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Trans woman on hunger strike after treatment refused

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Reader comments

  1. Debbie:

    Like the rest of use in the LGBT community, you’ve got to have hope, miles and miles and miles of hope.

    Have you tried contacting www dot idaho dot org uk?


  2. Good luck Debbie, you’re very brave x

  3. Brian Burton 12 May 2009, 2:50pm

    All medical problems in the UK is free at the point of delivery.
    Your mistake in the first instance was paying £25,000. The medical athourities (quite wrongly, it has been proved in High Court) that if you pay for meical treatment initionally, then you must go on paying. So Debbie, you are entitled to free treatment.

  4. This is a sad story. However, there is probably a valid reason the PCT has denied treatment.

    I am left wondering why many trans people live happily without gender reassignment, only endless hormones. If they are happy to have male genitals underneath a female facade, why do they feel the need to be trans in the first place? Confusing!

    I wonder if Debbie wants to become fully female, or just endless hormones as a man? If so, perhaps the PCT is right to refuse to write a blank cheque.

  5. This is the all to much heard of (post code funding ) when will all pct’s get there act together ,I am lucky in the respect that I am being dealt with at Leeds and did get my funding so chin up Debbie ,they will get the message

  6. good luck debbie

  7. @ Dan, there are more types of trans, than just transexual, so you can be trans and not wish to go through ‘bottom surgery’. Also, a lot of people find the idea of going through major surgery a tad scary, which might be a factor in some cases.
    Its about having people comfortable with their own bodies, and if someone is comfortable with having a tits and a cock, thats fine. Its not about imposing what our view on gender is on people.

  8. Thanks for the comment Jess. I think I’m entitled to a viewpoint on gender identity without being accused of imposing anything on anybody.

    I’m certainly aware that everyone comes in all shapes and sizes, especially trans people. It’s hard to rationalise trans people who identify as female, but don’t want to have gender reassignment surgery.

    It doesn’t seem to make sense, as I thought males born with gender dysphoria thought their genitals abhorrent – regardless of the discomforting thought of surgery.

    Anyway, let’s hope Debbie finds happiness.

  9. Debbie Davies (yes that one) 13 May 2009, 10:59am


    Just to clear up any confusion. I have tried to get my PCT to provide both HRT and Surgery. Life with my bits is no life.

    My PCT’s policy has been one of flat refusal to even talk to me. I gave them every opportunity to help me and work with me. What I did in the last week was one last attempt to resolve a total impasse on their part.

    Thankfully it has resulted in all of us getting something. I will get my funding and support. The PCT will get me to work with them to form new policy and hopefully everyone who follows will not have to go through what I have gone through.

    Trust me, what’s in the media is a tiny tip of a huge and very long going process.

    And yes, I was serious about my hunger strike. I would have taken it to its ultimate end if that’s what happened. It was not a bluff.

  10. chloe skye 2 Jul 2009, 10:31am

    Nae offence but your mental i know what its like being trapped in the wrong body but even if they refuse you you couldv moved and tried somewere else. iv known people to be refused in glasgow but accepted in edinburgh! im lucky iv been accepted to get onto hormones but i wouldnt go on hunger strike i couldnt i enjoy my snacks too much lol! good luck anyways

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