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Pentagon: ‘No plans to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

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Reader comments

  1. The opposition in the military hierarchy to repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is, of course, undisguised. But if Obama gives the impression that he is reneging on this major commitment, then none of the commitments he made in his candidacy have any meaning at all. On the scale of “1997 Tony Blair the beacon of hope” to “2007 Tony Blair the discredited war criminal”, we may as well just advance our opinion of Obama by 10 years and save ourselves a decade of disappointed expectation.

    And, in fact, there is other evidence to suggest that would be a sage move… he already seems to have backtracked on his commitments to end the detention without fair trial of those held for years in Guantanamo to the point where Bush supporters are settling back in their seats and lauding him with praise.

  2. John (Derbyshire 21 May 2009, 10:57pm

    Looks like Obama has NO time for the Civil Rights of gay people!! What a hypocrite!!!

  3. Mihangel apYrs 22 May 2009, 6:56am

    Obama seems to be pulling away from many of the things he promised (or inferred).

    Obviously it’s still early in his office, but the longer he leaves it the harder it will get.

    He’s heading to be a one-term PotUS

  4. I am very disappointed about the things I am reading regarding this issue. I had a lot of hope when I heard this would be repealed, but it seems he is not the man I believed he was.

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