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Dutch singer vows to boycott Eurovision if Moscow uses violence against gay activists

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Reader comments

  1. Good on him. I only wish the rest of the performers, and UK presenter Graham Norton would do the same. Its a sad state of affairs when money, no matter how much, appeals to people more than human rights. Moscow will be more than happy to take the pink tourist money, but the authorities damm well don’t deserve it if they hold us in such contempt.

  2. Simon Murphy 11 May 2009, 7:03pm

    Good for Gordon.

    Although the Dutch song is quite abysmal so it may not even make the final.

    If there are assaults then I hope other countries follow Gordon’s example.

  3. Am I not right in thinking that 100s of gay men from the UK travel each year to wherever Eurovision is being held? How can we encourage them to join the march with Peter in Moscow beforehand? Maybe Gordon could make a plea to all other performers at the dress rehearsal? Does anybody know how to contact him? It only one takes one brave soul to get a big protest off the ground. Look at what Nicholas achieved a couple of weeks ago when Mr. I-Can-Repair-Homosexuals Nicolosi visited London to spread his hatred.

    How can we get this ball rolling? Peter Tatchell and this Dutch singer are already there at the helm. All that’s needed now are supporters.

  4. Well, no-one knows yet what Graham Norton may or may not do, so it’s a little early to judge him. Personally I hope he does get involved because his name carries much more weight than Peter Tatchell, much as I admire the man. Given his rep, I doubt anyone knows if the Russians will even let him into the country.

  5. At least one couragious artist. Although Eurovision is full of gays, some rather choose to swing next to bikini ladies than doing anything at all. Im talking about Germany’s entry.

  6. wossname, ah, yes, Graham Norton is comparing the whole ridiculous evening, isn’t he. Wonderful opportunity . . . but I have little faith that Graham Norton definitely would take a stand. He’s the nation’s “gay joker”, the equivalent of the Elizabethan court-fool or jester. He might stretch to a cutting remark, but he’s very much in the pay of others. And we have to remember that while having been outrageously camp for years on TV he has also scraped the bottom of the barrel with regard to humour and decent behaviour. I don’t think integrity and solidarity with Russian gays and lesbians is top of HIS list.

    Vince, yes you’re right. Hope as I might that the hundreds of UK gay men who will be winging into Moscow for the big night would attend the pride march first, there is little chance of that happening. Being as Eurovision is now all about outrageous flashiness and trash (don’t some people call it part of general “Eurotrash”?), its fans are hardly likely to be deep-thinking enough to see the importance of risking their necks in a march to help end the suffering of their 1000s of gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in Russia.

  7. If there are incidents of Gay Bashing, its quite simple. Eurovision cancels the contest and Russia is shown up to the world as Homophobic!

  8. Mike (7):

    You’re right.

    The Eurovision Song Contest should be called off and so should the Russian Gay Pride Parade.

    That would make a universal statement about the homophobia that has swallowed Russia more than any parade or song contest could ever do. This would not be a cowardly act, only a shrewed one.

  9. I am sick and tired of certain countries, Russia and the UAE to name but two, who think its great to embrace certain aspects of Western Civilisisation and then pick and choose which human rights issues they do/do not approve off! Most Western Nations have now recognised that being gay is not a sin or a crime! If you want to play with the West, then kindly repect our Human Rights! You want Eurovision without the Gay element? Think again! Dubahi wants an international literature festival but bans anything they think “unislamic” Think again!

  10. You’re conusing me now, Mike.

    One of the problems I believe is still plaquing the LGBT community is that we use the word ‘homophobia’ without knowing what it really is.

    I don’t know how many times I have mentioned the educational importance of a 30-40 page little book entitled ‘Can Homophobia Be Cured?’ written by Bruce Hilton, and nobody has made any comment on it one way or another.

    Go ahead and ignore me once again.

    Reading is still the best way to educate ourselves, and I don’t mean reading ambiguous articles in newspapers of all stripes and colors.

    Until we get a damn good idea of what homophobia is, we will continue to demonize those who are afflicted the this mental illness, and continue to think that we are perfect and pure victims of raging bigots.

    That puts us on a one way street heading for a brick wall because ignorance of homophobia is every bit as dangerous as ignorance of LGBT persons.

    And finally, nobody was more proud of Margaret Atwood for leaving Dubai than I was, because she has become a gre-e-e-e-at Canadian in my way of seeing things.

    In fact, I’m starting to think that women will solve the world’s problems better that men, who have been responsible for creating them in the first place.

  11. Thanks Jean-Paul; I didn’t call it homophobia by the way; I used the words “Human Rights” when describing these nations. Yes, I said Homophobia about a possible Eurovision boycott. Having worked against homophobia for the past 10 years AND racisim both inside and outside the police I have not heard of this booklet; but I will track it down! Agree about Margaret; well done her. People who ban or burn books are people I do not wish to be associated with either!

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