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Foreign Office revises guidance for gay travellers in Moscow

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  1. And despite the common sense of the Foreign Office, you guys would advise Peter Tatchell to go to the Russian Gay Pride Day Parade.

    Nothing like sending someone to his death, eh guys.

    I could just see the headlines on the front page of the Sunday Times: “UK LGBT community betrays Peter Tatchell”.

    Don’t try to convince me that you have any respect for Tatchell.

  2. I can’t imagine not being able to be publicly proud of who I am and the struggle that people before me have been through so that I may have that oppurtunity. More power to these people, I wish I had their strength.

  3. I could just see the headlines on the front page of the Sunday Times: “UK LGBT community betrays Peter Tatchell”.

    That’s an impressive leap of logical reasoning. Best we all stay at home and keep “what we do indoors”, eh? Best cancel gay pride while you’re at it, not just in Russia, but everywhere.

    I remind you of Dr. King’s words “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”

  4. @jean-paul: What on earth are you talking about? Do you think Mr Tatchell is being forced to go to Moscow against his will? Of course not! Its his choice entirely. And seeing as he is going, and risking possible injury or worse if things turn ugly, then yes, I have great respect for what he is doing – namely standing up for our LGBT brothers & sisters in a country where taking a stand is necessary if gay rights are to progress.

  5. Simon Murphy 12 May 2009, 4:07pm

    Time to write some emails to the Eurovision requesting that Saturday’s event be cancelled if there is any violence against the gay community by the Russian police or neo-nazis on saturday.

    Contact the following:
    Director General – Jean Reveillon –
    Eurovision Operations Department –
    News & events:
    Song contests unit:

  6. Simon Murphy 12 May 2009, 4:08pm

    Dear Eurovision

    Today the British Foreign Office advised gay travellers to Moscow to be aware of possible violence at the Gay Pride festival in Moscow this Saturday.

    As you are no doubt aware the mayor of Moscow regards homosexuals as ‘satanic’ and all past attempts to organise a peaceful protest against the oppression of gay people has met with violence by neo-nazi groups and a refusal by the police to protect the gay community.

    As you are also no doubt aware the Eurovision Song Contest is very popular with the gay audience and that the Russian gay community chose this Saturday to have their parade to coincide with the Eurovision.

    Please confirm that if the police or neo-nazis attack the gay pride parade this Saturday in Moscow that the Saturday night final will be cancelled and declared invalid.

    I was of the belief that the Eurovision was created in the 1950’s to promote peace among European neighbours.

    With the threat of neo-nazi violence and police collusion in facist oppression against 1 of the Eurovisions most loyal audiences the Eurovision Song Contest must make it absolutely clear that they are opposed to neo-nazism.

    If there is violence against the gay community on Saturday and the competition goes ahead on Saturday night the Eurovision Song Contest is making a clear statement that it supports violent homophobia

    Yours sincerely

  7. Sammy (2):


    Will (3):

    Smarten up, will ya. We are talking about the life of Peter Tatchell here, whose contribution to gay liberation will not be advanced one iota by his being killed.

    Consider the good that Martin Luther King would have accomplished had he not been killed.

    So easy to send an ambassador to his death, eh?

    Refraining from going to the Russian Gay Pride Parade is anything but being silent.

    Cancelling the Russian Gay Pride Parade is anything but being silent.

    It shouts louder than any useless bloodbath would do, and the world is smart enough to understand that, and so are you.

    George (4):

    I understand what you are saying, but the Foreign Office itself is sounding the alarm, not just me.

    We will have countless opportunities to stand up for our LGBT brothers ans sisters and Peter Tatchell needs to hold up the flag, something our memory of him will not do as efficiently.

    We don’t need another martyr; we have had millions of them throughout history and what has it changed?

    We need to understand more about homophobia, not demonize mentally ill people who are afflicted with it.

  8. Great email, Simon Murphy. Thanks for the addresses too.

  9. Jean Paul: “Smarten up, will ya.”

    Well, I’ve given a reasonable argument, you just had a little diva moment. Bloodbath? Death? Cancelling Russian Gay Pride??? Yeah, you sit under you little rock, while others get you your rights and allow you the freedom and liberty to have those “slight over reactions” you’re so fond of. How about growing up a little, eh?

  10. Tony Lambert 12 May 2009, 6:16pm

    Oh, get a life Jean Paul! What planet are you on? Peter is an activist BECAUSE he’s outs himself at risk to show the injustices of the world, not because he’s another sit-at-home “freedom blogger”.

    And your ludicrous suggestion that we cancel Russia’s Gay Pride is a disgrace, you are either a coward or a closet case. You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting something like that after all the sacrifice made by so many before us for our freedoms. Seems to me you’ll never understand until you grow a backbone…. and perhaps a brain.

    Will, you make great points, by the way. Keep speaking reason, and ignore those who don’t understand you, like this spineless cretin. If it was up to him, we’d all be living in a closet waiting for the police to call.

  11. That Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov has branded gay parades “Satanic” is reason enough to absolutely insist that they are held.

    Yes, Will, if the UK screaming Eurovision-loving gays aren’t prepared to spend the earlier part of their day marching with their Russian brothers and sisters, then our own gay pride marches here in this country are a hollow sham! They should think of the absolute buzz and high they will get by getting out there on the street and showing some real guts. They’ll have a better night as a result, I’m sure.

    Simon, BRILLIANT, my friend! (As ever!) I will write to each and every one of those people immediately. And thanks too for the template.

    Another idea: there’s a website for Eurovision lovers and it has a Forum. That’s where the Eurovision-lovers talk to each other. Time to sign up in that Forum and exhort them to contribute to the parade.

    Everyone, as Simon suggests, it’s time to write some emails to the Eurovision requesting that Saturday’s event be cancelled if there is any violence against the gay community by the Russian police or neo-nazis on saturday.

    Contact the following:
    Director General – Jean Reveillon –
    Eurovision Operations Department –
    News & events:
    Song contests unit:



  12. I wouldn’t hold out too much hope if you’re writing to Mr Svante Stockselius from the European Broadcasting Union. I wrote to him last year when the mayor of Moscow held a press conference and was blatant about his dislike for any display of gay life, let alone pride, on the city streets.

    The email chain is below, make your own mind up about how Mr S feels…

    Dear Mr Stockselius

    How does the Eurovision Song Contest propose to react to the statements made by the Mayor of Moscow yesterday to warn gay people visiting the city for the event next year that they are not welcome on the streets?

    Speaking at a press conference the Mayor, who has banned every gay rights march in Moscow since 2005, gave some advice to gay people coming to the city for Eurovision:
    “Entertain yourself, no problem, but not on the streets, squares, marches and demonstrations.

    Russian and Belarussian activists are planning a Slavic Pride event in Moscow to coincide with the Eurovision final on May 16th. The semi-finals will be held on May 12th and 14th.

    What specific actions does the Eurovsion Song Contest plan to take to ensure that the gay people will be protected.

    As the Eurovision is so popular among the gay audience it is essential that the Eurovision Song Contest condemn the Mayor of Moscow and INSIST that any Gay Pride parades will be permitted and that the police protect them from the Mayor and his facist supporters.

    If the Mayor cannot promise this then the venue for the ESC next year MUST be changed. Otherwise the ESC is aligning itself to a violent, brutal, homophobic regime. As a license fee payer to the BBC, who contribute a large amount to the organisation of the Contest I expect you to take firm and decisive action. otherwise we will have to request that the BBC withdraw funding.
    Yours sincerely etc

    Dear Nick,
    Thank you for sending me this circulate letter, that I have already received by some others. And unlike you, I attended the press conference in Moscow that you are referring to. And the quotes you are saying was not what was said by the Mayor. On the contrary, he welcomed all fans, no matter of race, religion or sexual orientation. What he said was that the city of Moscow doesn’t allow any demonstrations on the streets, regardless its purposes.
    And as always, and as late as in May this year, we will work together with the local authorities and the host broadcasters to ensure the safety guarantees for all the delegates, media and fans visiting the event of the Eurovision Song Contest, regardless where it is being held.

    Best regards

    Svante Stockselius

    ESC Executive Supervisor

    Thanks for the reply.

    You are right, I was not at the press conference, however, I believe you are wrong to state that I mis-quoted the Mayor. According to the Interfax news agencies report of the Press Conference the Mayor said the words I have quoted him as saying. Are you convinced Interfax has got this wrong?

    Moreover, Yuri Luzhkov has a well documented track record of homophobia. His description of us as satanic is pretty clear evidence of that. If you wish to align yourself with this bigot – his record speaks for itself – then do so. Just remember that many of your audience won’t thank you for it and we have good and long memories.


    No response was forthcoming. Maybe because he would have to agree with me that he was siding with a homophobic thug.

  13. Thanks for speaking your minds. No offense taken.

    If you want to join the gang who argues by personality persecution, that’s all right too. I love children as well as anybody else. Sticks and stones may break my bones….

    But if you are so great on activism, why don’t you go to Russia and show me how’s it’s done. Let me see TV footage of you coming back from the Gay Pride Parade in a coffin from a country that has it made it clear that there will be violence and about which your own Foreign Office has warned you to avoid.

    I live on planet Earth. What planet are you living on? Don’t you have loved ones who care about you? Do you expect to change the world in a few days? Do you think the progress we have made since the Stonewall Riots was advanced by blind stupidity? Don’t you know the difference between tactics and strategy? The difference between watching a Pride March being massacred on TV and sitting in a stadium during a violent soccer match?

    Finally, how do I know I am not being posted by the psychotics who haunt these threads, and who are all talk, no action, and who argue by personality persecution when up against a wall even against the wise advice of your own government because you are basically anarchists and you don’t give a hoot about governments of any kind.

    Too many laws. Too many restrictions. Price of civility too high. Don’t like paying taxes. Want the meat but won’t slaughter the animal. Want the personal freedom, not the equality for all, including immigrants. Jealous of someone you imagine to be living peacefully in the colonies, under a rock of all places.

    If you won’t listen to a “sit-at-home-freedom-blogger” colonial, you could at least take Simon Murphy’s advice and send a few e-mails, you bonehead.

    Tony Lambert indeed! Is that your new alter ego, Eddy, or am I being paranoiac again? Why don’t you grow a backbone and a brain yourself, take a hit of your camel shit, and tell us something about yourself instead of hiding in your own closet, or are you afraid that everyone will come running to worship you from all directions and oil all over you like people who think you’re Jesus’ brother or something? There I go over-reacting again.

    Take a hike.

    And I repeat, the Parade should be cancelled to shout to the world that the Russians are suffering from a mental illness called homophobia, about which you know nothing except how to spell it, how to pronounce it and how to manipulate and alarm ordinary people with the constant use of it.

    Gay parades have been cancelled before, there’s nothing novel about the idea. A bit of money will be lost by those who organized the event, but isn’t it worth it when the lives of LGBT persons and Peter Tatchell’s life are at stake?

    Go fly a kite.

    I will never cease from growing up, and if you think that you are all grown up, then you are sadly disillusioned while you sit under your little rock and encourage wiser men than you to have their brains bashed in just so…just so what? For what? What exactly?

    What is it going to give the LGBT community to lose a man like Tatchell? A martyr? A memory? A vigil? A national holiday?

    Like I said at the beginning, I take no offense from your comments, but I do think you are rather immature, but that’s OK because we are all under construction, aren’t we?

    Finally, I believe you should be thinking about some real issue like the vote on June 4th, which is approaching faster than you think, and you are being given a chance in a real democracy to influence the future of the world. That is, if you live on Planet Earth.

  14. Tony Lambert 12 May 2009, 8:18pm

    And there we go, the diva goes off the edge with a bitch-fest tirade… how intelligent of you. Well done Jean Paul, now we can all take you seriously.


  15. Oh, dear, some activist this! He says “the Parade should be cancelled to shout to the world that the Russians are suffering from a mental illness called homophobia”. In other words don’t do anything (DON’T hold a protest or a march) . . . in order to bring the problem to the world’s attention. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! The contortions that the human brain is capable of! You’ve got to laugh at it!

  16. Interesting story from concerning the planned march:

    “The annual press conference of the Moscow Pride movement took place in Moscow yesterday. For two hours organizers of the event answered questions of local and foreign journalist about plans for the May 16 Slavic Pride march but also about Gay Rights in Russia.

    Speaking at the press conference were Nikolai Alekseev, chief organizer, Irina Fet, Sergey Androsenko, Maria Arbatova, feminist and writer, and Edward Murzin, former deputy and head of movement “Tolerance”.

    Like every year, the press conference showed a massive interest with more than 50 journalists packed in the room.

    “Moscow Pride is an incredible platform which allows us to speak and get attention from the public not only about Freedom of Assembly but about gay rights in general in Russia every year” said Nikolai Alekseev in introduction.

    “There has not been any more powerful initiative to put gay rights in the society in the history of the Russian LGBT movement” he added.

    2009 sees the fourth attempt to host a March for the Rights of Sexual Minorities in Moscow. This year, the event which is to be held together with Belarusian activists was re-branded as the “Slavic Pride”. It is also expected to take place next year in Minsk, Belarus, for the first time.

    Nikolai Alekseev further explained that this year’s march on the day of the Eurovision Song Contest Final is planed on purpose:

    “There will never be a better time to raise the question in this country” said Nikolai Alekseev.

    “If Medvedev and Luzhkov position Russia as a European country and invite Eurovision, the question of [gay] rights should proceed in a European way.”

    “It does not make sense that Russia would accept to watch gay singers performing on the stage, and ban gay activists from marching.”

    Organizers applied for 4 public actions to take place in Moscow on May 16th giving a wide range of variants to the authorities to allow at least one of events.

    A march was applied at the City Hall, and 2 pickets were applied at the Central Prefecture.

    In addition, they asked the President for permission to hold a march in the Alexandrovskiy garden adjacent to the walls of Kremlin.

    Leonid Krutakov, a spokesperson for the City Hall said last week that “all attempts to hold such events will be firmly stopped by the authorities”.

    However, speaking to AP last night, Mr Krutakov seemed to have softened his position explaining that the decision will be taken only by the Mayor of Moscow.

    Activists told journalists that their action would take place irrespective of the decision of the authorities. The right to peaceful marches and Freedom of Assembly is guaranteed by the Russian Constitution and the European Convention for Human Rights.

    Several cases are pending at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) against the 2006, 2007 and 2008 banned Moscow Prides but the Court is not expected to take any decision before another 3 to 4 years.

    In March, the organizers appealed to the Spanish Presidency of the Council of Europe to remind Russia of its obligations towards Freedom of Assembly for all.

    Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov is known for his opposition to permit gays marching in his city. In January 2007, he qualified gay prides as “satanic gatherings”.

    Officially, President Medvedev has never expressed a position on gay rights. Last year, his services denied answering a similar application to hold a march next to the Kremlin. A case was recently filed with the ECHR.

    “President Medvedev’s position on gay rights is a well kept secret behind Kremlin’s wall. At the State level, we only know the relatively neutral position of former President Putin after he answered a question from journalists in 2007” said Nikolai Alekseev.

    Asked about possible trouble with the police and protesters, Nikolai Alekseev answered:

    “Several Embassies are concerned about the safety of their nationals who will travel to Moscow to attend both our actions and the Eurovsion. I know that these concerns were raised officially with the government.”

    Speaking about the actions planed around the Slavic Pride, the organizers explained that they will associate gays and lesbians from all Russia .

    A series of talk shows will be broadcasted from May 13 to May 17 on Gay-Radio.Ru, the first Web Gay radio in Russia and a partner of the Slavic Pride. Freedom of Assembly, Family Rights, and the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia are among the issues to be discussed.

    “Broadcasting our events through the web will make them accessible to those who are far away from Moscow and who cannot travel or who are just not ready to take part in a public action,” explained Ira Fet.

    Ms Fet also told journalists that she will apply together with her girlfriend for a marriage on May 12 in Moscow .

    Nikolai Alekseev explained that if the Moscow authorities deny registering the marriage, the couple will wed in Canada and seek recognition of their union in Russia .

    “Everything is ready, and we are both very excited” said Ms Fet.

    The Slavic Pride Festival also welcomes this year foreign activists like Human Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell and Andy Thayer from Gay Liberation Network in Chicago .

    Tatchell and Thayer will speak “Live from Moscow after the Slavic Pride” on Saturday 17 giving a summary to the international community before the Eurovision ceremony. The program will be accessible online via Gay-Radio.Ru

    “More than ever, this year we want to celebrate gay activism and courage. Our determination to fight for our rights is unchanged since we started in 2005” said Nikolai Alekseev.

    This year’s Moscow Pride slogan “Gay Equality. No Compromise” is also the name of a new campaign launched by the organizers. The fight for same sex marriage in Russia is the first initiative of this campaign.

    Activists will also remit the award of the “Rainbow Hero of the Russian Gay movement” which will celebrate the most courageous activist selected by a Russian panel.”


  17. Tony Lambert = Eddy, (or a clone of Eddy).

    Who ya goin’ to vote for on June 4th, Teddy?

    And what will you be disagreeing with next about your government’s policies, Teddy?

    Is anyone happy living in the UK, Teddy?

    I’m not trying to be intelligent, Teddy, because reason doesn’t work with people who fan the flames of hysteria to get some kind of emotional high like you’re doing, Teddy.

    Take your own advice and get a life, Teddy.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this thread is how not to take you seriously, Teddy.

    …a bitch-fest tirade… something you picked uo in your Oxford Dictionary, Teddy? How quaint.

    Turn this thing around and cancel the Gay Pride Parade in Russia right now. You’ve got the brains, you’ve got the means, you have leadership qualities, you’ve got the advice of your government. Don’t listen to an anarchist out looking for some fun at your expense.

    You should be beyond personality persecution if you expect to be taken seriously. Show us what you’re really made of instead of pulling off a Don Quixote ‘tirade’.

  18. Tony Lambert 12 May 2009, 9:37pm

    Jean Paul, I am not Eddy. Just because you’re some delusional paranoid schizophrenic, DOESN’T mean we’re all the same person. We just happen to ALL think your a distasteful little diva with the intellect of a marshmallow.

    Nor am I Will, but I agree with him that there’s something lacking and weak in you. People can agree that your a foolish little man. Surely you encounter that a lot in your life. But is it makes you happy, then sure, we’re all the same person, and its all about you….

    …you’d tell us if you were having a stroke in stages, now, wouldn’t you?

    You go live under a rock. And when you are dragged kicking and screaming like a bitch from your home, remember these words.

  19. Well, Jean-Paul, I am neither Eddy or Tony, but can choose to think so if it means saving your fragile mind from the tortures of paranoia.

    But I will say this, listening to your ill conceived and puerile notions about the futility of Gay Pride, coupled with your histrionic and infantile insults, I find you distasteful in the extreme. You are a disgrace to other gay people, those who choose to live their lives in the sunlight, out and proud. You clearly have some issues to deal with, not least why you take such low view on gay activism.

    Don’t march in gay pride. Suits me. People like you only bring the rest of us down, you clearly have no self worth and you need some work before you can join the rest of us. No doubt you’re waiting for your opportune moment to strike a blow for our freedom with your laptop, as you cower under the bedsheets for fear someone might think your gay.

    As for the comment “go fly a kite”. Do you realistically expect us to take your serious with a comment like that? What exactly does that mean, pray tell? No doubt Tony and Eddy will be wiping a tear away from their face after such scathing attack… or at least with laughter.



    “..Oh, get a life Jean Paul! What planet are you on? Peter is an activist BECAUSE he’s outs himself at risk to show the injustices of the world, not because he’s another sit-at-home “freedom blogger”.

    And your ludicrous suggestion that we cancel Russia’s Gay Pride is a disgrace, you are either a coward or a closet case. You should be ashamed of yourself for suggesting something like that after all the sacrifice made by so many before us for our freedoms. Seems to me you’ll never understand until you grow a backbone…. and perhaps a brain.

    Will, you make great points, by the way. Keep speaking reason, and ignore those who don’t understand you, like this spineless cretin. If it was up to him, we’d all be living in a closet waiting for the police to call.

    Comment by Tony Lambert — May 12, 2009 @ 18:16

    Oh, is that tellin’ YOU, JP…!

    Couldn’t have put it more betterer meself.!


  21. Yawn.

    We just had company and of course we had to put on Vivaldi’s Guitar Concertoes for them; they are so fond of culture and green tea.

    Thank gawd our niece showed up with her brand new baby boy, seven and half pounds, and only 20 minutes in labour, can you imagine.

    Well, they all got the hint when the dogs started barking for their supper, and they all left taking pictures of each other in our front yard, and me who hasn’t taken the time to take the burlap off the evergreen schrubs, and they left me all alone. So I thought I’d pop in and see how you guys are making out with your incendiary remarks.

    “…waiting for the opportune moment to blow you?” Blow you? I don”t even know you!!

    My oh my, only 19 comments so far? I would have expected the entire UK to come ‘a runnin to support you by now. Apathy everywhere, what are we gonna do???

    Am I right or are Irana and Irana coming over here to get married while Nikolai said that Russia’s unwillingness to marry the couple is delayed justice? Hey, I am the one with the intelligence of a marshmellow, not him.

    Then did I hear someone say that although homosexuality was decriminalized in the land of Kandinsky in 1993, opposition to gay rights remains widespread?

    What can we expect from a country that is just coming out of a disastrous century of communism? Oh, the things you hear under a rock!

    Am I to understand that you guys do not take part in the international kite flying competitions? Tea right, and I am willing to bet you have never heard of an “hot air” baloon either, or is that a “hot air buffon”.

    Did I hear correctly – it is so difficult to hear anything when living under a rock – that Moscow authorities have banned the Gay Pride Parade and nationalist groups have threatened to stage street demonstrations.

    Of course that is old news because some people say they have known since April 30 that the ongoing battle about the Gay Pride Parade in Russia was going to engulf Europe and for once the UK will try to pass itself off as part of Europe. Now that is what I call progress!

    Living in the middle of nowhere does have disadvantages, but I could swear I distinctly heard some time ago that Moscow Pride has seven cases aleady pending before the European Court of Human Rights, and that the European Court (does that include the UK?) is slow to take up cases. It could be a year, an entire year, before any one of the lawsuits is heard.

    One thing I do know for sure is that Alexeyev has been fined a whole 1,000 rubles. I never was clever at math – spineless, brainless poor little twat that I am – but if my calculations are anywhere near coreect, that would amount to about $40, Canadian.
    I do not know what the equivalent of that is in euros, or are you still using quids in GB?

    Well,you know what Tony and Will, or should I say Will and Tony, you guys have proven to me that you have the creativity to compose an opera about this here whole thread, with moi as the comic villain, of course.

    If I cannot play the role of the comic villain, then do not expect me to invest a euro of my own money in this production, even if it does make it to the Covent Gardens. And there will have to be one or two guitar concertoes by Vivaldi in the opera to remind me what an absolute treacherous fool I made of myself on – what is the date today?- oh yes, on May 12, 2009.

    Finally, since I do have my Spring cleaning to do under this little rock, did you all hear that Obama and his lovely wife had their picture taken standing right in front of the Lincoln Memorial today, and that Obama said that he does not need Congress to halt gay discharges. Talk about a diva moment, eh Will?

    Of course, you would not know about breaking news because you guys live in the real world, on planet Earth, and me, well, I am just a sprinkling of cosmic dust with no particular place to go.

    Cheerio! Pip, pip and all that!

  22. #20
    Well, You got THAT right.
    Jesus wept…!
    You sure are making up for your Trappist moments.
    I bet it’s quiet in that monkery you left…
    And I thought I could witter on and on and on.
    You show me the way!

  23. #20

  24. #20

  25. #20

  26. #20

  27. #20
    …it !!!


  28. Ciaran McMahon 13 May 2009, 6:49am

    Oh, Jean Pauil, give it a rest, you silly twat. You’re make a fool out of yourself. The others were kind enough to show you the error of your ways. Now give the little diva-queen pageant a break and you might learn something.

    All the more reason you should shut up the hell up when your attempts at ‘insulting’ those more intelligent consists of the SAME insult thrown back at them. Maybe there’s not that much light in the closet you live in, you know, to have a varied lexicon? Or maybe your just a thick piece of shit. Who knows. Who cares. We KNOW you a moron, so no need to KEEP on demonstrating it there JP.

    Will mate, Tony & Eddy, ignore this ignorant drama queen… sounds like he ingested too much glitter.

  29. Jean-Paul: “with moi as the comic villain”

    Please, don’t flatter yourself. You are not comical and about as villainous as a packet of Wurthers Originals. You’re just a petty coward and a bitchy fool. That’s all. Quite simple really.

    When we all march in Gay Pride this year, we’ll be doing it for you in your closet… but when you see the march on TV, you must pretend you don’t like those “in-your-face-queers” or else your mother know your a big queer.

    And thankfully Peter Tatchell DOESN’T agree with your stance, and is going to Moscow despite your cowardly protests to cancel Gay Pride, Jean Paul….. and may there be more like him and less like you in the future, and maybe we’ll get somewhere.

  30. #20

    “…Well, they all got the hint when the dogs started barking for their supper…”

    JP, Luvvie..!
    They didn’t need no hint..
    They had been waitin’ to get a word in edgewise/make a bolt for it, for HOURSSSSSSSS..!!!

    And them dogs!!
    Poor babies!
    They weren’t barking for their supper…
    They were barking for YOOO to SHUT THE FUDGE UPPP!!

    20 minutes in labour, your neice, how wonderful!
    She got off much more lightly than your guests and the poor doggies..

    Congratters to the lady.
    That’s as far as I got with #20 then be-clagging crudge set in when I saw the timbre of the rest of it.

    See shells..? Guess ‘eggs’!


  31. Good luck to them if they march.. Any Gay Brits should take our flag with them and the European one too! If they are assaulted they should get immediate support from our Consulate in Moscow! It would also be a good thing if European leaders came out and said homophobic attacks should not be tolerated at the Eurovision; come on Angela and Gordon and the rest of you!!

  32. Yawn-n-n-n

    My but you guys are up early this morning.

    Do you mean it’s ‘nyet’ for the opera? What a relief…what do comic villains wear?

    Well, as long as your going, and as long as you will be thinking of me, Will, could you do me an itsy bitsy little favour just to show the world how cibilized gay guys can be, and make sure the camera picks it up?

    The trick is, you take a bottle of 7-up and you make like you’re jerking it off, and then you spray the standers-by with it, get it?

    It’s like you’re telling the whole world that you are cuming all over them, and you expect them to be amused. That is sure to give all the rest of us ordinary queers a better public image.

    Of course, you also have to be wearing next to nothing and show a bit of your arse, after all, you’re in public!

    Do you remember when the American Homophile Society marched on city hall in Philidelphia in 1969? Were you born yet?

    That was the same day as the Stonewall Riots, I believe, when the New York Drag Queens triggered the Gay Liberation Movement in the States.

    Well, the guys from the Homophile Society had everything organized, and they all wore ordinary work clothes, and walked around peacefully and put their point across with banners while the cops stood idly by looking rather bored on the live footage I have of it.

    Now there’s a demonstration for me except I would put a few Drag Queens at the head of the parade, because they’re the ones with the real guts, and the real hearts, and the real identities.

    A bunch of gay guys who talk big but cave in at the sight of someone coming at them with a club could not have started the Stonewall Riots.

    And you guys didn’t even post a comment about the way IDAHO lost its connection to PinkNews last week.

    You didn’t post a comment on the Amnesty International story that reported the killing of gays in Iraq either, but that’s OK because we are all under construction, right?

    How do you feel about drag queens, Will?

    Did you cry when IDAHO lost its connection to PinkNews the other day? Well regardless of how much you disdain them in real life, it does look good to have the letter ‘T’ in LGBT; kinds of rounds it off, doesn’t it?

    Now you all have a good trip and remember how much money Eurovision will be losing if there is any violence in Moscow next Saturday. Behave yourselves now, because the police are not likely to give you a helping hand.

    “Into the valley of death they rode…”

  33. Oh, and you guys are not going anywhere in GB until you separate Church and State.

  34. JP, you are as distasteful as you are bitchy. You don’t warrant a reply to such a foul rant. When you say something “cibilized” [sic] I’ll be sure to respond in kind.

    I sincerely hope you’re not a drag queen… drag queens are normally funny. And wouldn’t have the backbone or courage to be part of the Stonewall Riots, so don’t quote that to me, you gormless little twit.

  35. #32.

    “……………..Oh, and you guys are not going anywhere in GB until you separate Church and State……..”
    Comment by Jean-Paul — May 13, 2009 @ 9:02


    LANDAN W.1

  36. Mike, brilliant constructive thought re. fans joining the March with big visible Union Jacks! If anybody knows anybody who is going to Moscow, then pass this idea on!

    Let me repeat what you have said:

    “Any Gay Brits should take our flag with them and the European one too! If they are assaulted they should get immediate support from our Consulate in Moscow!

    “It would also be a good thing if European leaders came out and said homophobic attacks should not be tolerated at the Eurovision; come on Angela and Gordon and the rest of you!”

    By the way (all sane fighters-for-gay-equality reading this), I got an email this morning from the guy who is organizing the Moscow march, Nikolai Alekseev, and he says that word in Moscow is that on Friday the Russian authorities intend to swoop on the homes of the gay and lesbians who are organizing the march to arrest them and keep them under arrest until the weekend is over.

    Isn’t it outrageous that they should be living in fear like this. Terrified now that sometime on Friday agents will swoop on them and haul them off into incarceration for the weekend. Just imagine if we heard that that was to be the case here in London, or Cardiff, or Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, or Brighton for gay pride marches and events! Would we sit back and take it?

  37. Keith, Will, Mike, Ciaran, George, Sammy, Tony Lambert, I reckon this poor Canadian is actually suffering massive culture-shock at the moment. He’s been existing, like many people abroad, under the apprehension that the UK is as it is portrayed in Merchant-Ivory films and he loves all that old-fashioned pompous twaddle that is now done in this country only for the subservient monarchy-loving morons and the hordes of tourists who come to take pictures of Buck House, The Tower of London, and a handsome Guard standing stiff and rigid down in Whitehall.

    Poor Jean-Paul is probably totally to perceive the shame in the following piece of Tory dialogue. He’s been stuck in Canada. He’s EONS behind.

    “Air, hellair, Eugenie dahling!
    Hairve you seen?
    That Rupert’s brought his ‘friend’!
    – they’ll beah snorting coke in the lavvies again, I bet.
    I mean, daddair’s brother was a hoemoesecksual, you know,
    yes, quite a few people were onto it
    – but this is a CHARCH wedding after all.
    I don’t maind as long they keep it praevit.
    The Queen Mum was surrounded by ’em, of course
    – it’s all right if they’re prepared to keep it QUIET.
    But Rupert was parading this “boyfie” of his at Airscit last week,
    and Charlotte said she saw them drooling round the rowers at Henlair!
    It’s sooooo embarrassing.
    It’s just grubbair.
    And the boy’s just nort one of us,
    comes from some place up north, for heaven’s sake!
    Aarftair all these endless debates in parliarmint
    they’ve gort their way, they’ve won all these rights,
    so why can’t they now just be setisfied
    and get orn with it,
    do whatever they want to do in their clubs and things,
    Charlotte sez Rupert told his father he wants a wedding in Canterbree Catheedral, for God’s sake!
    Sed he warnts a marriage or nothing at all!
    It’s just maird, Eugenie.
    I mean, it’s just not playing cricket, is it!
    Hoemoesecksuals are simply nevair satisfied.
    Personally, I rue the day we made them legal.
    Now we’re bundled with buggers.
    Cameron’s frightened he won’t get in unless he’s seen cavorting with them!”

  38. Pete & Christopher 13 May 2009, 12:14pm

    Hilarious, Eddy, hilarious! Where’s this from?

  39. #36 EDDY.

    “…and a handsome Guard standing stiff….”

    Do YOU mind…??!!
    Not while I’m havin’ me sossidgis, please…!
    More ‘n flesh ‘n blud can stand!!

    Still laughin’..!

  40. Will (33):

    Of all the guys on this rant, you’re the one I like the most, and I’m being serious for a change.

    I am not a Trans, but I have friends, good friends, who are.

    It is not easy to merit the friendship of a drag queen, trust me. They pick you, not the other way round.

    You are right in a way that drag queens are supposed to be funny. However, as a rule, comedy is part of their stage carreers or their public masks. They also know how to have fun at private parties. In reality, ordinary life is more of a challenge for them than we can imagine.

    As for the Stonewall Riots, I don’t want to sound like a snot, and feel free to correct me, but the riots began on an evening in June ’69, the day after the death of Judy Garland, in NYC in the front of the Stonewall Club on Christopher Street, a drag queen club with a hefty bouncer at the door.

    When the NYC police arrived to raid the place on the pretext that liquor was being served there to homosexuals, something that was illegal in the States at the time, the cops proceeded to check ID’s and to push everyone out into the waiting paddy wagons.

    When one of the drag queens, wearing four inch heels, was pushed outside and against a wall, she resisted, something drag queens had never done before for fear of being beaten to death.

    It happened that this Trans was the partner of the club’s owner, who had loved her deeply and who had blown his brains out in front of her the previous evening because she hesitated to have sex-change surgery so that they could be legally married.

    She was like a mourning widow when she was pushed against a brick wall by a policeman. When she glared at him, he teasingly said: “Why are you looking at me? I’ll bet you’re trying to decide whether to slap me or kiss me.”

    The street was full of cops pushing the most beautiful NYC drag queens around. She took a deep breath, hauled off and punched him right in the face.

    She was pushed faced down on the pavement and beaten with two- feet wooden clubs by three NYC cops. The other Trans followed her example; the Stonewall Riots had begun, and so had the Gay Liberation Movement in the USA.

    There was only one gay guy there, the boyfriend of one of the girls, and he is shown waving his arms in the footage I have of the event.

    That is why there are always a few ‘funny’ drag queens leading the Gay Pride Parades in the States.

    As for me, well, there are times to be ridiculous, and there are times to apologize for rubefacient language.

    I am sorry I reacted the way I did and goaded you on. Pent-up rage, I suppose, because of humiliating experiences with Gay Pride Parades in this neck of the woods.

    But there’s no excuse for bad manners, and I will not torment you well-meaning guys in the future.

    Best wishes to you in Moscow, Peter Tatchell and the rest of you courageous guys.

    Before closing, let me say how much I appreciate straight talk. That is why I was not in the least hurt by your clever comments.

  41. Well JP, it takes a bigger person to apologise, and in return I will do the same for anything I have said that is either un-true or offensive. Sometimes internet “discussions” can be misinterpreted and intend misunderstood… I’m sure if all of us met face to face under one roof, we’d mall be a lot nice to each other.

  42. Will (41):

    How did you know all my friends call me JP?

    Look, Will, I meant it when I said that nothing you or the others said offended me in any way. If anything, I was impressed by your directness and your acute adjectives. My favorite one was ‘buffoon’!

    You probably have a thousand things to do right now, so I won’t keep you except to thank you for accepting my apology so quickly and so graciously, in the best of Englsh traditions.

    On the off chance that you want to bring this rant up again for any reason (including therapeutic!), don’t be shy.

    You all have my full support for the Moscow March, and just tell me to f*ck off the next time I try to give you a lesson in morality, OK.


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