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Nine-year-old boy organises gay marriage rally

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Reader comments

  1. Now there is an example of a young activist!

  2. WOW….

    Pay attention legislators, governors and elected officials…this is the next generation….and they have little tolerance for bigotry and robbing people of their civil rights!


  3. commanderthor 19 May 2009, 3:21pm

    Ethan for President!

  4. BrazilGayScene 19 May 2009, 3:30pm

    WOW! This actually made me cry!

    Watching this young boy, renews my faith in a future free from discrimination and hatred..

    Way to go Ethan!

  5. what an amazing little boy!

  6. Yay for Ethan how proud his parents must be standing up for his friends and others. Unlike the immature Jonathan Ross shame on him

  7. ‘Out of the mouths of babes hast thou ordained wisdom’
    What a star!

  8. Brian Burton 19 May 2009, 5:20pm

    To start organising ‘Gay Rights’ at nine years old is just great.

  9. What an amazing young man; he is a good example to all other young people.

    A simple statistical fact is that homophobia lessens with each generation and that means as the old homophobes die they are replaced by young people like this. It gives us all great hope for a fairer world in the future.

  10. Ciao, let your love shine for the whole world to see, good luck.

  11. WOW you are a Gr8 kid or should i say you are a real man. well done.

  12. Jen Marcus 19 May 2009, 5:57pm

    An absolute AMAZING ,loving and compassionate young man!With a new generation of such enlightened and progressive young activists like Ethan, the human race, civilization snd the earth itself stands not only a chance of surviving but thriving and advancing.Way To Go Ethan!

  13. things like this give me hope for the future

  14. things like this give me hope for our future

  15. Good for him. A young Thomas Paine for sure.

    More integrity there than the all the members of the british parliament put toether… (sorry, that says nothing of course)

  16. this has restored my faith in the human race.

  17. He almost makes me regret not being a parent!! His parents and family must be pretty wonderful too.

  18. Can I adopt him please?

  19. Bless him. If only there were more people like that boy, this world would become a much better place…..

  20. ‘Despite critics suggesting he was too young to have views on same sex marriage….’

    You can bet your bottom dollar that if any 9 year old said anything negative about same sex marriage those very same critics would be demanding we listen to the young!

  21. I think that is fabulous. Lifts my spirits.

  22. Vo Dong Cung 20 May 2009, 4:59am

    This tell the whole world trust the openedminded young generation better than the conservative old one. The old, please, step aside for the young mind and young feet on the way to their future, not your fututre!!!…

  23. Fantastic story. It just goes to show that no-one is “born” homophobic and that it is a choice. ;) It also shows that if a 9 year old can organise people for a rally, then there’s no excuse for the rest of us adults not standing up for our human rights. I real lesson here for the apathy we sometimes moan about in the gay community.

  24. Michael Mallows 20 May 2009, 10:09am

    He is a wonderful example of compassion parenting, life-enhancing family values and a beacon of hope for the future.
    Sadly, we cannot be sure that Ethan represents the future!

    Bear in mind that he was prompted by homophobic comments in the school playground. Don’t allow false hopes to obscure the fact that there is a terrible increase in fundamentalist thinking – good God-fearing bigots who have created and worship a truly hateful god to justify their truly hateful acts and attitudes.

    I believe there are more good people doing good things, and some ‘good’ people do bad things – priests, for example. And there are many people whose lack of compassion or simple acceptance of differences is so great, so nasty, so vindictive, they seem almost the personification of evil. They claim to have God on their side, but doesn’t the Devil appear in many guises?
    As some one once said, “scratch a fag-beater and you’ll find a faggot”

    Little Ethan is the personification of love, light and hope, and will be an inspiration to anyone who wants or works for a world in which we need not sleep with eye open because we fear our neighbours. Go well

  25. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings comes the truth – good on ya :-)

  26. outlandish 20 May 2009, 1:44pm


  27. “I believe there are more good people doing good things, and some ‘good’ people do bad things”

    I think its the old saying that actions speak louder than words, that applies here. We all know of many religious leaders who say/tell people to do good things, then actually do bad things instead. Rather, I have much more respect for those who do good deeds without fuss, without the need to seek public approval for their actions, because their good actions speak loud enough for themselves. Such as the good deed by the kid in this report.

  28. Alright Ethan. He’ll do more with his rally than Obama needs to do to repeal DOMA and end the DADT…

  29. Alright Ethan. He’ll do more with his rally than Obama needs to do to repeal DOMA and end the DADT…[2]

    This made me smile, certainly beats the exam blues.

  30. ‘Sadly, we cannot be sure that Ethan represents the future’

    This comment, made by Michael Mallows (24), appears to me to be worthy of some thought.

    For example, hasn’t it been proven that the presence of a camera crew creates an adrenaline rush, a rush that creates and maintains actors, and breaks them when their days of glory are behind them?

    Also, the boy was reading from a script. I would like to know who wrote that script… surely not a nine year old who can’t possibly know of the realities of what he’s talking about.

    Like you, I was well impressed with Ethan, and I sincerly hope no harm comes to him during recreation periods.

    It is we, not him, who represent the future. The only way to combat homophobia is to get to the root of it, the pathological teachings of the Abrahamic religions, and to root it out by teaching people how to cure themselves – nobody can do it for them – of this mental illness.

  31. Mihangel apYrs 21 May 2009, 9:10am

    and then into the encircling gloom as we look onto the sheer nastiness and duplicity in our world, a spark of pure love and beauty reminds this old cynic that humanity does have its moments when it transcends its brutishness.

    (tear rolls down furrowed cheek)

  32. Interesting thought there Jean-Paul but I think you will find that it is not limited to any one religion but all of the fundamentalists, Christian and Muslim alike, that are homophobic.

    Not sure what the Koran has to say on the matter but doesn’t the bible say ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ and yet in Northern Irelend there has been a damning report on the Catholic children’s homes being dens of physical, mental and sexual abuse for years and the report also highlights that this was known about all the way up to the Vatican – now let them hurl stones at me and see if I do not retaliate.

  33. What a fantastic little boy! Sure to become a great politician of the future!!!

  34. This young man is truly inspiring! It’s so nice to see a child raised in this day and age with a clear understanding of love and equal rights. His parents did a beautiful job with him!

    God DOES love gays, this I know for a fact! I agree that those hating fundamentalists represent Satan rather than God, also. God has NEVER inspired anyone to write “God hates fags” on a picket sign. Those are the words of Satan, in fact. He’s more deeply rooted in modern day fundamentalist Christianity than people realize. The root of the problem of homophobia in Christianity is that most churches aren’t interested in obtaining a spiritual life that governs themselves and their actions. They’re engaged in minding the business of others and that is NOT advocated in scripture! What is taught is really more of a live and let live mentality, with the exception of those with the spiritual gift of helps, which includes all forms of compassion based charity. That does not include trying to “rehabilitate” gays, either. I study from a grace-based church, where we’re taught to focus on our OWN spiritual life and improving our lives by those means. We literally live and let live.
    Now Muslim fundamentalist teaching, on the other hand goes a little further with their homophobia and calls for the murder of gays . And yes, I realize that many so called christians do, as well, it’s just not taught in the bible. The whole Sodom and Gomorrah issue was about rejecting a relationship with God, not about being gay.

  35. Hate, hate, hate. Yes, if you don’t agree with me, you’re hateful. If you disapprove of my lifestyle that means you hate me. Now that’s progress. Oh, and repliers don’t waste your time because I’m not wasting any more of mine on this thread.

  36. Funny how a 9 year old can be more of a man than most men I know.

    BTW, @ 35…. It’s probably pointless at this point, just thought I’d point out that no where in this article, nor the boys speech was the word hate even mentioned?? Unless you associate the word equality with hate?

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