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Finland allows gay couples to adopt partner’s children

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 16 May 2009, 4:01am

    Finland is fabulous.

    It’s a very low key country which does not advertise itself well. But in terms of gay rights it’s pretty progressive.

    I’ve been there and it rocks.

  2. Simon Murphy 16 May 2009, 4:04am

    Hoeva Suomi!

  3. Brian Burton 16 May 2009, 1:47pm

    Finland always seem to be ahead of their game. I’ve always enjoyed Finland’s ‘TOM’ drawings. The adoption news is just great.

  4. Mihai Bucur 17 May 2009, 4:46am

    While this is a positive step forward, I don’t think Finland is all that far ahead of the game. Finland has only legalised “step-child adoption”, which means that one member of a same-sex couple can adopt the natural child of the other member and gain joint custody. Same-sex couples are still barred from jointly applying for adoption. Thus, Finland remains behind the UK, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, all of which allow joint adoption. Not to mention that same-sex marriage is not yet legal in Finland, unlike in its Scandinavian neighbours.

  5. Never been there. But it is a step forward, and Finns have always been good people from the few I’ve met.

    Good things are happening all over the world. Look at How the USA has gone from 1 to 5 states re “marriage” in a few months, since George the Satan Bush, who murdered your troops, as well as 5000 of our own in Iraq, is no longer on the scene. Japan will recognize gay marriages done elsewhere, and Nepal will have gay marriage next year.

    So many good things happening. If only the European commission would require all trading partners to give full civil equality to gay people, and protect them from hatred. On pain of a big tariff if they didn’t do so.

    It would really make America move, and give the lie the the reborn christians and ultra-extremists in the Catholic hierarchy (lots of good Catholics support gay equality) . The reborn christians who often are the very reincarnation of AH re the subject of gays.

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