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Moscow activists seek meeting with mayor over Slavic Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I for one will not be watching Eurovision this year. What a disaster to have this song competition in Russia, one of the most uncivilised nations ever to exist with a history of anti-democracy and murder. The power of the Russian Orthodox Church is taking Russia back into Romanov times! IF you are gay and live in Russsia try to get out as ASAP.

  2. Why would anyone watch Eurovision any time??? I for one never watch it.

  3. Jean-Paul, the Colonial 15 May 2009, 11:27am

    You’re right, Brenton, ‘the Russian Orthodox Church is taking Russia back into Romanov times’. Wasn’t that a keg of dry gunpowder!

    Excuse me if I sound skeptical, but here we have Peter Tatchell, of all people, saying things like:

    ‘Dialogue can create understanding and facilitate the amicable solution we seek’.

    That sounds exactly what the idealistic Dignity Canada LGBT Catholics have been saying to the RCC for years and years and the responce from the RCC has always been the same as the Russian government’s is going to be:… s i l e n c e.

    Frustrating, insulting, infuriating, humiliating, antagonizing silence….. with a smile and a kind look in their eyes.

    Dialogue? How does someone dialogue with power-hungry, caviar eating, vodka-for-breakfast-drinking Russian officials, or should I say Mafia?

    Again, Brenton is right when he says that if you’re gay and living in Russia, try to get out ASAP. Forget about your family and join ‘the life’.

    Either that or try to get the pope to march in a Gay Pride Parade, he that has just given his seal of approval to the creation of a Palestinian State, and refused to visit the museum of Hitler’s Jewish victims in Jerusalem. They say he likes pancakes with marmalade for breakfast. Ain’t that relevant news?

    What next, a re-union with the Russian Orthodox Church to take us all the back to the times of Abraham? Didn’t that whole saga begin in a place we call Iraq today?

    Yep, nothing unreasonable about offering an olive branch.

    The only way anything is going to get done is through the UN the moment we all start taking the UN seriously.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, hein.

    That doesn’t sound like the Peter Tatchell I knew before he received the Blue Plaque. Wot a clever way to bring ‘im ’round, what!

    Nikolai steps in and says:

    ‘This is not an unreasonable request (dialogue).’ Tell us all about it, Nikolai. Here you are dealing with powerful people crippled by a mental illness called homophobia and you don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect them to dialogue with the LGBT population.

    Only a homophobe can cure him(her)self of homophobia. The first baby step is to admit that you’re homophobic, and the rest will come down on you like a warm Spring shower.

    Back to the colonies for me; it’s time to laugh at myself, silly fool that I am.

  4. Simon Murphy 15 May 2009, 11:45am

    Telling gay Russians to simply ‘leave the country’ is extra-ordinarily patronising and insulting and shows an utter lack of understanding or interest in their predicament. Where do you propose they go? (bearing in mind that the ‘civilised’ nations where there sexuality will not be an issue would no doubt refuse them visas.) Their only choice is to stay and fight their corner (just like the queers in western Europe and North America had to do 50 years ago). The Orthodox cult is powerful in Russia – insulting it unnecessarily is only going to antagonise them. I am sure Peter Tatchell does not want to endanger Russian queers so he needs to speak carefully and diplomatically. The Eurovision has shone a very bright light on the plight of Russian queers. That is great news and in the long run will help them. In the meantime please stop being reactively xenophobic – because by doing that you are only showing your own ignorance.

  5. 1.Again this rusophobia

  6. Simon Murphy 15 May 2009, 1:18pm

    Silhouette – Russia as a country should be utterly ashamed of its attitude towards homosexuality. It is a huge embarrassment to a country which is trying to position itself as a modern country. Make no mistake – Russian authorities and police and religious groups deserve to be loudly condemned for their attitudes.

    My problem is more with people like Jean-Paul who seems to want to abandon the Russian gay community and their struggle for acceptance. We in western Europe or NOrth America have little to sneer about considering how recently the anti-gay witch-hunts were happening here.

  7. Silhouette 15 May 2009, 2:47pm

    Attitude to the gays in Russia is about the same as in the West
    Well, it was said to be…

  8. Silhouette 15 May 2009, 2:49pm

    Russia, one of the most uncivilised nations ever to exis

    It seems that someone should be ashamed because of this phrase

  9. Appalled to read somewhere that Gaydar radio all yesterday afternoon apparently made no mention of the crackdown in Moscow! Can this really be true? Are most UK gays SO unconcerned with the plight of gay people elsewhere? Surely gay nimbyism is not as bad as this.

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