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Ex-wife of gay minister offers public support

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Reader comments

  1. Har Davids 18 May 2009, 6:44pm

    I’m not religious, but if 80% of his congregation want the man, why the fuss? Especially with hundreds of Irish priests implicated in abuse report one can wonder about people’s priorities. I would rather have an openly gay priest, than one who can’t keep his hands to himself.

  2. What a wonderful woman M/s Rennie seems to be and how lucky Scott is to have her in his life, even though they are no longer together. Their child will have two very positive role models. Let’s hope she finds someone worthy of her to share her life now.

  3. This is true love, even if they have separated, apparently amicably.

    It’s interesting to note how many gay kids are now coming out of the closet in their teens. A big change from when they were essentially terrorized into marrying heterosexually, and putting off the day of truth.

    If Mr Rennie had been able to come out as a youngster, then the divorce, which certainly must have had emotional suffering for both, would never have happened.

    Why Because he wouldn’t have faced the societal pressure to conform, get married, etc. My ad hoc opinion, based on the number (6) of gay people I know who admit their hetero marriage was a lie, is that prob 20% of all divorces are due to one of the partners being gay.

    Just another string of tragedies brought to the world by conservative religions.

    And if it breaks the church of scotland, so be it. The church has a choice – either embrace that “We are ALL made in His Image”, or break apart.

    This is happening here in the USA, re the Episcopal Church (our branch of the Anglican Church.

    And easily, 95% of those churches are staying with the core group, while only 5% are going to become Houses of Hatred.

  4. Brian Burton 19 May 2009, 10:21am

    Ah! Ruth Rennie, ‘Let your light so shine before men….’ What a Woman! What a friend. What an act of Love.

  5. It takes ONE woman to utterly shame 10,000 bigots who feel the need to poke their noses into other people’s business.
    If 80% of the congregation choose Rev Rennie to be their minister that should be the end of the matter – after all the Church of Scotland prides itself on being a democratic institution.

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