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Comment: Is America ready for a gay Idol?

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  1. quote “potentially Mika”

    this made me do a wee wee in my pants, becuase I laughed so much.

  2. It is RIDICULOUS Adam didn’t win. The Christians were voting in droves no doubt. Adam will be the long term winner anyway, the other one will not do much coz he’s boring!

  3. It’s a travesty that Adam didn’t win and it kind of makes me sad to be part of a country that is so narrow minded. After following Adam and Idol from the beginning I have come to realize what a wonderful person he is. He is honest, caring, humble, loving, eloquent, upbeat, and comfortable with who he is. He has such a positive outlook on life that we should all take lessons from. Gay or straight does not matter. What matters is what kind of a person you are and he is a better person than the majority of straight people. Adam has millions of fans worldwide and will do fantastic in the future. We will see him winning a grammy in a few years and be wondering “what ever happened to that other guy”

  4. Please note the ‘potentially’ Mika comment was made because the singer has yet to officially come out on the record…there is a responsibility to try and be objective here…

  5. Well, I’m not sure Adam would be the ideal openly gay icon for everyone to adore and cherish anyway. Aside from the fact that he’s not actually out, his style is very polarizing – I know lots of gay people who don’t care for him at all and voted for Kris Allen. Besides, we already have an emerging gay icon in Neil Patrick Harris, who is all kinds of adorable. Now if Kal Penn would just come out and Cheyenne Jackson would hit it big in the mainstream, we’d be up to our eyeballs in adorable gay icons.

    (I got quite a chuckle out of imaging Vermont as part of the conservative heartland – Vermont’s the most liberal state in the union.)

  6. The reference had more to do with Iowa. Please refer to Guy Trebay’s article in the NY Times a couple of weeks back!

  7. The world’s premiere singing competition??? That’s an even bigger laugh!

    This is like history repeating itself. Has everyone forgotten how Will Young was expected to win in the UK and was beaten by what’s-his-name who disappeared from view and is now in musical theatre, while Will Young has gone on to have the most successful career of any contestant. I am sure the same thing will happen here. Sad that tactical homophobic voting by christianists skewed the outcome.

  8. Actually, I’m sorry Tony, but Will Young actually DID WIn the British competition! Not Gareth Gates who you refer to as what’s his name and who works predominantly in musical theatre. And it is the world’s premiere singing competition in terms of sheer production values, money, votes, public visibility and success stories. Fact.

  9. And also, sorry I forgot to mention (re: chris’ Neil Patrick Harris Comment). A mainstream pop icon is very different, visibility wise from a mere prime time sitcom actor who is popular with a mainly white middle class ADult audience.

    Adam obviously wasn’t THAT polarising, seeing that he managed to consistently have teenage girls screaming after him and made it to the top 2. Not to mention he falls happily in line with many mainstream acts artistically, i.e. glam rock, David Bowie, Pete Wentz to name but a very few…

  10. Pumpkin Pie 22 May 2009, 3:26pm

    Wow! That guy is CUTE. If I’d known he existed, I would have totally been following American Idol (just like I only watched X-Factor for the beautiful and talented Diane Vickers). Pictures of him in drag, you say? Well, I know what I’m googling when I get home… ~<3

  11. I’m struck by a couple comments.
    The first is whether Adam is gay or not. It shouldn’t matter in a singing competition/popularity contest who is putting what in whom. But it is abundantly clear that folks from every side have decided to make it an issue. Would that affect how some people vote? Of course it would. People have all kinds of prejudices. Some wouldn’t vote for him for the way he dresses, the black nail polish, because he might or might not be gay or any other reason. The same goes for Kris. I’m pretty sure that some folks were put off when the Christian comment came out about Kris, that he dresses different that some folks do, etc., etc., etc.
    The second comment that I actually find more disturbing is the Christian vs. Gay. Really? You can’t be Christian and gay? Even this article seems to pit one against the other. How utterly absurd and insulting is that? Why should I have to make a choice between being gay or Christian?
    Both contestants were very talented and both have an opportunity to have great careers. But again, how many great singers never make it even this far. Both should be proud that a good number of folks called in and texted their votes. Clearly they are both marketable.

  12. The article makes no such suggestion that one can’t be both Christian or gay Steven, I apologise but you must be reading into some subtext. The argument however alludes to the known fact there is a large bigoted Christian community in parts of the US (not all of course), who do not like homosexuals (i.e. Prop 8 and the laws by largely devout states who set out to ban civil partnerships) and the like…it is undeniable. so that is why that reference is used here.

  13. Kay from New Zealand 23 May 2009, 4:53am

    Apparently in his previous social networking profile some time ago Adam described himself as “looking for: women and men”. That doesn’t automatically make him gay or unattainable for female groupies. He reminds me of Captain Jack Harkness from the British TV series “Torchwood” (a Dr Who spin-off) – Jack would do any attractive individual, male, female or alien. Jack also has Adma’s consummate air of being comfortable in his skin – a really attractive quality.

  14. Welll…. to be frank … none of them are really good yet. If this is the best American Idol can find, I wonder….

  15. James Sample 24 May 2009, 6:30am

    Just to keep the record straight – oops – the comment” the only thriving gay musicians tend to be females such as Melissa Etheridge or KD Lang” is not quite accurate. First the latter singer’s name is spelt k. d. lang – all lower case. Second, she is Canadian not American.

  16. One is aware that k.d. Lang is Canadian, the reference is to here chart success in North American generally speaking. And also, if this comment isn’t so accurate I would like to you to list 3 gay males who have had the chart success that they have had in the U.S. One would like to be proved wrong…

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  18. What difference does it make. The last gay guy that came in second on American Idol. Is far more successful than that years winner. Did we forget about Clay so quickly.

  19. Um…Clay Aiken did not even suggest that he was gay until years after he won the title and he has proved unpopular with many of his fans/the public ever since…

  20. “For a country that has yet to produce an openly gay mainstream singer this was a major step forward.”

    UMM Melissa Etheridge? Lance Bass? KD Lang?…

  21. A supporter of the author 28 May 2009, 3:52pm

    Jacob, why don’t you read the piece, the author actually mention Melissa Etheridge and k.d. Lang in the piece specifically, it is really irritating when people start to comment on articles without even reading them. This piece was a reference specifically to gay male icons. And excuse me, but was Lance Bass openly gay whilst in ‘N Sync no, in fact, he pretended to have a girlfriend (I know this cause I swooned over him myself).

    Second, he has yet to do anything with a pop musical inclination since his outing. Jacob you an absolute time waster and should go place your criticism somewhere else you fool…

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