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Jersey to debate civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 8 May 2009, 5:58pm

    I have just arrived home after holidaying in Jersy. Their local Evening Post has a half page in the add section for Gay Partners. Jersy is a very close community and I am sure there will be oppersition. It’s only a guess, I don’t know the Island too well.

  2. Mihai Bucur 9 May 2009, 11:56am

    Why does the photo caption say “The Jersey States are to debate gay marriage”, when was it really under discussion is “civil partnership”. Civil partnership is not marriage and not full equality.

  3. I think they’ve only just heard WW2 is now over. It’s about time those pokey little islands and their elitist attitudes either joined up with the rest of us, or go it alone entirely. You can’t cherry pick which bits of government you want or don’t want.

  4. It is progress. UK folks should be proud of how far along they are in granting equal rights to gay couples, compared to the religious homophobic states of America, tortured by christians who are anything but Christians.

  5. Gino Meriano 11 May 2009, 4:02pm

    This is great news, there is never a reason to challenge a Civil Partnership. One thing this gives us is legal rights and its long over due. THe ongoing battle for “Equal Marriage” not gay marriage will be another turning point no doubt but why should the community suffer by losing any rights at all. Its sometimes hard to see the difference and why people want the word “Marriage” when couples seek legal rights to protect them which the Civil Partnership offers.

    I had my Civil Partnership and am really happy and glad of everything it has bought my husband and I

  6. @RobN – ummm, they are already independent. They don’t “cherry pick” – the Channel Islands are independent from England and have their own governments, currency, etc. As for the WW2 comment well all the Islands suffered under Nazi occupation. I’m pretty damn sure single every person living there knew when the war finished – in fact I do know as my Grandmother was there when the Islands were liberated.

  7. Brian Burton 12 May 2009, 9:25pm

    Well spocken Leilah, That RobN is an illiterate and probably never been to Jersy as I have. The Jersy Folk and their recent and even anciant history is quite remarkable. In the 1700s a travelling Jersy-Man founded New Jersy in the USA. The occupation by the Germans was five years of hell for Jersy.

  8. Brian: You can’t even spell “Jersey” or “ancient” – who are you calling illiterate?

    Leilah: I was being facetious about the Germans. I was well aware of the occupation. (That’s why I said it, it’s the only significant thing that ever happened there.) The Channel Islands are not totally independent. They are a British Crown dependency. They have their own government, but this is predominantly based on British parliament. My suggestion is they either go with British precedent on these matters, or frankly, go paddle their own canoes and not rely on the UK for defence.

  9. RobN if you think the German occupation is “the only signifcant thing that ever happened there” then I think you should refrain from commenting.

  10. When did this petition become about German Occupation. I feel it is very sad that we don’t yet have the right to take our relationship to that next big step when in love. we are all human beings Gay or Straight. As a lesbian I find it very sad that in 2010 we still have this battle to have rights as any other straight couple can have. I just hope things change as the gay community is getting larger everyday and the world will become a bitter place.

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