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Exclusive: BBC denies live radio ban on Jonathan Ross was caused by gay ‘joke’ controversy

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  1. It seems Auntie Beeb are even more twitchy about Jonathan than most of the “persecuted masses” on here.

    It’s a sad day when it comes to self-censorship due to a handful of PC cretins that want to make a name for themselves. Go back to curtain twitching and leave the broadcasters alone.

  2. I certainly hope the BBC is right that it didn’t take the action over the gay joke. Firstly because the joke was not homophobic, and secondly because live radio isn’t any guarantee of inoffensive broadcasting. Perhaps the reverse in fact, it probably makes the hosts behave in a less responsible manner because they pass the editorial responsibility to producers: the “Andrew Sachs” programme was recorded!

  3. Click here to see the draft letter to his guests.
    Anybody have comments to what you would say?

  4. RobN wrote
    “It seems Auntie Beeb are even more twitchy about Jonathan than most of the “persecuted masses” on here.
    It’s a sad day when it comes to self-censorship due to a handful of PC cretins that want to make a name for themselves. Go back to curtain twitching and leave the broadcasters alone.”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    yeah yeah yeah . . . Yawn

  5. Yea, leave the broadcasters alone.

  6. It’s interesting to compare the way the BBC treats complaints in very different ways.

    When Clare Blalding made a stupid remark about a jockey’s teeth the BBC acknowledged the complaints on its website, apologised and also asked Clare to apologise.

    When Jonathan Ross made a stupid remark about gay people, the BBC described the remark as “jest,” and didn’t apologise at all – instead the BBC defended him.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 May 2009, 7:37pm

    Why does Ross single out gay people to get a laugh and what has liking a female artist to do with sexual orientation? What he said is tantamount to saying that every man who wants an MP3 of any female artist is gay. What if he’d said that adult men who wanted the same MP3 were paedophiles, a dig at [their] straight orientation? There would be public uproar and he’d lose his job. He’s a total idiot and a moron. This IS homophobia which makes him a liar for denying it. He needs to get into therapy fast and work through his problems with sexuality.

  8. Robert ex-pat Brit
    . . . Ross is coming to the end of his shelf life so to speak, he’s tired, dated . . . and on the way out.

    Homophobic humour . . . so 1970s, so dated, so not now

    Goodbye Woss

  9. RobN wrote
    “It seems Auntie Beeb are even more twitchy about Jonathan than most of the “persecuted masses” on here.

    So why do you want to associate with the “persecuted masses” on here?

  10. John K: “So why do you want to associate with the “persecuted masses” on here?”

    Maybe because I think foolishly that there is hope for some of you yet. (and also that I just love taking the piss out of twats like you)

  11. Well at least you are consistently bitter and twisted as well as foul mouthed.

    O dear . . . what a sad life you live

  12. RobN, your are one bitter little twat, aren’t you? A homophobic gay man. Pathetic.

  13. Ciaran McMahon 22 May 2009, 11:31pm

    persecuted masses? Us? Looked in a mirror latley?

    Is you that seems to have the issues. Bitter. Bitchy. Intolerant. Uninformed. Offensive. Dull.

    And all because the boys didn’t play nice with you in the gay bars. Ahhh…. Poor, poor RobN. Want to know why? Its because you’re a complete arsehole, that’s why.

  14. Will . . . “homophobic gay” man sums it up eloquently

  15. Ciaran . . . I don’t think he has a mirror

  16. Woo-hoo! Boy do you guys hate having your chains yanked.
    “Homophobic” would indicate I had a fear of homosexuals. I am certainly not frightened by a bunch of politically-correct fairies like John K who can only hurl abuse without making any sensible counter-argument.

    All you people can see is the direct result of such a situation, not the long term effects. That is why we are now smothered by increasing nanny state legislation, blanket CCTV surveillance and dumbed-down broadcasting. When will you people be satisfied? When we are all kept in homogeneous cages like sheep?

    I would never support arseholes like Fred Phelps, but I respect the US Bill of Rights to allow him to say what he wants. The moment you infringe on free speech it is the moment that you are no longer a free man.

    “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  17. Mihangel apYrs 23 May 2009, 12:05am

    I’m sorry, RobN, we’re grown up and can take care of ourselves, but our children – ie the gay boys and girls trying to grow up unhurt – aren’t as resilient.

    I glory in anticipation of the time when gay jokes are just thet – expressions of recognition of the difference within the equivalence: at present “gay” is used as a term of abuse and contempt with and for youngsters.

    In the same way,once “nigga” is a term of endearment the black rights movement can give up (or do you think they too are “PC”?), so “poof” or “gay” or “queer” can become a friendly. But not yet.

    This isn’t being precious, it’s recognising that we’re not accepted yet. How we become accepted is an element of your ongoing debate – you see no gay culture worth the title, I see people trying to define and publicise what we are.

  18. “I am certainly not frightened by a bunch of politically-correct fairies like John K who can only hurl abuse without making any sensible counter-argument.”

    You are the one being abusive! . . . why is that

    So is the infringement on free speech cliche the only argument you can come up with. . . yawn

  19. Would be interesting to know how RobN defines

    “Politically Correct”

  20. Mihangel apYrs wrote
    “I glory in anticipation of the time when gay jokes are just thet – expressions of recognition of the difference within the equivalence: at present “gay” is used as a term of abuse and contempt with and for youngsters.”

    Mihangel apYrs . . . I also see the invidious use of the term “Gay”
    amongst young people, especially inrelation to how it has become a term for all that is ineffectual and lame.

    In my view people like RobN, with their internalised self hatered or call it hompohobia . . . unfortunately help perpetuate this insidous contempt.

  21. John K: “So is the infringement on free speech cliche the only argument you can come up with. . . yawn”

    Well as you so disapprove of free speech John, let me be the first to help you on your way: Shut the fuck up.

  22. RobN wrote
    Well as you so disapprove of free speech John, let me be the first to help you on your way: Shut the fuck up.”

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    I think your argument that free speech and civil liberties etc will be eroded by more legislation to make illegal homophobic hatred is quite absurd, and largely based on paranoia . . .

    Your constant use of abuse is evidence of this. If you were not paranoid you would be able to reason with me. . .

  23. I’ve always loved Benjamin Franklin.

    He is also known to have said:
    ‘Some are weather-wise, some are otherwise’.

    Also lads, I believe your deeply rooted religious upbringing is showing, or as your own Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) once said:

    ‘I never saw, heard, nor read, that the clergy were beloved in any nation where Christianity was the religion of the country. Nothing can render them popular, but some degree of persecution.’

    Why you continue to demonize, like clergymen are prone to do, someone who has simply spoken his mind in a country where free speech is supposedly valued behooves me.

    Even the gentle, knowledgeable and honest John K, who has a knack of settling things wisely by asking a simple question like ‘Can you explain what you meant by that?’, is now asking ‘So why do you want to associate with the ‘persecuted masses’ on here?’ (10).

    Furthermore, John K’s post (15): ‘…I don’t think he has a mirror.’ would have made more sense to me if he had omitted the last four words.

    The fact is, RobN not only has a mirror, which he holds up to all of us from time to time, he has the kind of perspective to see how all this purportless out-heroding Herod appears to the so-called straight world and will appear to future generations, e.g. ‘The Boys in the Band’ which you say does not ‘relate’ to the gays in the UK.

    It not only relates, it was inspired by guys like us.

    So where does Jonathan Swift come into all this? Let me spell it out for you: your Omega 3 energy would be better spent relieving the UK of its major embarassment – the union of religion and state, and ridding yourselves of the proclivity to moralize instead of rationalize like the House of Lords will continue to do and subtly proclaim the message that according to holy scriptures, gays are all going to hell. So why should anyone not persecute you even though we no longer see stocks at the crossroads or the Charing Cross pillory, which drew enormous crowds seething with hostility and all but shutting down city business.

    Finally, since noboby seems to have anything to add to the topic of this thread, does anyone have a 5-star recipe for portobello meatballs?

  24. John K (Comment 4)

    It’s a sad day when it comes to self-censorship due to a handful of PC cretins that want to make a name for themselves!

    My answer:
    If for this year the BBC Children in Need Appeal doesn’t break it’s 36 million for last year, then you’ll know whom to blame!

  25. Craig
    The comment below is not mine, but is RobN’s, in thread 4 I am just responding to his usual rheteroic with a yawn

    “It’s a sad day when it comes to self-censorship due to a handful of PC cretins that want to make a name for themselves!”

  26. Jean-Paul wrote

    “Yea, leave the broadcasters alone.”

    John-Paul I some how missed your argument for why broadcasters should be exempt from criticism. Could you restate you position on this. Many thanks

  27. Sorry John K,
    I’ve asked Pink News to start a forum, because this comment thing is starting to get confusing. I’ve named myself, so everybody knows me, but I’m in a minority. Of course there are scum-bags on here so you need to be careful. However for myself, I’m Ex-Army and the army gives whoever “a lot” of confidence.

    So we will see if Ben start’s a forum.

  28. Too many folks on here are missing the point and being distracted by what RobN says. The problem is not RobN, annoying though he may be to some, but the real problem is Jonathan Ross and his five homophobic supporters i.e. four self-described “poofs” and the BBC itself. So please let’s not take our eyes off the ball. Why is the BBC seeking exemption from the Equality Bill if not to allow Jonathan Ross and his ilk to continue in exactly the same way.

  29. Mike . . . well said, thanks for bringing us back to the point.

    I agree “4 Poofs and Piano” . . . is part of the issue as I see it

    Apologise accepted. The forum sounds great.

  30. RobN thinks he gives a “sensible argument”??? HA! You mean those histrionic little bitch rants that you throw. Please. You’re as “sensible” as Paris Hilton with a lobotomy.

    What’s wrong, RobN, too ugly to get laid, were you? Blame all the “queers” that they didn’t touch you? Do you blame them? Lets all shed a little tear for another one of life’s losers. You’re one sad fuckwit.

  31. Ciaran McMahon 23 May 2009, 6:00pm

    RobN: “When we are all kept in homogeneous cages like sheep?”

    Someone should put you in a cage, you nauseating degenerate. Better yet, put you down like the retarded little mutt you are.

    If you don’t like the gays, then fuckoff out of here. Better yet, top yourself. You’re no loss to humanity,

  32. John K (25):

    Good to see you back in shape. Your question is both civil and noteworthy.

    Now, if you can refrain from projecting any pent-up hostility into my ordinary tone of voice, here’s a reply that may not completely satisfy you, but will certainly give you an idea of my train of thought.

    In the first place, the reason you missed my ‘argument’ for why broadcasters should be exempt from criticism is because I did not argue about it.

    Every now and then someone posts a comment saying how healthy it is for different factions of society to poke fun at each other, and how healthier still it is to poke fun at oneself from time to time.

    Personally, my family, relatives, friends and total stangers have poked fun at me over the years because I am gay and I love being gay, and the jokes were actually funny a great deal of the time so that I got a good laugh myself and everyone liked me all the more because of it. Get the picture?

    The same people will make fun of football players, alcoholics, bankruptcy, or people who trim their hedges with a pair of sewing scissors.

    If we are going to be so touchy about off-the-cuff remarks about LGBT persons, we may as well put a bullet between the eyes of Australia’s Lady Edna, then Larry King, then Oprah Winfrey, etc.

    Unless the remark reflects the homophobia rooted in the Abrahamic religions, I just let it roll off me like water off a duck’s back. It’s a joke, so why not laugh?

    Gawd knows we make outrageous remarks about each other, and nobody attempts to censor our freedom of speech, right? But now that I think of it, we are inclined to tell each other to fuck off. So what?!

    People who poke fun at us and notice that we get the joke instinctively understand that we are well-balanced enough to laugh at ourselves and they instantly feel more comfortable with us. That has been my experience here in Canada, and it may not apply on your overcrowded island.

    Why not see it as a way they have of acknowledging that we exist, un point, c’est tout.

    I’m 64, John, and I would be on a happy farm somewhere, trying against all odd to grow marijuana, if I had taken every lewd remark about ‘cocksuckers’ and ‘fairies’ as seriously as the people are doing on PinkNews.

    So, I guess the bottom line is ‘lighten up’.

    I am completely aware that you may retort by saying that jokes about us incite violence towards us. There could be some truth in that, just as there may be some truth to the possibility of your being stuck dead by an out-of-control cab driver as you cross a busy street corner.

    Life is a risk for everyone; learning how to function normally in the mainstream begins in kindergarten. Please feel free to object to anything I have written.

    Warm regards,

  33. Craig (27):

    If you are Ex-Army and I am Ex-Monk, we have a few things in common.

    We have been trained to appreciate how constructive a disciplined life can be.

    We understand how things unfold more reasonably when activities are monitored to some degree, which implies that caution is anything but a vice.

    We can concentrate on one thing at a time and recognize distractions for what they are.

    We understand that there are criterias to meet before being admitted to a forum, and reasons why we may be asked to take a hike.

    As someone who enjoys making lenthy comments (while some prefer a line or two), I don’t mind campy expressions of any sort and you should know me well enough by now to know that I am a multi-faceted human being like everybody else.

    If anything, I am aware of most of my facets and can express them unxpectedly and confuse people unwillingly. This is not schizoid behaviour, although I do get a laugh at being called a buffoon from time to time.

    As for your idea of starting a forum, I believe it is an excellent idea providing you practice the skills you learnt in the army. It won’t work if it turns into a free-for-all, and you must be prepared to be insulted as an ‘elitist’.

    Furthermore. I suggest that a brief profile and a photo or two of the participants should be optional, but would not be overly demanding.

    Please let us know if this idea of yours is receiving a positive fedback from PinkNews and/or let us know how to support your idea.

  34. Mike (28):

    You are so right.

    Everyone gravitates towards RobN and jumps down his throat whenever he speaks his mind!

    Why not be civil and ask him in a gentlemanly/womanly fashion to elaborate on his comment?

    Every coin has two sides, so what is the problem? I can visualize a coin in the shape of a pyramid, not to mention a muti-faceted diamond on the Crown Jewels.

    Finally, neither you, nor John K, nor Cairan, nor me, nor RobN is the topic of this thread.

  35. Jean-Paul

    So what is an ex-monk doing on this site then?

    Why are you here?

    I’ll tell you shall I!

    You are here because deep down you have feelings that you can’t handle. You became a monk to try and suppress those feelings, but it didn’t work and now the only way you can make yourself feel straight is by attacking gays.

    That’s why we need the Equality Bill, so we can force schools and parish councils to support young people so that in the future sad twisted individuals like you cease to exist!

  36. Jean-Paul

    Thanks for clarifying your views with regards “presenters”

    It is always interesting to hear other perspectives, even if they are radically different to my own.

    Also, interesting to learn about your previous life as a monk.
    Ah. . . A life of serenity, probably not on pinknews . . .

  37. Ciaran & Will: As yes!! Now there’s a couple of faggots showing their true colours. Nasty little bitch-queens that don’t give a toss about anyone or anything but themselves but squeal like stuck pigs whenever anyone has a pop at them. Give someone a hard enough kick and they break cover and demonstrate to everybody what utterly despicable people they really are.

  38. Craig (35):

    Fair enough. There isn’t a question you’ve asked that I cannot answer honestly.

    For starters: ‘What is an ex-monk doing on this website?’

    I’m here for the same reason an ex-army is here, although I will not go the extra step and tell you why an ex-army is here.

    Only you know that, and only you can tell us that, if you chose to do so, depending on how you are asked to do so.

    I am far from perfect, and I suppose I have been presumptuous as often as anyone else, but my instinct tells me to be cautious with you.

    In the first place, I have been interacting with the guys and gals on this website for almost three months, and I do not recall ever seeing your name. Why is that? I expect an answer.

    What I can tell you is that my identity is not defined by the fact that I spent five years in a Roman Catholic Trappist Monastery back in the 70’s, nor is it defined by what I have been doing since I left the monastery.

    I realized I was different the very first day of Grade 1; I realized I was more interested in boys than girls when I was about 15 and it occurred to me that I was looking at the boys playing on the beach more than I was looking at the girls who were trying so desperately to get the boys’ attention, including mine.

    I’m gay, Craig. That’s why I’m here.

    I’m here on a UK website (although I do visit Canadian, American, French and European gay websites) primarily because I like the way you guys are so upfront with one another, something I made distinctly clear on my very first post on PinkNews.

    Have I answered your question?

    If so, it is only fair to expect you to give me a concrete example of what it is that I wrote in any of my posts that could have been interprepreted as an attack against gays. I would advise you to give it some thought before answering.

    Fianally, I do not intend to wait forever for answer. Get the picture?

  39. John K (36):

    First, let me say that I enjoy our chats and our squabbling. I feel we can tell each other to f*ck right off one minute, and then change the subject as if nothing happened. I like that about you.

    This suggests to me that you either have been or are presently in a serious relationship, and that you do possess a noticeable maturity, although I can tell when you are tired. Your work must be demanding.

    It has been a habit of mine to avoid talking about my monastic experience. I don’t really know why, except that any mention of it on my CV did prevent me from obtaining the kind of employment for which I was perfectly qualified. Who the f*ck wants to hire an ex-monk? Most people, the great majority of people have no experience of monastic life and are either confused or misinformed about it.

    Excuse me for saying so, but I had to chuckle when you said: ‘Ah…A life of serenity…’

    To tell you frankly, John, and also briefly if you don’t mind, there were wonderful moments of serenity during my monastic experience, and I shall never forget them.

    However, to get past the stereotype of a serene monk (which you seem to have swallowed hook, line and sinker), you have to realize that we are talking about a cloistered environment. I believe our friend Keith knows all about that.

    When you enter (and monasteries are hard-up for new recruits), you are swept away by the chanting, the serene faces, the silence, the access to a tremendous library, etc.

    Sooner or later, you befriend one of the monks, usually an older one who can show you the ropes. You can be there for any length of time before you begin to feel the undercurrent.

    For example, so-and-so hasn’t spoken to so-and-so for the last 20 years and they can’t stand one another, but in a cloistered environment, there is no way they can avoid seeing one another every day. And if you are seen talking with so-and-so then you will become the mortel enemy of so-and-so. Not all monateries are alike, but pretty damn close.

    You’re given the chance to study what the abbot wants you to study; they will even send you to Rome for your theology, and they’ll hint that you may be abbot one day, especially if you learn to lean to the right.

    By the time you realize you have been caught for life in a ‘serene’ snakepit, you have already made your perpetual vows of chastity, obedience, poverty, stability and conversion of manners. Monks take five vows; parish priests take only two: obedience and chastity. It can take 20 years for a monk to receive a dispensation from perpetual vows from Rome, which explains why some of them look like walking turnips, which passes for serenity in a photograph.

    It happened that the spiritual director I had chosen (everybody had one) during my first few months in the place didn’t like the abbot, had taught philosophy for over 30 years, had friends in Rome and enjoyed smoking a cigarette with me now and then. (Shocking?)

    At the time I was in charge of the inventory, and it was a cinch to add a couple of cartons of cigarettes to our grocery list and all the accountant saw were the numbers. Sneeky little bastard, eh? I was no worse than anyone else, believe me.

    Anyway, my spiritual director, whose name was Camille-Antoine, may he rest in peace, wrote to Rome about me and I received my dispensation from my temporary vows two days before I was due to take my perpetual vows. I still have my official dispensation with the official seal of the Vatican.

    I had nothing but my daily journal and the clothes I was wearing when I entered. I was given train fare and I left without any physical baggage and never went back, nor will I ever go back.

    As for serenity, I have never had so much of it as I have right here in Bathurst, New Brunswick, where I can look out my view window with my first cup of coffee in the morning and see my lemon yellow and pinkish-red tulips swaying in the breeze off the harbour visible in the distance, sail boats and all. Lucky? No, hard work and a half decent credit rating.

    That is as brief as it gets. Now I suppose I will receive a barrage of comments telling me how stupid and f*cked-up I am. Who cares?!

    By the way, what’s up with Jonathan Ross?

  40. why does Jonathan Ross see the need to make fun of gay people? I dont remember him making any jokes about black, asian, fat or disabled people (etc). If I’m wrong, and he has made jokes about those people, the jokes are one offs and not repeated week after week on TV. Jonathan Ross thinks its alright to demean gay men on a regular basis but he would’nt dare do the same to those other groups, and whats more the BBC would’nt allow him to. What did Jonathan Ross mean by his joke on Radio 2? no one has explained it, other than it being an unsubtle dig at gay people implying that anyone whose gay is not worth having as a son. Disgraceful

  41. “Nasty little bitch-queens that don’t give a toss about anyone or anything but themselves but squeal like stuck pigs whenever anyone has a pop at them”

    Actually, RobN, that’s the best description of YOU I have ever heard. Well done! I admire such self awareness.

  42. RobN, I’m assuming you’re straight, no one gay would speak like that. But you display a small minded hate of someone with many issues. You have no place on this gay site, you are a distasteful little person to say the least.

  43. Jean-Paul,
    I apologize!
    It’s difficult to know who is friend or foe on these comments tread. Maybe it would be a good idea for you to link your homepage link to your Pink News story?

  44. Jonathan Ross has set up a book club on twitter perhaps his quarter of a million followers will buy his re-released book 

  45. What is wrong with Mr Ross?

    It’s not Mr Ross per se that I object to, but what people with influence and authority choose to say about others in the name of entertainment. This is a privileged position to hold, and in my view comes with responsibility and accountability . . .

    If this already sounds too political, I need to say that I do not see a clear cut distinction between comedy and politics. I think the UK has a long history of satire which goes back to the 18th century, and Hogarth’s politically pointed cartoons are a good example of this tradition.
    In more recent times the stand up comedy tradition in the UK has become predominantly political. Since the 1980s, the political has now become some what intrinsic to comedy.
    In essence in my view is that comedy is also politics at times, if not inextricably political.

    I take the point that one needs to be able to laugh at oneself (This in itself is a sign of psychological and emotional maturity), and necessary; but I urge caution on the nature of what exactly is being laughed at. Of course no one is perfect, we are all inherently flawed; and so fair game for ridicule satire lampooning etc . . . and so we should be.

    I see there being a fine line between lightening up, and making light of something. I agree that it is necessary to laugh at our failings and imperfections, but not at jokes that tie into pernicious stereotypes that may or may not perpetuate violence towards LGBT people.

  46. Linda: Wrong on all counts:
    1. I am most certainly gay.
    2. I’m 6’4″, so certainly not little.
    3. I have every right to be here as you.

    So go fuck yourself. (Yes, and I speak like that too.)

  47. John K (45):

    Always a pleasure to read your comments.

    However, if you are familiar with the trial Oscar Wilde, you must realize that your first chapter was the clincher that put Wilde away for two years. A prominent personality had an inherent duty to give a good ‘moral’ example to his inferiors. This is hardly consistent with the historic public and political personalities of GB: to name but a few, King James I; John Atherton; John Wilmot, who kept a pet monkey; King William III; Thomas Gray; and the most interesting, wealthiest man in England at the time, William Beckford.

    Of course, we must consider that Wilde lived in Victorian England when even the legs of a piano were covered modestly.

    As we have agreed to disagree from time to time, political gay comedy does not bother me, e.g. Senator Andrew Greely in the USA. Considering that you are British, though, I can see how political gay comedy is instrinsically religous gay comedy, notably because there are 26 bishops in the House of Lords, etc.

    Here in Canada, if religious gay comedy is picked up by the media, it is nonchalantly mentioned on CBC National News, where the worse possible global crisis is mentioned nonchalantly; but when our journalistic researchers turn their spotlights on the church, complete with an idiotic photo of the bishop or cardinal who made the sny remark, the article has us rolling on the floor in stiches of laughter for days.

    Finally, your last paragraph is nothing short of a gem because I believe that ‘pernicious stereotypes that…may perpetuate violence towards LGBT persons’ are essentially based on the pathological sexual theology of Paul of Tarsus. That is also where I draw the line and I will personally confront a priest, bishop, archbishop, cardinal, apostolic delegate to give him an idea of how to roll it up and insert it painlessly where the sun don’t shine, even if he may walk funny for a few days afterwards.

    I was an activist for years; I know quite a few tricks, and I was discouraged by the general apathy which characterizes the majority of us colonials, and the fanaticism of other activists who never understood my attitude not to roil the water where you have to drink.

    Oh, I do carry on. Time to wrap it up.


  48. Craig (43):

    Thank you for the speey reply and please don’t give it a second thought: apology accepted instantly.

    However and but… there were two questions in my post 38 that got past your attention. I realize you must be a busy man and these things happen when skimming.

    Why have I not seen your name on these threads before now?

    What gave you the impression that I was attacking gays?

    You don’t have to answer, and I am not trying to be spiteful, please believe me. I have too much respect for the military to play mind games with you.

    On the other hand, and to lighten up the situation, let me speak as a man who has acknowledged and frequently dialogued with the woman in me. e.g. Carl Gustav Jüng;

    Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater;
    If you give her sperm, she’ll give you a baby;
    If you give her a house, she will give you a home;
    If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal;
    If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart;
    So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of sh*t!

    Best regards,

  49. Linda (42):

    Go fuck yourself with a roll of sandpaper!

  50. Jean-Paul, do you get Jonathan Ross in Canada? ok you dont mind gay commedy. Do you think there’s a difference with racist jokes or doesnt it matter to you?

  51. Craig (48):

    By the way, speaking as an old fart, what do you mean by ‘Link your homepage to your PinkNews Story?’

    There are so many features on this laptop about which I know nothing.

    What the hell is a Bluetooth?

    What is a Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for mobile?

    How do I access all the options on the keys? Some of the keys have four (4) options for gawd’s sake!

    Read the instruction book? Yea, sure, I’ll get my magnifying glass and swear a blue steak for 6 hours.

    Get the picture? There’s more!

  52. Mike (50):

    Now you’re talking my language. Why don’t more people ask a simple question before getting all upset?

    If I stay up to 3:00 a.m., I get an hour’s documentary from BBC. That’s it. Who the hell is Jonathan Ross?

    I’m an Acadian (whatever that means). The Irish, Scottish and Bitish people aroung here have been poking fun at my cultural heritage for as long as I can remember. So what? Some of them are my best friends, and I laugh with them just as they laugh with me when I take a poke at them.

    Racist jokes? There are exactly two black people living in Bathurst, New Brunswick (population 35,000), both of them medical doctors.

    Whenever I see them, I would like to touch their beautiful brown skin, just out of curiosity, although I did have a Barbadian lover for 3 years when I lived in Montreal. I never heard a racist joke about black people in my life, especially not an offensive one.

    I told you time and time again, I am living on the brink of civilization because I had to return from Montreal to take care of both my parents who are now deceased.

    While I was here I realized what a paradise this area is compared to Montreal: fresh air, friendly people, open spaces, no traffic jams, helicopters, police or ambulance sirenes at all hours, no smog, and the coast of a most beautiful bay.

    I am an academc, and I do not have a hands-on experience of the repercussions of the topis on PinkNews. I do love to read ‘youse guy’s’ comments and every now and then, I throw in my two cents worth.

    There’s nothing I like better than to receive background information about England. Just ask Flapjack.

    If your point is that if I do not know what I am talking about, just tell me to shut up and listen and I might learn something. My skin is not as thin as onion paper!

    i think yo guys cold talk with a bit more civility, especially to RobN, but I have tried using crude languge and I must admit it can be fun.

    I like England. I spent two years studying your Literature starting with Caucer: ‘Wen that april wit its showers saute, pierced the ground to the roote…’

    My favorite is Virgnia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’. An academic, stuck in the muck with great friends on the Internet.

    Oh yes, and I am inclined to babble. My friends call me Babylon (babble-on).

    Does that answer your question, Mike? Thanks again for asking.

  53. I’m a stupid little bitch and I have every right to be here. I hate gays, because they think I’m a total pig. I am a pig, but they should love me. Whah! Whah! Whah! Gimmie attention, or I’ll I have another screaming session.

  54. Jean-Paul
    Thanks for letting me know more about you monastic past.

    The previous, (Ah . . . for a life of serenity) I should have added brackets (Really).
    I never imagined a monastic life could be a life of serene contemplation, although it is good to hear that you had some wonderful experiences . . . abeit being in a viper pit a times.

    Also, I did not imagine for one moment that a monastery could escape the routine tension of everyday human relationships. . . but then would it be real if one could.
    I am more of a Hegelian when it comes to tensions, i.e. you need opposites to create dynamism, growth and to avoid stasis.

    I have been with my partner now for over 20 years, as you intuitively worked out. . . possibly from your experience of having to intuit others in total silence at times. . .

    Do you not think that the silence of text is rather monastic? . . . which could possibly explain why we can all get a little righteous, holier than thou . . . and all hell fire gets released a times on here. . . and that’s just the atheists.

    I hope the food was edible in your monastery. . . When I visit Devon (UK), I often have lunch (very generous portions) in the canteen at Buckfast Abbey, A Benedictine monastery set in the Dartmoor national park. . . so it really can claim serenity.
    They also have a very ecumenical and liberal bookshop, a copy of the Gay Bishop Jean Robinsons new book recently on prominent display I think is testimony to this. . .

  55. JohnK: Nice one. If you can’t beat them, join them. The fact you have to clone my name to the comment (53) proves that you haven’t even got the guts to say things under your own name. Pathetic.

  56. RobN, I do not clone names . . . it is interesting that you have accused me of this
    I suggest you accuse some one else.

    Since so many people seem to dislike you on here, it seems like you are going to be busy for the next few days trying to sort this alleged cloning out.

    Although if this alleged cloning is true . . . All I can say is that it is hardly surprising.

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    Just for sexy gals and guys to find their cupid. Come on, tall singles. Don’t miss your lover.

  58. JohnK (54):

    Writing about my monastic experience has made me realize how much I needed to talk about it. I always thought people would find it rather boring.

    ‘…the routine tension of everyday relationships…’ You’ve got it; your intuition ain’t bad either.

    Except that, with the exception of my spriritual director, who had a book published while I was there and I gave him a hand poofreading (the French language is so damn full of acrobatics compared to English, and I’ve been told Greek is even worse), I was usually trying to interact with older monks (30 of them, average age 65) who had succeeded in eliminating any trace of a wholesome personality, e.g. laughing at themselves or any joke whatever.

    The best part of it was that I could carry out my daily duties by myself and that is where and when I found the most serenity.

    Did I mention that I was in my mid-20’s and had nearly mastered 84 hatha yoga postures and breathing exercises before entering.

    I was able to do an hour of yoga in the early morning, and an hour of it before going to bed.

    I did this secretly, but somehow one of the monks, who used to ferment honey (we had 32 beehives containing 8 honeycombs each, 2 harvests a year) to make wine so that I never knew what he would come out with, found out I was doing yoga.

    He knocked on my door one day and told me that a ‘voice’ had told him to warn me that if I continued my heathen practices, I would not only lose my ‘vocation’, I would also lose my ‘soul’. I distinctly remember slamming the door in his face and the next thing I knew I was being called into the abbot’s office…again.

    Still, I believe artistic men could more easily find fulfillment in a cloistered environment, especially a musician who would be seen as the fourth person of the trinity.

    ‘…the silence of text is kind of monastic?’. You’re telling on yourself again, John. You have spent a lot of time reading.

    Yes, I am a voracious reader and I can tell within 10 minutes if a certain book is right for me or not. Sometimes I find the style is clumsy, or sometimes I just know that I am not yet ready for this subject matter. Mystery to me!

    Now that you mention it, there is something Hegelian about you, although I hardly think that you believe Prussia to be the apex of western civilisation the way Hegel (1770-1831) did.

    They say that there is a young Hegel and an old Hegel, and I’ve forgotten which one influenced Karl Marx.

    Here is an example from the ‘Philosophy of Right’ which shows how the dialectic operates in considering the notion of ‘right’.

    Thesis: Abtract right – the Stoics had an idea of universally binding conduct (this is abstract & legalistic and ignores individual conscience).

    Antithesis: Morality – Rousseau argued that individual conscience dictates if an act is right or wrong (this fails to recognize that rationality must dictate the right thing to do).

    Synthesis: Social ethics – The idea of right must be held by the society as a whole. It is not abtract because everyone agrees. It is not individual because it is binding on everyone. According to Hegel, it is the General Will in its highest expression: the PRUSSIAN STATE.

    Hegel’s most ingeneous idea, I think, is that of ZEITGEIST (literally ‘Time-Spirit’, the interconnection between individuals, society, art and religion in a particular age, extremely influencial in modern history.

    That’s it for Hegel. I find him to be the most complex philosopher in history, although I do like his contradiction of Kant when he says there is no limit to what is knowable.

    Personally, I have been reading DERRIDA for the last year or so, and I keep telling myself that I should return to page 1 ! ! !

    Bemedictine Monasteries have the reputation of being composed of the most inteligent of catholics, while the Trappists put the accent on organized manual labour. Both have more or less identical daily schedules, chanting together 7 times a day.

    I am not surprised to hear that you found a copy of bishop Gene Robinson’s book there. The Trappists’ refusal to acknowledge Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as the most brilliant man of his time was definitively a factor that encouraged me to leave the monastery. I loved de Chardin’s cosmology, although today I gravitate towards gay catholic theologians like John McNeill and Daniel Helminiak, both Americans.

    My, but I do babble on. Time for a cup of green tea.

  59. RobN (55):

    It’s good to have a chance to write to you. I hope you are well, and that Springtime is as invigorating for you as it is for me.

    I am a tad confused, as usual. For example, your post 55 uses the word ‘clone’ and I am not sure how to interprete that. What comes to mind is that someone made a comment (53), and signed your name to it.

    It sure doesn’t sound like anything you have ever written, it doesn’t sound like you at all. In fact it has a kind of an intrique about it, if you follow my drift.

    But surely, no intelligent person on this thread would do such an underhanded and childish thing. If so, some nitwit somewhere is giggling like a psychopath.

    Anyone who has read your comments will recognize immediatly that this is not your writing style. A style cannot be duplicated, and I know you did not write this. It was a trick played on you by two or more people.

    Benjamin Franklin also said: ‘Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.’ The truth will out, my friend, you’ll see.

    You and John have been at it throughout this thread, but I am not sure that I recognize John’s style in comment 53.

    Frankly, I thought you were standing up rather well for yourself, and this is the kind of nonsense AdrianT suggests should be monitored on PinkNews. It would not be difficult for the moderator to identify the IP address and it surely would not be yours.

    To be more precise about your writing style, you never begin a comment with the pronoun ‘I’, never.

    As for the content, you never put yourself down like that. We are dealing with a weirdo here, and it’s not the first time people resort to personality persecution, but this is unheard of and obviously a stupid hoax by some jealous s.o.b. because as I say, you are standing proud in your comments.

    It’s a cruel thing to do, and you are right when you more or less say that the movie ‘The Boys in the Band’ reflects the gay scene in the UK.

    You’re doing just fine, Rob, and please don’t let this prevent you from continuing to post your point of view :0)

  60. hotgirl (57):

    It sure is comforting to know that we now have a pimp on PinkNews.

    Everybody knows that if you’re looking for love, stop looking and go about your business. Love will find you when you least expect it!

    Love will find you too, and I doubt that it will be in a hot club that basically exploits lonely people like you, hotgirl.

  61. You’re quite right, John K. I don’t like RobN. I find him disturbing and angry. Don’t let him bate you with his bitching. A most crass and crude individual. I assume he’s not gay, but another of this sites “great queer bashers”? If he is gay, god help us all….

    And Jean Paul, do you really have to write so much about nothing. Every where on this site is littered with your rambling posts about whatever is in your mind? I’m all for your right to express yourself, but most of us simply do not care to listen to THAT much about inane thoughts about Whats worse if you support that unpalatable RobN…. I can clearly see what type of person you see as your “friend” in here. The measure of a man is the measure of his friends as they say, and you’re could do with some improvements.

    But seriously, you’re boring. Really boring. Keep the posting short, for your own slim reputation, at least.

  62. Declan:- “But seriously, you’re boring. Really boring”

    Thank god some one finally said it.

  63. Declan: “I assume he’s not gay, but another of this sites “great queer bashers”? If he is gay, god help us all…”

    Well, sorry to piss on your fireworks mate, but I am most certainly of the homosexual persuasion, but fortunately, from the general atheist view voiced on here, there is no God, so I’m afraid he wont be helping you any time soon.

    John K: I assumed you were the culprit as that post was followed by yours, but seeing as they were 40mins apart, I will let you off on that one, but I do agree, I am stuck for choice as to who it really was. Ah, the spoils of notoriety!

    Jean-Paul: As the old saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, so maybe I have yet another secret admirer. LOL

  64. “but I am most certainly of the homosexual persuasion”

    Ah. So the only real conclusion that can be drawn from this is that you’re just an angry, lonely, and petty person. Good for you. How that works out for you.

  65. Declan:- “But seriously, you’re boring. Really boring”

    Thank god some one finally said it.

    I second that. Most boring posts ever, Jean Paul. They’re monologues, not posts.

  66. Lots of comments. . . lots of energy left on this thread . . . but any energy or appetite to discuss issues related to
    Mr Ross . . . For or Against some of the positions already outlined on this thread.

    Craig are you still around . . . I liked your proactive ideas with regards to Ross, especially the idea of sending e-mails to people who had appeared on his show.

  67. Declan (61) & Robert (62):

    As I told RobN, the truth will out. So it was you two who cloned his name to post 53.

    ‘The measure of a man is the measure of his friends as ‘they’ say.’

    How quaint. Something you picked up on the wall of a public loo where ‘they’ say all kinds of nonsense?

    When Hegel said that ‘there was no limit to the knowable’, he meant that unlike mediaeval thinking, there is no measure to a man.

    Shelly said that ‘speech creates thought which is the measure of the univers.’

    Martin Tupper said that ‘a good book is the best of friends.’

    Robert Louis Stevenson said that ‘to keep friends with himself – here is a task for all that a man has of fortitude and delicacy.’

    W.H. Auden said that ‘Counterfeit values always ressemble the true.’

    Shakespeare said that ‘Time’s glory is to calm contending kings, To unmask falsehood, and bring truth to light.’

    Declan & Robert, speaking of bringing truth to light, I do believe you two are the culprits who cloned RobN’s name to post 53, and what’s more, you let John K take the blame for it.

    In fact Declan, there is no mistaking your vindictive writing style, not to mention your gormandizer lust for attention.

    Boring? You don’t know the meaning of the word, so ‘they’ say.

    What else do ‘they’ say?

    Do ‘they’ say that it is ethically correct to clone someone else’s name to a post?

    Do ‘they’ say that you can simply scroll past a post you find boring?

    Do ‘they’ say this and do ‘they’ say that?

    You sound like Alice in Wonderland.

    ‘They’ say that if you eat this cookie, you’ll become as tall as a house, and ‘they’ say that if you drink this, you’ll become as small as a mouse.

    You don’t like RobN? What’s not to like?

    The man speaks his mind clearly and succinctly, his crudities are no worse than yours, he’s got more perspective than the two of you together, certainly more integrity than you two, who base comments on what ‘they’ say, like two little old nanies reading the farmer’s almanac while rocking away the hours: ‘They’ say it’s going to rain in three weeks!

    If you don’t like a T.V. show, just click a button on your remote control and try to find something ‘they’ say is entertaining. You do have a sense of humour, don’t you?

    What I say is that’s all the attention I have to give to a couple of imposters who are beyond improvement.

  68. Jean-Paul . . . I was just reading your recent post and thinking that it is not “Ethical” that clone posts are allowed on this site. Which points to one of the massive limitions with these threads.

    I was thinking of composing an e-mail to send to pinknews admin with regards this issue, and what has happened on this thread with regards cloning.

    Any interest from others in pursing this further . . . as well as Mr Ross.

  69. Well, now. That really did set jean pual off on a little tirade, didn’t it boys and girls? Did you all make him cry?

    No calling jean paul boring from now on, okay? He doesn’t like it when people offer an opinion that differs to his own small world view.

    Democracy in Canada must be very lacking, is all I can say.

  70. Simon Murphy 25 May 2009, 11:49am

    Is it just me or does anyone else not bother reading Jean Paul and RobN’s drivel.

    I mean if they want to bore us into silence with their barely legible, paranoid, irrelevant remablings they are certainly succeeding.

    JP and RobN – here’s some advice. Try to stick to the story being discussed rather than launching into a longwinded tirade about issues not relating to the story in question.

    It is beyond boring and irritating and displays an unhealthy OCD quality that you might need medical advice on.

  71. Well, for one, I’m sick of JeanPauls waffle, Simon.

    I mean, what is that man trying to say? He makes no sense at all. Just an endless load of waffle directed at nothing other than for all of us to endure the febrile rantings of his inner mind.

    You could forgive it if he was funny, but its just endless dribble! Someone else on another post already said he had OCD. I’m beginning to agree.

    Don’t get me started on that pompous fool of a man RobN, he’s a disgrace to humanity. Now there’s someone with a need for anger management and therapy to integrate into society.

  72. Yep, Simon. I certainly do.

    B. O. R. I. N. G.

  73. I can see there is a lot of . . . Bored people on here!!!

    Any one interested in Mr Ross? (For or against)

    or is he too . . . Boring?

  74. RobN said
    “1. I am most certainly gay.
    2. I’m 6′4″, so certainly not little.”

    Wow. Now, everyone else can go fuck themselves, I want to know more about Rob N ;-)

  75. The Jonahtan Ross story ran out of interest about ten minutes after he made the joke. If you really want to hear some homophobic humour, why not pop down to the Two Brewers or Black Cap on a Saturday night and watch some drag queen ripping the piss out of us. And do you know what? People laugh. If these comics weren’t funny, and the audience considered them offensive, they wouldn’t go, and the artist wouldn’t get booked again.

    It’s just the usual bunch of PC people that cause most of the trouble in this country: They don’t actually personally give a toss, but like to think they are protecting other people from this kind of thing. It’s like most of the people that complain about racism aren’t ethnic themselves, they are just worried that it *might* offend ethnic people, who in reality couldn’t give a flying shit about it.

  76. AdrianT: You have two hopes, and Bob Hope’s been dead for years.

  77. Peter Marshall 25 May 2009, 2:42pm

    Oh, Adrian, are you gutted now?

    RobN, while there is a small grain of truth in what you say, its small none the less. Racism should never be viewed as “PC”. Neither should homophobia. It exists in a very real sense. One only has to look at the newspapers to see how prevalent it is. We still live in a world with racial “cleansing”, and to ignore this is to condone this. You should move your head out of the PC arena and recognise these despicable traits exists in certain people and must be challenged. Granted I do not see Mr. Ross’s joke in this category, but that’s not a reason to dismiss as racism as “PC”.

  78. Peter Marshall: I agree that neither racism nor homophobia should be trivialised, but equally, jocular taunts and jibes should also be taken in perspective and accepted for what they are, a bit of fun, rather than this perceived threat by so many on here that even the slightest poke at peoples differences is unacceptable.

    How many kids were called “four-eyes” at school? How many of these bespectacled adults are now still receiving psychiatric therapy for the mental scars that the playground left? Not many I suspect.
    I can appreciate that this sort of thing can lead to the acceptance of bullying, but also, there is a lot to be said for the saying when I was a kid that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. People need to develop a thicker skin to a lot of this, but also be ready and able to defend themselves when the bullies do use sticks or stones.

    JohnK: For once I agree with you. These comment boxes are not a good place for debates, particularly when they have a habit of sliding off-topic. A decent forum would be a good idea. This site is based around WordPress, so it wouldn’t be difficult to add on.

  79. RobN . . . perhaps we could e-mail the admin here on pinknews to make these suggestions – also a note about the problem of name dublications. I might add you are not the only person, I had my name duplicated on another thread recently.

  80. Actually, there IS a forum on this site – hidden away under the ‘My’ section. It has the grand total of 7 postings.

    Ross’s joke was unfunny on 2 counts. First, it is too close to reality. Young people do in fact get kicked out of their homes, simply because they are gay or even effeminate. I know, I volunteer with a charity that tries to pick up the pieces, to find such people carers, safe accommodation, and in extreme cases police protection. The problem is actually getting worse.

    Secondly, would the joke work the other way: that a kid should be put up for adoption before he brings his ‘erm…female’ partner home? I doubt it very much.

  81. Declined (61), Roburp(62), Mabella (65):

    Alone at last with my PC.

    My older sister was over for dinner. Did I mention she is a retired psychotherapist?

    Also, she dumped her husband five years into the mariage because he was not interested in working for a living, spent all day dreaming about getting rich, and spending all the savings, including losing the house, the property and the car on an American pyramid scheme called Armway or something like that.

    So besides working full time at the local hospital, she raised her three children by herself, all of whom are successful professionals today.

    Bored yet?

    Her periodic visits are usually quiet and she always asks me what I’ve been up to. I let her read this thread; she checked out the front page and other stories and commented:

    ‘It’s not difficult to see who’s laughing all the way to the bank!’

    About you three forgerers, she said:

    ‘Liars are usually thieves as well. It’s not like you to waste your time on this kind of rubbish.’

    ‘As far as what ‘they’ say’, she said, ‘only bored people find others boring.’

    No offense intented, girls.

    Oh, and Mabella, in your post 65, you said that you seconded Declined’s post 61. It may have escaped your attention dearie, but Declined’s post 61 had already been seconded by Roburp’s post 62. It would have been less boring if you had said you ‘turded’ Declined’s post 61. But I’m not bitter.

    So, now that you three imposters have crawled out of the woodwork, what have you been up? Still living with mommy and daddy, are we? Steal any credit cards lately?

    Or have you been standing on a corner at 2.00 a.m. shouting:’Blow jobs for a quid; fuck me for two!’

    Has anybody checked your police records lately? Surely you are not prone to criminal behaviour as a chosen lifestyle!

    Well, you’ve got your 15 minutes worth of fame, ladies, now you can scrape up enough money to buy some lubricant and… what is lubricant used for again?

    Please tell me, you girls are so well-informed and so educated, so ‘they’ say.

  82. Andy (69, 71):

    How are you, sweetie. ….yawn…?

    Democracy in Canada? Getting better by the hour. We now have 5 political parties, none of which are sucking up to religions of any kind.

    That would not be a democracy, would it, it would be a…. what’s that word….yawn…. a… a thee….yawn….….a……..a theocracy,… there; I knew it would come to me, even though I am losing me marbles…oops, there goes another one ! ! !

    Anybody else need brain surgery? Book early, I’m going to New Zealand to see Georgina soon.

  83. AdrianT (80):

    There is a forum here. Everytime I’ve gone into it over the last three months, it was as quiet as a grave, with the same picture of an elderly, distinguised-looking man attempting to sell his bography for a million or two.

    As usual, you keep the best wine for the last minute. You couldn’t have told us that you work as a volunteer tying to pick up the pieces…? Cheeze!

  84. John K (68):

    To hell with J.R., then.

    Let’s talk business. This cloning business has happened to you, too?

    You want support to approach the administration? Will I do? Where do I send an e-mail? Where do I sign? Let me at ’em! Now, right now while I’m still in a bitchy mood.

  85. Simon Murphy (70):

    Your turn at last. Aren’t you delighted? Doesn’t it remind you of the old school days when you were the last in class? Tee-hee!

    Yawn… what was I going to…sa-a-a-y….?

    Something about…. no, that wasn’t it.

    Eureka! Gadzooks! I got it ! !

    You are another pseudo-pshycoanalyst!

    Did you get your diploma on eBay, by any chance? Is there any real market for pseudo-pshycoanalyst these days?

    I’m just showing some interest in your future, darling, don’t get mad, it doen’t become you. Go take a walk or a nice warm shower. What? You didn’t pay your water bill and you’ve been cut off? Well, you can always go wash your stinky feet in the Thames. Run along, now.

    You hang in there, honey, perseverance is its own reward, and starving to death ain’t so bad… look at all the children starving in Africa… you don’t hear them complain, do you?

    Am I being at all legible, my little honeysuckle Rose? Do you feel nauseated? All that fried fast-food. Go see mommy, now.

    Love the facility you have with words, not boring at all, and all so pertinent. Can I please sit at your feet and learn how to grow up and be as perfect as you are, sugarplum?

    No touching, though, I’m already in a satisfying relationship, aren’t you?


  86. Yes. I am bored. Who wouldn’t be with that Jean Paul? ecver hear of getting to the point?

    You don’t seriously think you’re funny do you? And whats with the the lame references, and infantile attacks on others who do not agree with you?

    Have you got OCD? You’d tell us if you were having a stroke, wouldn’t you? What is actually wrong with you?

    Seriously, Jean Paul, no one, and I mean NO-ONE, gives one monkeys ass about you and the inane ramblings of your vacuous mind.

  87. I agree, JeanPaul, how’s about a short answer, keeping to the point of the thread, instead of bitching like that to people? What are you hoping to achieve? I mean, it’s just not that funny, and no one here seems remotely interested in your aimless thoughts. Perhaps writing a novel will help you get all that angst out, rather than coming in here and doing it. You’re destroying what was a perfectly good comments section with your long winded epitaphs.

  88. Jeanpaul I have to agree with he others. Not helpful, what you’re doing, its silly really. Lets grow up, shall we?

  89. Majella (86), Andy (87):

    Did you or did you not post a nasty comment and sign RobN’s name to it on this thread?

    If not, do you know who did?

    If you don’t answer that, then what is the point?

    Jonathan Ross? Then tell me this.

    What was achieved on this thread about the Jonathan Ross story?
    Something was achieved, but what was it?

    What do you know now that you didn’t know before the story broke?

    What was the purpose of the story? The tangible objective?

    Do you know how to scroll past a post that bores you?

    Do others have as much of a right as you do to be here?

    Do others have the same freedom of speech as you do?

    Can you write an entire sentence without using foul language?

    Do you know what foul language is? Ever achieve anything?

    Why are you visiting a gay website? Are you gay?

    Do you have time to see how interesting the lengthy posts are?

    Do you enjoy reading? What is the name of the last book you read, and when did you read it?

    Do you remember the first book you read? How old were you then?

    Do you know how to rise above your feelings?

    In the run of a month, how often do you experience boredom? When did you first experience boredom?

    Do you live in a city or in the country?

    Do you have brothers and sisters? Are your parents alive & happy?

    Do you have a hobby? Do you do volonteer work?

    What exactly are your interests?

    Sports? Gambling? Financial speculation? Family life? Education?

    Travelling? Caring for the elderly? the Military? Medecine?

    Politics? Religion? Foreign Policy? Computers games? Painting?

    Computer technology? Computer Programming? Astronomy? Horses?

    Nuclear Physics? Psychiatry? Psychology? Car Racing? Busdriving?

    Show Dog Competitions? Swimming? Boating? Zoology? Anthropology?

    Architecture? Brick Laying? Ecology? Business? Banking? Singing?

    The World Health Organisation? Chemistry? Social Work? Poetry?

    Mechanics? Cooking? Shipping? Gardening? Mountain Climbing?

    Theatre? Opera? Photography? Carpentry? Electricity? Engineering?

    Shopping? Interior Decorating? Commercial Art? Sales? Movies?

    Did you or did you not post a nasty comment and sign RobN’s name to it on this thread?

    Neither one of you bore me. I find you very interesting, very.

  90. Jeanpaul, please. What the f–k is wrong with you?

    Give it a rest, for f–ks sake.

  91. Yes, please keep topics on-point. xx A.

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