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Gay MP Chris Bryant forced to move house after homophobic attacks

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  1. It’s a difficult one; shows we can legislate for equal rights all we like but it’s education that’s needed to change people’s attitude. However, if one of his constituents were subject to homophobic attacks and not in social housing, they’d have to re-house themselves at their own costs…

  2. Curious! Both Bryant and Bradshaw are caught with their pants down and claim it is the result of homophobia.

    What a laugh!


  3. Abi Chrisopher 18 May 2009, 1:04pm

    So why could he not of taken his furniture and appliances with him in his new home? And how does he justify making 77K on a property paid for by the taxpayer? While I totally support his right to move away from his abusers he should look to repay the profit on any property we have paid for.

  4. Simon Murphy 18 May 2009, 1:43pm

    Getting homophobic abuse from nreighbours is unaccpetable. At the same time Bryant was 100% wrong to steal from his constituents to address the homophobic abuse.

  5. Mr Bryant did you report the homophobic abuse to the police?


  6. I still think we should refuse to participate in this media-led bloodbath. If the media had any integrity and guts they would be pursuing the people who have brought this country to its knees, namely the disgustingly wealthy bankers and financiers. But these individuals in private institutions are nowhere as easy to take shots at as MPs.

    Much of the country is angry at the moment because money is scarce, people are having to tighten their belts, homes are being lost, shops and pubs are shutting (though mostly outside of London), and so there is massive public frustration. The media, led by the BBC’s Nick Robinson, have led the angry frustrated public towards the fact that for decades MPs have been claiming expenses.

    But these expenses that many/some of them have been claiming are SUCH SMALL FRY compared to the greedy and outrageous takings of those running the country’s financial organizations.

    Every day Nick Robinson, the Torygraph, and the media in general are directing the public’s attention and energy towards tearing apart yet another MP who has claimed £1000s of pounds in expenses while in the city those individuals who have brought the country to its knees economically are still walking away with bonuses anywhere between half a million and £1,000,000 a year! “Sir” Fred Bloody Goodwin is no longer under the spotlight and has walked away with a pension that pays him £650,000 every year for the rest of his blood life!

    I say write to the BBC, complain about their and Nick Robinson’s general behaviour on this matter, and tell them to focus their vampiric wrath on those disgusting fat-cats in the UK’s financial industries.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with Eddy. Apart from a small number of very dubious claims, which need to be investigated by the police, I believe the vast majority of the MPs were acting in good faith and, indeed, on the advice of the Fees Office.

    The homophobic attacks would have been fuelled by the same press attitudes and associated publicity. Gay MPs are clearly going to be much more vulnerable in this regard than the majority of moaners on this site, who have the benefit of anonymity and unpublicised sexuality.

    I also agree with Eddy that this whole issue is being fanned daily by Nick Robinson et al. Do we know anything about their expenses? Their salaries will almost certainly beat those of MPs. The ownere / directors of the newspapers are also likely to be pcoketing huge sums on the back of these stories, whilst themselves living expensive lifestyles, often skilfully avoiding UK tax laws. They can be as bad as the Sir Freds of this world.

    MPs are a very easy target and gay ones are especially vulnerable. Correspondents on this site should be much more supportive of our voice in parliament, especially since many of these allegations need a great deal more investigation.

  8. Simon Murphy 18 May 2009, 4:36pm

    Yes but MP’s are elected the public to represent the public. Bankers are answerable to their shareholders. Even though the money Bryant and others stole from taxpayers is less than the bankers it is just as contemptible as they have shown themselves up to be dishonest and untrustworthy.

  9. Sister Mary Clarence 18 May 2009, 5:36pm

    It’s a shame that Mr Bryant didn’t choose to lead by example when faced with a bit of homophobia. There exists a raft of legislation, policies and procedures for your average member of the community to deal with such issues and most of us do not have the convenient opportunity to designate our main residence as our ‘home in the country’ while we up sticks and move elsewhere.

    Having gone through the process (before anyone kicks off about I’d think it was different if it was me), I am aware of the obligations that the police and the local authority have to address this type of issue. I am also aware that it does take some time and determination on both the part of the victim and the authorities to resolve. However I took the view that if they were prepared to put the effort in (and they were), then it was only reasonable that I should too.

    Mr Bryant is also in the enviable position that should officers or organisations not actually be doing everything they could to address the problems, he was in a far stronger position than any of us to actually change that, to ensure that not only he benefited from them following correct procedures, but that his constituents did as well.

    Instead it appears from the brief history here that he took an easier route and as luck would have it benefited from it to the tune of £77 000. Blimey, it never rains but it pours!

    How he and others can so easily overlook the suspect morality of the taxpayer paying for a property that they sell for a huge profit, to then go on and re-invest in a larger property, which they no doubt intend to mark up and sell on once again, does puzzle me.

    Perhaps instead of us subsidising his property empire aspirations, taxpayers money might be better invested in local constituencies to ensure that they are all delivering first rate services to those who are the subject of hate crime

  10. Sister Mary Clarence 18 May 2009, 5:47pm

    Is he paying the money back by the way?

  11. So, he did not publicise this event because of ‘sensibilities of the abusers?
    Coem on!! I’m sure other MPs now wish they were Gay- then they could all plead homophobia!

  12. When reading Sister Mary Clarence’s postings, consider which of the following, reproduced from previous threads, is the more venomous, sinister, shallow and self-hating.

    Julian Leppert (BNP):

    On Mr [Chris] Bryant’s Gaydar controversy, he said: “It’s not a crime legally, but it’s a crime morally.

    “Homosexuality is part of life, it’s inevitable. But people should have discretion. They’re bringing political life into disrepute, although it might not strictly be criminal.”

    Sister Mary Clarence (Conservative):

    “Little Shirley Twat [Chris Bryant]…..our very own rent-a-gay MP……what a shining role model he is for the gay community strewn all over the press in a pair of week old undies hawking his arse on Gaydar……..those in public office should conduct themselves in a manner fitting of that public office and I don’t think Mr Bryant has done so”.

  13. theotherone 18 May 2009, 7:57pm

    so he played the property market and didn’t have to pay the tax and we should feal sorry for him? What a disgusting, reprehensable, individual! Funny how Labour Poofs always scream homophobia to detract from their lies and imorality.

    Oh and eddy: if this was a tory would you be screaming? Silence the press if it says anything against Labour? How newstazijackbootsjackie. you must be proud of yourselfs.

  14. Sister Mary Clarence 18 May 2009, 8:18pm

    Sorry, what’s your point Ivan, because it has completely gone over my head.

    MY point here would be that we now have two examples of why this guy is not behaving like the ‘honourable’ gentleman he was elected to be.

    Parading himself on gaydar hawking his arse for sex, was unbecoming, (in the same way a heterosexual MP doing similar would be) and then crying wolf about having to pocket £70000 enabled through the public purse because he was suffering homophobia is a bit shabby too in my view.

    Somehow he then tries to twist both storys round to him being picked on.

    You might fall for his continual ‘pity me, I’m a victim’ line, but I think he’s a robbing, lying piece of sh*t, who is a disgrace to the gay community.

    What a fantastic role model he is for young gay people look up to.

    As has been said by theotherone, were this a Tory you Labour trolls would be streaming from the rooftops.

  15. Homophobic attacks?
    Why did he not just notify the police instead of wasting tax payers money? Of all the excuses!

  16. And what is wrong with being less than impressed with a Labour MP posing in his underpants on a gay website? Bryant himself apologised for this so clearly he feels he acted inappropriately.

    The attempt to smear Sister Mary with the BNP comparison is especially ridiculous. If SMC wants to explain further on this, I’ll leave it to her.

    What Bryant did on Gaydar was tacky at best and showed a clear lack of judgement. Did he honestly think that posing in his pants and describing what “interests” he had would not invite ridicule from the press in exactly the same way as they would do for a hetrosexual MP? He wanted equality? He got it.

  17. Blast SMC! You posted while I was still typing up my reply!

  18. vulpus_rex 18 May 2009, 8:34pm

    @14 SMC – Ivan has no point.

    Chris Bryant’s weasel words are a terrible attempt to defend his troughing – nothing more.

    Bryant’s position is indefensible and embarrasing so Ivan seeks to deflect attention by smearing you for daring to point this out.

    Cheap, lazy but also blatantly transparent, so don’t worry too much.

  19. @Sister Mary Clarence

    The point is that you are a political party hack who comes on this site to try and persuade LGBT people that it is in their interests to vote Conservative whilst harbouring views about LGBT people that are no better than those expressed by the far-right.

  20. vulpus_rex 18 May 2009, 9:06pm

    @19 – another cheap, obvious smear.

    Problem is – it doesn’t work anymore.

    The Labour party are doomed – witness the appalling performance of Michael Martin this afternoon.

    The veil has been lifted – the curtains parted – the population now know the labour party for what it is – venal, corrupt, self enriching incompetents.

    Declaring that in here does not make you a Tory hack, it is just stating the obvious.

  21. John (Derbyshire 18 May 2009, 9:20pm

    C`mon-David and Samantha Cameron are worth 30 MILLION!! I used to live in the Rhondda-and believe me the whole place is homophobic-including the police! He would have been wasting his time reporting it to the likes of them.

  22. I can see this is the – lets attack Chris Brynat thread . . fair enough

    (In a Cheeky Tone)
    So which person here was responsible for the lewd messages on his main constituency property.

  23. Sister Mary Clarence 19 May 2009, 1:49am

    @19 Ivan

    ‘political party hack’ – almost. I stopped working Labour party over 5 years ago.

    ‘whilst harbouring views about LGBT people that are no better than those expressed by the far-right.’

    What might these be then? If you can actually list what you think my far-right views are, we can maybe clear up a few things. It is after all New Labour that are turning into a right wing regime. So, you’ve made the statement, and so now please support it.

    @21 John – that might well be the case, but more than anyone, Chris Bryant would surely be the one that could ensure that the police did investigate and take their obligations seriously. That was exactly my point, were the police or the local authority lacking, he more than you, I or almost anyone else could have brought about change

  24. Sister Mary Clarence says of Bryant “Parading himself on gaydar hawking his arse for sex, was unbecoming”. well, I doubt if Sister Mary Clarence is actually a real nun but this strikes me as the attitude of someone with all the hangups of a nun, probably “chaste” and “not getting any”! Clarence expresses the worst of British sexual uptightness. They don’t worry about MPs sex lives in France, Holland, Spain, and Scandinavian countries. They have an enlightened attitude to people’s private sex lives – whether they are MPs or not. If Clarence is gay, he or she is clearly frustrated.

  25. the trouble with the internet is that people can hide their faces and people who only see the world in terms of black and white can spit out tosh without being seen for who and what they really are. I would love to see what the conservative proselytisers posting on a British website that is devoted to gay liberation are actually like in the flesh. i have a strong feeling I might begin to laugh!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sinister Mary Clarence, you’ve admitted on other threads that you are a strong supporter of the Tory Party. Tell us more that you are into. Do you believe in sprites and goblins too? And, yes, let’s hear you on how people ought to behave propairlair with regard to heving sairx.

    Someone said you have stated that you are black. Is that right?

    So a black gay person who loves monarchy-worshipping bishop-ridden establishment-supporting black-hating gay-hating Tories. Hmmm. How do you get on when you discuss matters of what you consider secksual proprietair with your blue-boned friends? What accent do you use?

    We’ve learnt in other threads you have no integrity, so I guess you just “put it on”, yes? Don’t you think about how they snigger at you behind your back for your attempts to emulate them? What a pity you can’t record your Tory voice for us so we can all hear you doing it!

  27. @25, 26

    Two further fine examples of smear and name calling from the left – the typical last resort of every playground bully.

  28. VulpusRex, I can’t see any smearing in the two posts you mention. Both comments are either stating facts or asking for them.

  29. Sister Mary Clarence 19 May 2009, 2:13pm

    “So a black gay person who loves monarchy-worshipping bishop-ridden establishment-supporting black-hating gay-hating Tories. Hmmm. How do you get on when you discuss matters of what you consider secksual proprietair with your blue-boned friends? What accent do you use?”

    Perhaps you could clarify what accent you suppose I have mate? Do black people have a particular accent then?

  30. Am I the only person who thinks Chris Bryant looks like he was conceived in a test tube in a laboratory. Is he the first geneticly engineered NuLabour politician.

  31. “So a black gay person who loves monarchy-worshipping bishop-ridden establishment-supporting black-hating gay-hating Tories…” i’m not sure what Eddy’s comment has to do with the article, although strikes me as another example of left wing intolerance!

  32. @30
    Yep Abi, I think you’ve now answered the question – eugenics is alive and well in the UK!

  33. “Perhaps you could clarify what accent you suppose I have mate? Do black people have a particular accent then?” wrote Sinister Mary Clarence.

    Well, you really ARE blinkered, Sinister! I made absolutely NO reference whatsoever to whatever accent is naturally your own, MATE! Read my post again, blinkered fool!

    I did refer, however, to the sniggers you must induce when you seek to emulate the behaviour of monarchy-worshipping bishop-ridden establishment-supporting black- and gay-hating Tories.

    Try as you might, Sinister, and be convinced as you might that you are accepted by Tories, YOU will NEVER be “one of them”!

    O, it suits their tactics to be seen to be inclusive of ethnic minorities, particularly as they nash their teeth in desperation to ensconce themselves in No. 10, but at the end of the day no matter how you may emulate white Tories, Sinister, you will NEVER be fully accepted into their circle. The white English establishment protects itself today as it always has. They snigger as they watch the attempts of persons of other ethnicities seek to emulate them.

    They have a game going, you see, these Tories, and it’s a game you can never win, particularly if you are black. Eventually you will find this to be true.

  34. @Sister Mary Clarence

    a) You have made it clear that you are a Conservative supporter;

    b) Your views are as stated at #12;

    c) Your record shows that you consistently attack Labour politicians and defend Conservatives;

    d) You were disgracefully and tellingly silent on the BNP thread having already attacked Chris Bryant in a similar but even more poisonous way.

    @ vulpus-rex

    Are you not a little ashamed to keep popping up as Sister Mary’s little munchkin? I have yet to see an interesting or original point from you.

    At least Sister Mary has the benefit of being amusing, albeit unintentionally as homosexual Conservatism’s answer to David Skinner.

  35. vulpus_rex 19 May 2009, 9:45pm

    Ivan – Thank you for yet MORE smear, you really seem determined to prove my point!

    Now try something different. Instead of making snide, vicious comments about people who are able to make legitimate criticisms of our MP’s conduct, why not try and have an “interesting and orginal” thought of your own?

    Your tribal agression towards anyone who deviates from your own instinctive, unthinking urge to protect Mr Bryant just because he’s a) Labour and b) gay is a little bit embarrassing.

  36. Sister Mary Clarence 19 May 2009, 10:35pm

    Eddy, you patronising little tosser. Who the fu*k are you to tell me that because of the colour of my skin I will or won’t be accepted by anyone.

    The only person the colour of my skin seems to be an issue for is you.

    “What accent do you use?” What makes you think I haven’t got exactly the same accent as every other Tory living in the fuc*king area. Do you think I’m still living on a plantation or something?

    You’ve utterly slagged of Muslims last week, and this week its have a go at blacks is it then?

    Do you think we’d all be too stupid to know where we’re not wanted or whether the Tory party was just using us? I don’t know where the f*ck you live mate, but round here they let the black kids go to school and believe it of not some of them even have a bit of common sense – enough common sense to know that you are an ignorant, condescending little twat.

    If the main thrust of your argument is to pat me on the head and tell me that the Tories are laughing at me behind my back, you’re a bigger dick than I thought you were last week.

    When we got the vote, there was no stipulation who we had to vote for, and check out the news mate, Labour’s BME vote is down the toilet.

  37. Sister Mary Clarence 19 May 2009, 10:56pm

    @ Ivan

    a) Yes I am – not something I’m ashamed of. Perhaps as a Labour supporter, as you appear to be, you’d have the decency to apologise for voting them in – to all the hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs, the tens of thousands who have lost their homes, the millions who are living on subsistence incomes as pensioners, the tens of thousands who have been debilitated by infections, and the tens of thousands more who have lost loved ones who died as a result, and not forgetting the tens of millions whose futures will be crippled by Labour’s legacy of debt.

    b) #12 lists your views of my views – not my actual views

    c) My record does show that I consistently attack Labour politicians, if however you look at recent stories regarding expenses claims for Nick Herbert and Alan Duncan, you’ll see that I have been far from complimentary about either of them.

    d) The biggest disgrace on the BNP thread was you trying to associate comments I had made with the BNP comments. Your little halfwit sidekick Eddy has tried to suggest that black people shouldn’t vote Tory and you seem to be suggesting that I’m a BNP supporter. Its clear that you are a little on the naïve side when it comes to politics, but truth is, the BNP doesn’t get a huge black African vote. Incidentally, you’ll notice that the BNP story was posted on Friday, and that there were no posts from me over the weekend at all as I was overseas.

  38. theotherone 20 May 2009, 1:07am

    jesus give the British Left the chance to speak and look what you get…

    racism, name calling, smear tactics…no wonder I turned my back on political aactivism after witnessing overt sexism, racism, homophobia and anti-semitism in the Left.

    Eddy: you slur SMC, you threaten me – how low will you sink before you, like theestemedspeaker, take early retirment?

  39. @vulpus-rex


  40. @Sister Mary Clarence

    a) You should not presume my politics;

    b) #12 quotes you directly;

    c) You record speaks for itself.

  41. vulpus_rex 20 May 2009, 3:17pm

    @39 – Ivan

    No, not Really.

  42. Sister Mary Clarence 20 May 2009, 3:58pm

    No that’s absolutely right Ivan, I shouldn’t, anymore than people you repeatedly jump into to defend should not assume how I speak, who I should or shouldn’t vote for, who I should or shouldn’t associate with, or will or will not be accepted by, because of the colour of my skin.

    However repeatedly likening my comments to those of the BNP is to say the least highly offensive, when I’m in no doubt they would have me on the first boat back to Africa if they ever came to power.

    Likening Tory voters to the BNP is of course an age old Labour tactic, so my guess would be you’re a Labour party supporter. I would also guess that you’re playing coy because you’re just that little bit ashamed to admit it.

    That’s cool mate, you should be ashamed. The position that a number of people on here of selectively blotting out what they don’t want to hear is purile.

  43. Oh sure! I’d paint a few slogans on my walls myself if I could get the taxpayer to pay for my move and new furniture while I pocketed the profit every time. To jail…………….with no early release!

  44. because we all know how much someone’s sex life affects them

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