble Lords have said, “We respect gay people, but…”. The issue is not about rights; if it were, we would not be having this debate. It is about whether noble Lords accept gay people as equal human beings. Two hundred years ago, William Wilberforce made a speech in Parliament that freed black people to be equal human beings. I hope that this evening your Lordships will vote for these regulations. I have some quarrel with the way in which the regulations have been brought forward, but I hope that noble Lords will vote to underline that gay people are equal human beings with others. I say this as a Christian woman. I have listened to the most reverend Primate the Archbishop of York, and I listened to the Catholic archbishop on the radio this morning, a very dear and wonderful man……..’

    I have no idea whether the Honourable Baroness Howarth of Breckland is a Christian or not; only God can be the judge of that, but it seems to me that the whole of this statement is founded on a lie.
    “William Wilberforce made a speech in Parliament that freed black people to be equal human beings.” is deceptively linked with “but I hope that noble Lords will vote to underline that gay people are equal human beings with others.”

    Wilberforce did not work to make black people human; it was precisely because they were already fully human, made in the image of God – not determined by evolution to behave mechanistically but free to behave with dignity and responsibility – that he worked to free them from oppression, slavery and bondage. To suggest that the fundamentalist Christian is in some way denying the homosexual the freedom to become fully human is a disgraceful travesty of the beliefs and work of William Wilberforce, made worse because she is attempting to lead Christians astray. Probably I have misunderstood her comment about being burnt at the stake, but Jesus Christ said It would be better for someone to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than for them to cause children to be led astray, as is happening on an industrial scale with sex education programmes being promoted by this present government and which she no doubt would endorse.

    Sodomy, buggery, fisting, rimming, water sports, felching, scats, coprophilia, sado- masochism, whipping, giving the gift and bondage are dehumanising homosexuals and lesbians. Such bestial acts reduce them to lumps of meat.. Such acts do indeed lead to slavery, bondage and addictions that sooner or later lead to an early death and a passport to hell.

  17. David Skinner – “We respect gay people, but…”. That would be the clue that something’s amiss David.
    In my experience this is often used on black people as in the well worn phrase “I’m not racist, but…” usually followed by a wish that they’d all be deported to an inland in the mid-Pacific ocean preferably on a leaky ship.
    It would appear you’ve already decided gay people are a distinct lesser species not defined as human and all your subsequent opinions are based around that scientifically dodgy paradigm. You then define our entire existance by the most extreme examples of sexual gratification you can imagine (or obsess about) and imply that all gay people are forcing the nation’s kids to take part in all of them, as that’s all that gay people ever do with their time. Protect all kids from all gay people, they’re not human.
    I think if you actually could be bothered to trail around after the average gay man for the day, you might be bored by the contrast between the 24/7 sexually fixated penis on legs you imagine and the rather humdrum reality. We probably get about the same amount of sex (kinky or otherwise) as anyone else. But that doesn’t make for a very exciting Daily Mail headline does it?
    Yes, you like gay people… but…

  18. Just found in an article these words by Richard Holloway when he was in conversation with Lionel Blue.
    The subject is ‘The Grace of God’.

    “I remember inviting Rabbi Lionel Blue up to talk to my rather conservative clergy,” he says. “He told us the most powerful experience of the sheer gratuitousness of the love of God he’d ever witnessed was in a male sauna in Amsterdam. He watched a young man going down on a raddled old gay man, who just didn’t have the ability to pull – and it was an act of pure grace. Now, how can you have that level of promiscuity associated with the grace of God?” The bish leans in with characteristic intensity. “But this was like a biblical insight! It was the kind of thing Jesus would have said!”

    Paganism – yes ,Christianity …no.

    Will the Church Of Scotland be spicing up their sermons?

  19. Definitely proud to be Scottish today!

  20. Simon Murphy 25 May 2009, 4:41pm

    David Skinner: you say:

    “What in effect has happened is that Almighty God, as He reveals Himself to us in the Bible, has been voted out, only to be replaced by false idols. God is not mocked.”

    ‘God’ is a false idol you moron.

    As for the bible – well that’s a badly written piece of shit novel that is less believeable or relevant than an Enid Blyton book.

  21. Ciaran McMahon 25 May 2009, 5:26pm

    I notice how Skinner doesn’t address any questions or comments relating to his posts. Another chap on a different thread, Peter Marshall I think put a beautiful piece together on how the bible actively condones slavery. He asked David to clarify. David was clearly too frightened to respond. Shows how weak his convictions are.

  22. Hersband And Wife 25 May 2009, 6:43pm

    We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy getting UK news from your site as we try to keep up with world events from across the pond.
    Hersband & Wife

  23. Scotland holds true to its enlightenment values.

    One of the first countries to allow women to study medicine, and now its church decides to reject fundamentalism in favour of reason and inclusivity . . . a truly Christian church. . .

    A very proud day for Scotland, and the Church of Scotland.

  24. Vo Dong Cung 25 May 2009, 11:19pm

    My Dear Mr.David Skinner,
    There are 2 teaching systems: one from “People of God” and one from our Education Department. May you answer briefly and clearly which system that produces alot more, thousands and thousands, child sex abuse teachers?

  25. GayLoving Joy 1 Jun 2009, 1:12pm

    David Skinner, you stupid old Fart! Why quote those un-elected old Farts in the house of robber barons? As a Fairy Queen with a Magic Wand and waving it, I say to you VANISH!

  26. Archdeacon Brian Hurtin 3 Jun 2009, 3:02am

    David Skinner, you stupid old Fart!
    As for the bible – well that’s a badly written piece of shit novel
    david skinner, have a wank for God’s sake!

    You really do wallow in your ignorance!!! But then I should not be surprised as you have proved that those without anything to say always attack the man not the ball.

    I look forward to a childish response to this to further emphasise the fact.

  27. SalviaFan 3 Aug 2009, 9:28am

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