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BNP leader Nick Griffin to attend Queen’s summer garden party

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Reader comments

  1. This morning I received a BNP election leaflet through my door. In amongst all of the other, less explicit , bile there is a supposed soldier’s quote which reads:

    “We’re [soldier] fed up with being sent-ill equipped into foreign wars. The BNP will bring our troops home and ensure that British soldiers are not abused on the streets of our cities by muslims.”

    I read this in two possible ways – 1) That muslims as a group despise our soldiers so much that they are prepared to break public order laws or 2) That where incidents of abuse have occured, it is precisely by nature of the race of the abuser that the crime was motivated.

    Either of these options, for me, consitute offences in current law. Therefore I have reported the leaflet to the police (as a Hate crime) and am being visited shortly in order to make a statement.

    Can I ask that if anyone has received one of these leaflets you do the same?

  2. Richard – ‘The BNP commits hatespeech’ is such a tautology it seems barely worth the effort of pointing it out. It’s right up there with the Pope being catholic and bears defecating in the woods.
    It’s only since they started wearing buisness suits that a subsection of voters with the memory span of a goldfish would have even thought to question it.

  3. the… errrm… lovely Bojo has just posted the following on his Twitter account (@MayorOfLondon): “Can’t quite believe that the BNP are trying to turn the Queen’s Annual Garden Party into a political stunt. Am going to stop them.”

  4. I never thought I’d have genuine admiration for Boris Johnson, but just knowing that he’s “going to stop” the BNP from crashing this party has made my day slightly better.

  5. Take them for a ride on a bendy bus Boris heading for the scrap yard. HRH should not not meet with them with her Saxe-Coburg ancestry and Phillips views.

    If the Saxe-Coburg’s I mean the Windsor’s do meet the no cameras or media should be present.

  6. Off topic, and with regard to the thread begun on 7 May re. the Gallup-Coexist Poll that found that UK-Muslims have “zero tolerance” of homosexuality (see

    This is to advise readers that I followed the above thread with interest, particularly the refusal by a small minority of PinkNews posters to believe the finding that the average Muslim person in the UK has no tolerance of homosexuality.

    Some people said that the Poll was poorly conducted because it was conducted by a group (The Coexist Foundation) that has no skill in conducting valid surveys.

    Consequently I decided that I would write to Coexist and question them as to the methods used.

    I have today received the following reply from their Coordinator. She advises that Coexist had no part in the conducting of the actual survey. The survey was carried out by Gallup, experts in their field.

    The letter reads:

    “I should clarify that the Coexist Foundation has had no involvement in the design or the analysis of the polling data. This is exclusively Gallup’s work – what we have done, in our partnership with them, is to help disseminate the findings so that the public can have a better sense of what Muslims believe – rather than what politicians, pundits and other self-appointed spokespeople would have them believe! In Gallup’s words, the aim of this process is to “democratise the debate” and allow a voice for ordinary people…

    If you are interested in finding out more about Gallup’s work, might I point you to ?

    All good wishes, and thank you again for taking the trouble to write.

    Bridget Flavell
    Coordinator, The Coexist Foundation
    17-19 Bedford Street
    London WC2E 9HP”

  7. Richard: How does that statement qualify as “Hate speech”?
    You may not like the BNP, but what you claim they state is true.

    1. Our troops ARE ill equipped – Fact – On example was that most troops in Iraq were buying their own boots as the ones they had fell to bits.

    2. “[The BNP will]ensure that British soldiers are not abused on the streets of our cities by Muslims.” – A number of Muslim protesters verbally attacked returning soldiers in Luton. As it happens, the majority of British people that had also come out to welcome the troops had to be kept from ripping the Muslims to bits by the police.

    The BNP are very careful not to overstep legal boundaries, and they are critically aware of that fact, so all their documentation for public consumption is heavily scrutinised by their legal team.

    Incidentally, I read recently something that made me smile. The BNP have hijacked Gordon Browns quote of “British Jobs for British People” and used it for their own “Battle of Britain” promotion, complete with a patriotic picture of a WWII Spitfire.

    Unfortunately, they didn’t go so far as to check the picture, which turns out to be a Spitfire from a Polish squadron. :)

  8. Pumpkin Pie 22 May 2009, 2:52pm

    Unfortunately, they didn’t go so far as to check the picture, which turns out to be a Spitfire from a Polish squadron. :D

    That is fantastic and hilarious. Reminds me of an account from Nazi Germany of a schoolteacher making a boy stand up in class to show off his fine Aryan features…before noticing, with much panic, the Star of David next to the boy’s name on the register. Hahaha, classic.

    And I wonder what the BNP would say to those of us who actually have pleasant, gay-loving (or just plain gay) Muslim friends? Kinda shatters the illusion they’re trying to create, doesn’t it?

  9. Since invitees to royal garden parties are usually accompanied by a family member or their partner and given Barnbrook and Griffin are not related and Assembly Member Barnbrook has a penchant for the gay life (ref the gay porn flick he directed in the 80s), perhaps they should marry each other before the event and then attend as a couple?

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