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Equality Bill passes second reading in House of Commons

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  1. John (Derbyshire 12 May 2009, 6:29pm

    This is all a waste of time-we all know the Bill will never get through the House of Lords!!

  2. Well, John, whether it gets through the Tory-Anglican Bishop-dominated House of Lords is another story. At least it has got through the Commons. And let us note that in this case like every other such case it was driven through by the party that has done more for we gays and lesbians than any other party in British history: THE LABOUR PARTY. The self-admitting Tory-loving Sinister Mary Clarence (regular hysteric on these pages) keeps spitting when she visits threads that all the pro-gay legislation passed since 1997 has only been passed because of force from Europe. As we can see from this latest piece of legislation this is not the case.

    For those stupid blind fools who think that the Tory Party is now “hip and cool”, as claimed on another thread here at PinkNews, NOTE WELL: “A Conservative motion rejecting [this] Bill was defeated by 322 votes to 139.” In case some gay readers can’t understand that tally, it means THE TORIES HAVE TRIED YET AGAIN TO STOP PRO-EQUALITY LEGISLATION BUT HAVE FAILED.

    Thank you, Pink News, for reporting the words of Arch-Tory Theresa May. Every time I read her words I hear her plummy-voiced establishment-loving old-party loyalty rising up like a dinosaur that just will not believe it’s day are finished.

    In fact, I would suggest to any “hip and cool” gay man or lesbian inclined to swallow Cameron’s lie that gay issues are one of his top five priorities, that they just imagine having Theresa May as their Mum! Just imagine living with it!

  3. Well said, “Eddy”!!!!

  4. Thanks, Craig. I try my best. Support from people like you is much needed and appreciated.

  5. yeah, well, this comes as no surprise.

  6. Thank you Eddy for a thoughtful post and pointing out how the voting went today – 139 MPs voting for an amendment to stop the progress of the bill. Go and read. folks, the rather good closing speech by Solicitor General Vera Baird where she talks of the hopes of those who will be able to rely on this bill to enlist public authorities to come to their aid. Then read the names of those 139 who tried to wreck it.

    Yes politics is in a bit of a mess at the moment, when was it ever not? Yes believe what you want about all the progress on equality being somehow all the work of pressure from Europe. But be clear on one fact and one fact alone – it was the Labour Government that navigated all those amendments through and that it was an unholy alliance of Tories and others (including some old labour members) who singularly fought it every step of the way. Eddy is also right on the difficulty that the bill will face in the House of Lords – which will be another entertaining read to see how many objections to equality they can muster between them. Hopefully the Government will invoke the Parliament Act and push it through.

  7. ps – meant to say to go to Hansard todays debate 11 May 2009 on the Equality Bill Columns 646 – 647. Afraid not clever enough to get the direct link up !

  8. I take it no-one has read the whole bill with the small print saying who is excluded from it? Makes for interesting reading.

  9. Who is excluded?

  10. John (Derbyshire 13 May 2009, 11:50am

    I agree with your comments Eddy- but-sadly-despite all the good efforts of the Labour party and its supporters-we all know NOW that it will never be passed into law as it will fail to be endorsed by the House of Lords. Its doubly sad at this time-as Labour are going to lose the next election-and -as we al know-the incoming Conservative government are going to do absolutely nothing for gay people. In fact-I expect them to start chipping away at the equality we have already achieved through Labour. Whats absolutely pathetic is to watch the likes of Alan Duncan and Nick Herbert voting DOWN any pro-gay legislation!!

  11. Thanks, John F. I was interested to see who had voted in favour of the amendment so I went to Hansard. Due to my dopeyness and the fact that I rarely visit Hansard, I took a while to find the right section, so, in case anyone else is having problems, here’s the link to paste in your browser:

    Just down that page a little bit is the list of names and how each person voted.

  12. Haven’t the BBC and Channel 4 asked for exemption?

  13. Iris, thanks very much for this. Haven’t visited those pages for ages. As you say, it’s all a bit difficult to navigate. Anyway, I liked the bit above the list of Ayes and Noes wherein is quoted, I think from the Solicitor General but am not sure:

    “Such attitudes have been made public by some Tories today, but not by the hon. Member for Buckingham (John Bercow). He understands equality. He gets the point again and again, amusingly and amiably exposing the slightness of his party’s thinking on the equality issue. Three quarters of the party are stuck in unfair old attitudes, while a tiny minority struggle to make it look modern. I hope that he is on the Committee, but I dare say that his leadership trembles at the very suggestion.”

    So true, so true. It’s not just we on these threads who perceive the reality behind the Tories new branding and logo, but those who deal with them on a daily basis and know them well clearly agree with us. Three quarters of Tories are just as they always have been. To be a Conservative is to be just that: someone who wishes to conserve the past.

  14. I’ve not read all the small print – so am interested to know who is excluded.

    On the flip side, I guess that’s the end to exclusively gay pubs, clubs, hotels, etc? And they’ll have to remarket themselves as straight-friendly or gay-friendly or nothing?

  15. Brian Burton 15 May 2009, 7:21am

    The House of Commons looks empty nowadays. The Expence manipulators in that House of Ill repute are keeping their heads well down! The unelected lords are a bunch of mony-grabbing scum too.

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