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Boy George released from prison early

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 11 May 2009, 3:37pm

    What a stupid twit he’s turned out to be!

  2. How come he gets let out after 4 months when he is sentenced to 15? I don’t particularly think he is a threat to the public at large, but this is happening all the time and makes our criminal justice syatem a joke. If I was the guy he’d abused I’d be pissed off.

  3. Simon Murphy 11 May 2009, 4:31pm

    It was a joke that he was sentenced in the 1st place. The accuser was also abusing drugs on the night of the assault. Plus he sold his story to the papers before George was convicted. I think George was stitched up.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 11 May 2009, 4:38pm

    Nick – Blair’s Britain, that what you actually serve these days.

    I’m with simon on this as well, I don’t think there was a guy that was abused, I think there was a guy who saw an opportunity to make himself some money at George’s expense.

    I sincerely hope that his time in prison wasn’t too horrific.

  5. It was a dodgy conviction to start with. Let’s hope he gets back to what he does best- making music.

  6. Yes, God is free.. It is a happy day today.
    He dont belong in the jail.
    He really look him.
    X Anja

  7. So happy that he is finally free, he really doesn’t deserve any more jail time. Happy day for me! Love you Georgie! xxxx

  8. StreetLads 11 May 2009, 5:29pm

    Here here! I agree totally.. It was a dodgy conviction at best.. I suspect it was some attempt to rip him off and cash in on his fame.. Good luck and all the best George!

  9. At last George is free. He absolutely did not deserved to be deprived of his freedom. The slut that took him to court was in it for the money. I’m a believer of karma and the slut has it coming right at him.

  10. Back in april 2007 it was a strange situation….
    Both on drugs and who knows what happened….?
    But this day is a fabulous one !!
    One of the finest voices ever free again !!
    He belongs on STAGE !! Can´t wait to see him
    live in concert as soon as possible.

  11. This is great, he is a big talent and thank Gods is allowed to write songs and sing again.

  12. Quite right, 15 months was over the top. I hope he continues with his diet.

    All the best.

  13. allculturebaby42 12 May 2009, 2:26pm

    Welcome home Georgie .. you look great ..get family time and rest you deserve it…big hugz and kisses :)) Tazz

  14. Boy George! What a performer! What lyrics!

    He was set up like Michael Jackson and George Michael.

  15. It’s a shame George O’Dowd went off the rails, such a brilliant voice back in the day. There’s some shocking pictures of him leaving prison and looking distinctly like a middle aged irishman…. no eyeliner will save him now!! ;)

    He’s a pretty vile character – not sure why the gay community supports him so openly. I guess he paid a lot of dues in the 80’s in progressing the visibility of gay men, whether or not the image he portrayed was positive or not.

    To me he and his antics represent the worst of what it means to be gay in 2009. Where are the positive role models, apart from the Pet Shop Boys and Stephen Fry??? lol!

  16. If it’s contemporary positive gay role models ou’re looking for, Dan, check out www dot gaywisdom dot org in NYC.

  17. I agree with Simon Murphy – it was not necessary to imprison Boy George – it was heavy handed and over the top and smacks of the Islamic Sharia laws. But it is good to have him back :-))

  18. The man is an arrogant, over-the-hill, z-list celebrity that thinks he can do what he likes without compunction and get away with it.
    What he did was totally vicious and reprehensible, and he should have done his time like anyone else. Why do people on here put these faggots on a pedestal just because they are gay? What he did was wrong, whatever the sexuality.

  19. RobN, get a grip. Boy George is not a Z-list celebrity – he’s far too famous for that. Z list celebrity these days is synonymous with only being famous for being famous – and you really think that that is George? No. He’s a great singer and a great song-writer and his fame is still there on a worldwide scale. If you want to put him down, go ahead, but be accurate.

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