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Uruguay lifts military gay ban

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Reader comments

  1. How refreshing to read about a country with such progressive social policies. If I was 30 years younger, I would learn fluent Spanish and think very seriously of moving to Uruguay. I gather it is a wonderful country and Montevideo is a marvellous city. How fortunate young gay people will be to grow up there with equal rights and I imagine deceasing homophobia as the years go. Does anyone know why Uruguay seems to be a more secular country, seeing it has a Roman Catholic past?

  2. Pumpkin Pie 19 May 2009, 12:28pm

    So funny that “Western” nations tend to think they’re so far ahead of other parts of the world. Way to go, Uruguay! ¡Buena suerte! :D

  3. Iggy Rykkard 19 May 2009, 10:21pm

    Hi Brenton ! Greetings from Uruguay. Actually, Uruguay has been the most secular country in the Americas since the beginning as an independent nation. Despite the fact the country was officialy Roman Catholic until 1917, the secularization process begun in 1813, before the independence (1825). The country was set up by refugees from Europe, most of them arriving in search of religious or political freedom. As a consequence, free, compulsory and secular education was introduced in 1875, civil marriage in 1885, divorce in 1907, female vote in 1927 and abortion was fully free until 1938. Nowadays, Roman Catholics who attend mass are 5% of population, Protestants 11%, Jewish 2% and all the rest has no religion.

  4. Hi Iggy,
    Thankyou for taking the time to inform me about Uruguay and its secular history. I live in Australia, so I am not that far away and should make the effort to visit your progressive and friendly country. Kind Regards. Brenton.

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