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Top gay Tory MP Alan Duncan claimed more than £4,000 for gardening

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 10 May 2009, 10:24pm

    Of coures, all MPs from all Political Parties are ‘At It,’ snout in the trough etcetera, etcetera! I communicate at times with Alan Duncan, but I will not say anything to him about this. The Tabloids are bound to do that!

  2. are the knives out for Alan Duncan, after that Miss California incident? After the gardening revelation, reclaiming his reputation will be an uphill task.

  3. The knives are out for all MP’s with their snouts in the trough, irrespective of party or sexuality. About bloody time too.

  4. Bill Perdue 10 May 2009, 11:13pm

    Who’s getting buried in his garden?

  5. *Tried* to claim… the article goes on to say that the claim was rejected.

  6. Must have been for the pansy bed!

  7. At least he didn’t put in a claim for a dirty hoe! (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  8. Brian Burton 11 May 2009, 6:14pm

    They should all be chased down the street naked and they who are without sin, wealding tickling sticks!

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