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Openly gay minister Peter Mandelson caught up in latest expenses scandal

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  1. vulpus_rex 8 May 2009, 12:42pm

    Venal, self-enriching, troughing, fraudulent scum.

    Labour are unfit to govern by any measure, but this really does take them to a whole new class of filth.

    They should all resign.

  2. Yes, what a laugh! Labour, the party of the working classes! So many people fooled by so great an ACT as the Labor Parties throughout the world! Also, the union movement destroying the planet through their support for all the destructive human activities on the planets! Only 1 choice! VOTE GREEN, where ever you are!

  3. Andy & Steve 8 May 2009, 2:01pm

    Being gay has nothing to do with taking the piss out of lax rules on milking the system for all it’s worth.

    It’s not just Labour – Tories are claiming for three homes while renting one out. It’s just a fact of life that MPs have been caught with their proverbial pants down and are getting a good shafting as a result (apols if that sounds homo erotic – just look at Mandy’s photo to dampen your ardour).

    Pox on all their houses. As Brenton says Vote Green – click me name to find out more…..

  4. Loveable Lefty 8 May 2009, 3:19pm

    What does this have to do with Mandelson’s sexuality.

    Actually I nthink all of this low level corruption is a bit of a red herring. I see no reason to think it is worse here than in other countries or other times in history.

    A much bigger concern is the level of incompetence, and the slavish support for a discredited market ideology.

  5. Vote Green and get this bunch of crooks out of office. The best outcome would be if neither of the two main parties had a working majority. Maybe we can then change the voting system to something more representative of the voters choices. The only difference between Labour and Conservative on this issue of defrauding the exchequer, is that Labour has had 12 years in which they could have reformed the excesses of the pigs with their snouts in the trough. Unfortunately these Labour crooks are as obsessed with wealth and celebrity as their Tory counterparts. Is it any wonder that we despise them?

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 8 May 2009, 4:18pm

    Vulpus I could agree more.

    And hey yeah, let’s all vote Green Labour have shoved us down the toilet, the Greens can push us right round the bend.

    Do they actually have any policies? I’m not sure ‘group hug’ actually qualifies as a policy.

  7. Stuart Neyton 8 May 2009, 4:23pm

    They’re all as bad as each other. How many of Shaun Woodward’s constituents in St Helens have 13 properties worth those sums? Can he really represent the people who elected him?

    This isn’t just a Labour thing. The tory party is full of slimy people who milk the system for all it’s worth. Eric Pickles on question time, the Wintertons claiming for rent on a flat they owned outright, Den Dover channeling funds into his family business, Derek Conway employing his son to do nothing. They’re all at it.

    I couldn’t care less whether Mandleson is gay or not. He represents all that’s bad about new Labour. He made a huge profit from selling his constituency house. Surely when MPs lose their seats or resign their second homes, which are paid for by the public, should be publicly owned.

    Like others have said, vote green.

  8. vulpus_rex 8 May 2009, 5:15pm

    It just gets worse.

    Apparently the police have been called in – not to investigate the fraudulent appropriation of tax payers funds, but to find the perso who leaked the information and dared to embarrass our piggy government.

    They really are an absolute shower of sh@t.

    Oink, Oink.

  9. Brian Burton 8 May 2009, 5:21pm

    Vulpus rex,
    You along with Fatty Pickles the Conservaive trough feeder would charge the tax-payers at least double the amount dear Peter charged. Pickles could not answer satisfactorilly to the BBC Question Time demand ‘Why are you charging for a second home?’ Pickles is a liar and a public cheat.

  10. vulpus_rex 8 May 2009, 5:31pm

    Brian – your senile ramblings are sometimes vaguely amusing, but not really when you make speculative judgements on the financial probity of people you have never met.

    If I were to fiddle my expenses I would quite rightly be sacked, the same should apply to MPs

    If Eric Pickles or any of the Conservative front bench have indulged in the level of fraudulent troughing exemplified by the Labour front bench then I hope David Cameron sacks them on the spot.

    That would show a modicum more integrity than spineless Brown who has also been caught with his hand in the till.

  11. Brian Burton 8 May 2009, 6:04pm

    Vulpus Rex,
    What you said about Pickles and Cameron, so let it be written, so let it be done!

  12. Brian Burton 8 May 2009, 8:41pm

    Vulpus rex,
    P.S. You seem young and passionate and all young men should be passionate. I would be more inclined to listen to your point of view if you could possibly refrain from calling me a senile rambler. There are more acceptable metaphors.

  13. Sister Mary Clarence, obviously you cannot read because The Green Parties DO have policies, no matter which country you live in! Perhaps you should make the effort to check out a few websites. Sadly, you may live in a country where due to the electoral system , no Greens have been able to be elected. I can assur you in my country ALL Green Members elected to Parliament are of Huge Value. The old parties are TOO closely associated with the OLD Homophobic religions, especially the Labor Party!

  14. Brian Burton 10 May 2009, 1:49pm

    Oh! Sweet mystery of life is not Love anymore! Let me see, is it ‘Green?’ Is it ‘Blue?’ or is the Red Flag Still Flying High?
    Politics, for the edification of the ignorant; narrows the imagination and dulls our more delicate sensibilities.

  15. Sister Mary Clarence 10 May 2009, 8:12pm

    Brenton I liove in a borough where they have been elected mate and whether they have policies or not, they turn up to so few council meetings no one gets to hear what the are. Voting for them is a bigger waste than voting Lib Dem – although to the credit of the Lib Dems, with all the sh*te flying around at the moment, they are looking a bit less shabby than some.

  16. Sister Mary Clarence, (Is that a drag name?), I am sure that you belong or support one of the old traditional parties and just HATE the new kids on the block disrupting the old, tired party political system? Do you really go to council meetings? I thought Church was supposed to be separated from state? Or are you just a Conservative Sister of Perpetual Indulgence? The mind boggles. All Green Members of Parliament that I know are totally dedicated to fighting for the rights of our community.

  17. Sister Mary Clarence 11 May 2009, 8:58am

    Brenton, yeas, you’re right, I spent many years working for one and as a consequence having seen them do the things I have, I would never vote for them, and would vote for their opponents instead.

    The cracks are starting to show now and some of the wrongdoing is slipping out into the public domain, but we’ve yet to see much of the down-right illegal.

    I don’t believe that fringe politics offers any solutions and at best we can hope that the main parties take on board some of their ideas and don’t corrupt them too much in the doing.

    Labour’s green agenda is a good example of the corruption, low emission car incentives, charging for a carrier bag, and oh, f**k me, nuclear power stations and off shore wind farms feeding into the National Grid adjacent to nuclear power stations, so if they do up, they take out the sustainable energy alternative with them

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