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Megan Fox talks about being bisexual

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 13 May 2009, 2:04pm

    This girl is very picky ‘aint she? In ten years she’ll take anything thats going Betcha!

  2. Pumpkin Pie 13 May 2009, 2:28pm

    When I read that Megan wouldn’t date other bisexual women, I thought she was going peddle that old crap about us bisexual types being unfaithful and promiscuous. Her actual reason was in fact hilarious. Not all of us boys are icky, but it’s still funny.

    1. Maybe all the men she tried were dirty. If that’s so maybe she is doing it wrong, choosing the wrong men.

  3. Brian Burton 13 May 2009, 5:16pm

    mayby she wants a piece of pumpkin pie!

  4. Rubbish. She’s really an American. They couldn’t be bi or gay if they tried. Their “lesbianism”, as we call it, is at most a kickass straight hot chick. Don’t buy this media rubbish for a moment.

  5. Brian Burton 13 May 2009, 7:17pm

    Wish I knew what Perglen was trying to say?

    1. He/she says that American’s are incapable of being gay or bisexual, because they’re too attractive and kick too much ass.

      Perhaps s/he was dropped on their head as an infant?

  6. I wonder does she believe male bisexuality is dirty like the mainstream does. It doesn’t take much courage to be a female bisexual when it is considered chic.I personally find female fixation on mens status and wealth more offensive than happy consensual gay sex.

  7. So…she is bisexual but sleeping with men is dirty? So…SHE is saying she’s dirty herself?
    That just makes her a weirdo. Who in their right mind would shout out in an interview that they are dirty? LOL.

  8. Excuse me while I step out and buy a skirt and some low hills. I hope she likes “girls” with broad shoulders and hairy legs! (I’m quite clean, by the way!)

  9. Seems like people are as ignorant, and stupid about bisexual women as they are about people with gender issues. Yet bisexual women are so numerous! Very scary.

    It never seems to occur to people that one can be bisexual but only actually be sexual with one person, or one sex. Perhaps out of monogamy, or love, or fear, or past experience. Lots of reasons. Sounds very like Megan Fox is like that, and being honest.

    Its such a long-established, and hateful, lie that bisexual people cannot love, or cannot be faithful. And it keeps people fearful of telling the truth. Many “lesbians” fancy het. sex occasionally, but may not actually do anything about it, and vice versa. In reality they are bisexual.

    I lust for heterosexual sex frequently, but I’ve been in three long term and faithful relationships with women over the last four decades, exclusively, for love, and because in fact, the sex is better, whatever some other bit of my brain is saying. So, in honesty, I’m bisexual, and socially, and in practice, lesbian.

    1. Liam the God 26 Apr 2013, 1:26pm

      Women like to cuddle after sex, and they have more bits to play with DURING sex! Also men look really stupid when they orgasm, women look wonderful when THEY do!
      Have I said too much?
      All the best, Ron the Perv ;)

  10. Jason Griffith 1 Jun 2009, 1:51am

    If she thinks that males are so dirty, why call herself bisexual, call herself lesbian

    1. Maybe she likes dirty.

  11. like you megan lets date someday les..

  12. to be honest with you i find it weird nowadays when every single hot female actress or artist comes out and speaks of bein a bisexual or havin had a lesbian experience and all that crap … im not sayin bisexuals or gay ppl are crap im just statin the fact that i think celebreties actually use it as an excuse to kinda step ahead of the others coz at some point after such a closure the headlights would suddenly be on them.

    nevertheless i think i understand what megan is tryin to say about not dating bisexuals i guess coz smtimes i feel the same way but lets be honest not all men are disgustin first of all and second of all why should we state such a thing when we are sleeping with men… what if the other girl u had a crush on thought that way as well u would probably think its unfair to you therefore it is unfair to just generalise and kinda not give a chance to some person just because of their sexual orientation thats discrimination and its ironic when u are included in the category u are discriminating against if you know what i mean

    anw eventually i think its her own life if she is bein honest about bein bisexual then i can only wish her the best but if its some crap story like every other celebrety story just to push her up the “hollywood” ladder then its a shame that the sexual orientation of bisexuals is being used for such purposes.

    anw i think that talk is easy even for those who share the same opinion as megan about bisexuals and the fact that they sleep with men… at the end of the day when u really like sm1 u dnt care if theyv slept with a man or a woman u only care that they are yours for the time being and u arent sharin them with neither another woman nor a man … and one more thing gay women or bisexual women are in fact usually more atracted to heterosexual women and i know that as a fact coz every relationship or fling ive had with a female was with a heterosexual one i would always be their first woman and there is sthn about that which makes you more interested in them at least i think so …

  13. Steven Posey 9 Jul 2009, 7:26pm

    I think that Megan Fox is very beautiful and if she wants to be known as Bi-Sexual or anything else it should be her choice and you guys should understand that if her choice is to be Bi-Sexual you shouldn’t disrespect that. -.-

    1. Liam the God 26 Apr 2013, 3:23pm

      So being Gay isn’t a choice, but being bisexual IS a choice? Would you like to elaborate, so that I have the logic behind that statement fully clarified?

  14. I think that’s hot that she’s bisexual. I kinda thought that she was. I could see her in a relationship with a girl better than a guy for some reason.

  15. Bisexual my a$$.

    Just another female celebrity using bisexual fiction to get pink $$$.

    1. I’m not saying this doesn’t conceivably happen, but how the hell can you know? If you have a genuinely bi woman who’s a big celebrity, is she supposed to just lie about it and pretend to be hetero and not be open about her sexuality lest you think she’s just aiming for pink dollars?

      Thinking about the consequences for young bi people, I’d rather have not-actually-bi people saying they’re bi than have a complete public silence on the issue. I’m also inclined to take someone’s declaration of their sexuality at face value unless I have a compelling reason not to.

    2. Exactly what I said below. And I would throw Anna Paquin in the middle, despite the whole respect I have for her as an actress. Remember that during the 70s David Bowie declared he was gay, later he declared he was bisexual but more years later came back on the last statement, describing that as “the biggest mistake I ever made” and saying “I was always a closet heterosexual”, explaining he was more interested in the gay and bisexual cultures and styles of life than having a real biological and psychological homosexuality or bisexuality. When someone tries to hard to look something they probably aren’t that something, and that’s why I am resistent to buy Megan”s declaration.

  16. I am sorry girl but I am skeptical and I tend to disbelieve in Hollywoodian women declaring themselves as bisexual, specially attractive ones who are already known as sex symbols like how Megan Fox is. Coming out as bisexual is not that party and feast that some insincere and attention-seeking Hollywoodian women think it is, it’s a serious thing. I also don’t understand how a real bisexual person would say “men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man”. As a matter of fact I am a bisexual transgirl myself and I see no problem with that, with men or women being “dirty”, men are as beautiful, attractive and “clean” as women. Try another one, Fox, this one is hard to buy.

    1. Compare and contrast the skeptcism in the reactions to men saying they are bi and women saying they are bi (despite the fact that several sources have reported a higher incidence/enjoyment of bisexuality amongst women than men).

      Seems like we have some bona fide sexism going on here.

  17. So according to many people on here because you are beutiful woman and work in Hollywood you cannot be bi sexual? Don’t get me wrong I know there are areas where women market themselves as bi sexual to titilate the hetrosexual male audience and tbh as an open lady gay I find this upestting and quite painful. But lets say this is the real deal because one day it will happen with someone to be either gay/bi then surley we should support her? Been a women coming to terms with their sexuality in not a walk in the park, hell I’ve been their, beaten up, spat at and ridiculed.

    Just because someone is beutiful and female why do we have to be suspicious? As for the dirty thing I hope she reads it back and realise what an idiotic thing she has just expressed. I have done things with blokes but not the full way. I don’t like male bits simple as that so does this make me “dirty” I dunno? It’s not in my world but I guess it must be in others?

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