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Sydney marks International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

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  1. Pumpkin Pie 18 May 2009, 1:12pm

    Aww, I wish I’d done something. I’m kinda new to this, so I’m still slowly trying to integrate myself into the LGBT community. But by this time next year, I’ll totally be there! :D

  2. I see there was no (or very little) reporting my the main stream press about this event in the UK / Worldwide. What are we invisible?

  3. Lee

    “What are we invisible”

    My sentiment exactly . . . I think Harvey Fierstein’s solution/saying would be

    “Visability at all costs”

  4. Nothing in the local rag, the Argus, yet they found time to send a snapper down to Hove Lawns to snap people dressed as super heroes. The Brighton IDAHO was just a few hundred yards further up the shore. Still, no surprises there.

  5. Well Sydney was a good place to hold this event because homophobia is still rife in Australia. One has to be very careful where one goes, especially at night and I just mean going out with friends socially! Since the Labor and Liberal Parties have put such a public ban on same-sex marriage it instills in the community that gay, lesbian and transgender people ARE second class citizens! Try and get a written reply by letter from a politician on the subject!
    Dont be mistaken by the once a year, Sydney Mardi Gras. There is a long way to go with social justice issues in Australia.

  6. I agree with Brenton to some degree but the level of societal hostility in Australia towards homosexuals would have to be some of the lowest in the world. I spent time in Sydney , Melbourne and Canberra in the nineties and came across oddballs from all over the world who found refuge in the gay friendly areas.
    Government legislation in Australia has always lagged community attitudes, unlike in other countries where it preceeded acceptance such as in my own sweet Ireland. Even in Europe acceptance is usually found in gay friendly areas and levels of homophobic crime is similar to down under.There is a general acceptance of gays in society in Australia more so than western European countries such as Ireland and Portugal.When I was there in the nineties there was already campaigns agaist homophobic bullying and mental health awareness literature easily available.
    So I do agree Australia has a long way to go in promoting safety in areas such as Oxford strret but then again Sydney is a large dangerous city , its just like home and away Not!!! But Brenton if your a good Aussie boy I hate to enlighten you that things are pretty good there so I will cast off that eurocentric smugness and admit that.
    I find it interesting how Australians are convinced of the countries backwardness when Irish people get highly defensive about critical comments though I admit these social historians were probably jerking off to boyzone pics back then or watching zig and zag. Ive given up being reasonable with the Irish and now just have a f*ck U to hell attitude. But Sydney is a city which attracts gay newcomers and refugees from all across the globe and is one of the most tolerant places for gays and lesbians in the world. But I could just be biased about all them beefy rides down there. Would love to live in Melbourne one day(dream dream dream).

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