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Green Party calls for EU-wide gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Lovely of the UK Greens to say that. Such a shame that the Irish Greens have reneged on their promise to bring in recognition of same-sex partnerships once they got into government in Ireland, and have instead left us with no rights whatsoever as usual. But hey, Peter Tatchell has said he’s cross about that, and I’m sure that elsewhere across the EU they’ll show that they’ve more spine than a limp bunch of celery. Of course they will.

  2. ‘The Greens believe it is time these laws were harmonized throughout EU to the best and most universally recognized system of partnership law, civil marriage. Anything less is second class and discrimination.’

    When using terms like ‘universally recognized system of partnership law’, shouldn’t Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert be appealing first to the UN to universally decriminalize homosexuality?

    Or does the EU represent the universal while discrimination is rampant and unchecked in other parts of the world?

    Was it they, the current Green MP’s or Mr. Tatchell,the Green parliamentary candidate for Oxford East, who used the word ‘universal?

    Without the universal decriminalization of homosexuality, where would same-sex relationships be situated on the EU’s agenda?

  3. Glitzfrau, you probably are an Irish Labor Party plant! I am used to them here in Australian where the ONLY party making ANY noise for gay , lesbian and transgender people is the Austrlian Greens. I have just donated to the British North-West Greens to help keep out the stench of the British National Party from the European Parliament. I suggest you do likewise!

  4. Stuart Neyton 23 May 2009, 6:44pm

    I’m definitely voting for them on 4 June. They have a much stronger record on human rights than any other party.

    Glitzfrau, I know the Irish Greens have compromised a lot since joining the government, but their website suggests that Same-Sex Marriage remains a policy of theirs, like Sinn Féin. All other parties, including Labour, favour a wishy washy, similar but unequal, alternative.

    Yes decriminalising homosexuality around the world should be a priority for any political figure, however the Greens have always been the most progressive with civil rights.

  5. Stuart Neyton (4):

    Thanks for the insight into the Green Party.

    Living here in Canada and being bored to death with our own politics (they are presently nailing Brian Mulroney on a corruption charge and it’s starting to show on his face that he’s not the upstanding Catholic Conservative Prime Minister we all thought he was, dah!, and Stephen Harper’s plastic face is driving everybody crazy), I am interested in the June 4th vote in the UK and the EU.

    In fact, I know very little about the Greens and I intend to find their platform online this weekend.

    Incidentally, I believe universal decriminalisation of homosexuality would have been passed by the UN in mid-December ’08, if the Pope had not stuck his nose into it.

    That kind of lobbying (the Vatican does not have a vote at the UN) should be considered political interference and the RCC should lose its tax exemption status because of it. That would be like trying to shake off a gigantic octopus… will never happen. Alas.

    Ironically, it is written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that churches have a right to practice their religion, and the RCC considers it part of their mission to pontificate to the world. What a merry-go-round!

    The other issues that interest me at the moment are assisted suicide for terminally ill persons, abortion, AIDS, and the Eu’s foreign policy.

    Thanks again,

  6. Richard Brennan 24 May 2009, 11:24pm

    Good to see the Greens taking a lead on this. I am a huge admirer of Peter Tatchell

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  9. Lucas said: “The Green Party is the only British political party that opposes the ban on same-sex civil marriage. We want marriage equality for LGBT couples.”

    How does only opposing the ban on civil marriage for gay people provide marriage equality? Heterosexuals have the choice of civil or religious marriage. There are gay-friendly churches that offer same-sex marriage but this has no legal recognition and it looks as though the Green proposals fall short of granting this and giving genuine equality.

    Yes, we need civil marriage equality but that is not enough as it does not give full equality. Not all gay people are atheists!

  10. Gino Meriano 26 May 2009, 3:40pm

    While I am pro Civil Partnerships, if we are to be totally inclusive shoudl we not have Civil Partnerships open to all and Marriage used as “Equal Marraige” not gay marriage

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