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Tennessee schools face lawsuit for blocking gay sites

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Reader comments

  1. I bet those responsible for blocking these sites were christian bigots – precisely the same people who scream blue murder when their “freedom of speech” is being threatened when they issue anti-gay hate speech. What a bunch od miserable fuckers this lot is.

  2. Sites like that are blocked in schools and libraries in the UK too. It’s the filters they use, many of which are of US origins. Many harmless gay sites are blocked with the warning that they are pornographic. Yes,the libraries sometimes unblock them if you ask, but it’s a long-winded process and you’re sometimes made to feel very awkward for asking.

  3. Settlement Loans 22 May 2009, 5:33pm

    I don’t want my child looking at gay sites; HOWEVER, my personal opinion doesn’t dictate everyones in the school system. They should be blocked per students account at the request of the parent.

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