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Catholic adoption agency continues to fight to bar gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. Tony Konrath 14 May 2009, 5:30pm

    Adoption agencies exist for the benefit of the children, not the Catholic church or the would be parents. Any agency that automatically rejects what may be the right choice for the child must be operating in a very strange space.

  2. Dave North 14 May 2009, 7:49pm

    I watched a documentary the other night on adoption, and the programs entire premise was that their weren’t enough potential adopters to go round.

    My blood boiled when I thought of how these religious bigots were stopping some poor kid get out of the care system and all due to their interpretation of countless others interpretations of numerous translations of an ancient bloody book.

    I need a drink…..

  3. Dave North 14 May 2009, 7:51pm

    And P.S to my comment above.

    Why do they always bloody insist on showing Jesus as a white european. He was from the middle bloody east.

  4. Dave, exactly. Had some god-botherer at the door the other day trying to lure me to her church. She was clutching a soapy picture of a romantic 18th century Jesus with long-hair and perfect creamy complexion that Andie McDowell would be proud of.

    So, “Catholic Care” would rather close than consider gay couples. Let the fools with garbage in their brains close then! Parentless children need loving parents. Their parents’ sexuality is irrelevant.

    Anyway who are agents of the Catholic Church to decide that gays and lesbians should not look after children when the gays and lesbians (the priests, nuns, and brothers) of the Catholic Church have been “looking after them” for centuries in all sorts of institutionalised “homes”. For “looking after them” we now know that we can read, for much of the time, “abusing them, mentally, physically, and sexually”.

  5. Edward in Los Angeles 14 May 2009, 8:33pm

    Mr. Mark Wiggin is the exact definition of a bigot.

  6. Brian Burton 14 May 2009, 9:49pm

    No Religious organisation should be in charge of children. Catholics are still paying out millions of dollars for child sexual abuse. So, what in heavens name is a Catholic organisation doing in charge of children again? Who the hell put these child abusers in charge of children in the adoption forum? This beggars belife!

  7. What would you expect from that EVIL organisation, The Roman Catholic Church!

  8. I would welcome the closure of this organisation: others will be able to step into any gap created.

  9. We need to bring in legislation to make adoption purely in the hands of secular organisations. Religious organisations will never act in the best interests of the children- they are always pushing an agenda and will attempt to put children into a situation where they are indoctrinated. These religious adoption agencies should all be banned regardless of how they operate. The government needs to do more to promote the idea of adoption to gay people.

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