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Ruth Kelly claimed thousands of pounds for flood damage despite having home insurance

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Reader comments

  1. Opus Dei??????? This woman should be burnt at the stake!!!!!!!! Enough of all this , especially Labour Catholic Rubbish!!!!!!

  2. Opus Dei? More like Mea Culpa.

    Sack the bitch.

  3. Ruth Kelly – yuck
    Opus Dei – yuck
    Ruths flood – Consult Noah . . . not the public purse.

  4. More importantly, is the commong theif going to pay it back?

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 21 May 2009, 2:25pm

    Worth it to get rid of here – she’ll not be rearing her ugly head at the next election

  6. You’re all HORRID!! …the lot of you…and I hate you all!


    ‘CATHOLIC’…yep, yous mentioned that!
    ‘OPUS DEI’…yep, that too, yous all metioned..!

    I’m not playing out any more!
    AND I’m taking my ball in..!
    …………………………..(waddya mean ‘hooray’.?)


  7. She really is a nasty piece of work. What a joke that she ever had any responsibility for equalities! So much for her Christian attitudes.

  8. Another of Blair’s strange ideas gone pear shaped; Kelly’s misinformed appointment was in poor taste. She may be seen as incompetent, lying, conniving and out of her spiritual and intellectual depth, but at least she’s not personally responsible for murder, rape, mayhem and the loss of millions of lives in Iraq.

  9. NURSE!! Keith (in Salford) has fallen out of bed again!

    (oh, did I tell you he was in Salford?)

    PS Near Manchester.

  10. RobN

    Just lurve the reparteeeeeeeee…!

    They are short of a Morecambe & Wise/2 Ronnies for the theatre on Central Pier, Blackpool, fo’ t’ summer.

    How’s about me n’ u..?

    Oh well…don’t be like that…I only aaaarksed..!

    SAL…..(no sense repeatin’ mesel’)

  11. Wow, what great morals this woman must have. So much better than us “evel queers”.

  12. I just loved the “I acted in good faith”!

    Doesn’t she always?

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