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Gay postman ‘was called effeminate and girly by manager’

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Reader comments

  1. I wish people would call me effeminate and girly. :-(

  2. The world – and Pink News – is truly insane…

  3. I am sad that happened but I am happy he is fighting back.

  4. Brian Burton 8 May 2009, 8:52pm

    Suing big organisations like Royal Mail is a tall order. If Liam Black is a member of the Postal Workers Union, he should be entitled to a Union Lawyer for free.

  5. Jean-Paul 9 May 2009, 8:33pm


    25,000 pounds??? Are you insane? Go for a million, and don’t forget to wear a brand new pair of black pumps with a 3-piece suit and stripped necktie when you go to court, honey.

    Where is Quentin Crisp when you need him? Oh yea, he’s taken a liking to New York City.

    Warren Taylor really screwed himself without lubricant when he said: ‘I have used the words «girly» and «bitchy» towards a heterosexual man before’.

    Whether the judge is male or female, that should persuade the jury to toss Taylor a hangman’s noose just to give him a hint of the fact that homophobia is longer treated in the UK as in the bygone days of the world’s wittiest man, Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde (1854-1900), may he rest in peace.

    Oh, and is there something legally or morally wrong with giggling?

    And by the way, don’t expect too much support from the bunch at PinkNews. They all like to use the letters LGBT, but they didn’t lift a finger to help IDAHO establish a link with PinkNews a few days ago.

    If I were you, sweetie, I would go straight (don’t take that the wrong way) to IDAHO and learn from Transsexuals who know how to affirm themselves and speak sassy and lovingly straight from the heart. After all, we would never have had the Stonewall Riots unless a fabulous drag queen hadn’t punched a New York pig, I mean police officer, right in the face, thereby triggering Gay Liberation in America.

    Go for it – a cool million.

  6. Royal mail managers are not known for their tact. It’s quite a harsh environment.

    Sounds like this manager should’ve been more tactful and not incited Ms Haynes to slag off Mr Black.

    However, it sounds way more like a clash of personalities than outright homophobia. I am disappointed that Mr Black didn’t challenge the situation in a less dramatic way – going off sick and then suing aren’t compatible lines of behaviour either. You can’t really cry ‘stress’ and then bring more of it on yourself.

    I would’ve stuck with it and challenged this manager to explain himself in front of senior staff. Far less ‘victim’ orientated and far better for gay rights!

  7. Let’s suppose for one moment that he really is effeminate and girly. How can the Royal Mail be sued for telling the truth? And if he is butch and macho then he should be a real man and rise above the baiters instead of taking the victim’s way out. If all thought is to be stealthily policed this way, God help half the posters on here in years to come when it will be safer to say noting than anything at all in case the thought police pounce on your last breath. Anyone bothered to read 1984 lately?

  8. Codex:

    Your perspective is better by far than mine, post 5.

    As for ‘1984’ by George Orwell, I haven’t read it lately, nor have I seen the opera of it which premiered in the Royal Opera House (Covent Garden) in London in 2005.

    But I do remember reading it years ago, maybe when I was 15 or so in 1950. The book was originally published in 1949, as you well know, and I remember someone using the word ‘distopian’ to describe it although I have never found the word in an English dictionary. Let’s just say it was kind of spooky.

    In a similar vein, I remember ‘Farenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury, and my favorite at the time ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley.
    Surely everybody who reads books has read ‘Brave New World’!

    It is difficult to believe that he Royal Mail has come to that.

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