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Fired gay soldier to fight dismissal ‘tooth and nail’

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  1. Simon Murphy 8 May 2009, 12:13pm

    I think it’s about time the gays in the US Army organised a coming out day. Pick a date perhaps 4 months in advance and on that date each and every gay soldier come out to their superior. If thousands of people do it on the same day then they will paralyse the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy if the army is suddenly in a situation where they have to sack thousands of people on the same day. If the Army insists on firing the gay people then it is quite simply an army that brings shame to the US and no right thinking person would want to be associated with it.

  2. Leon K Fox 8 May 2009, 12:53pm

    This makes me sick, best of luck to this guy though

  3. Gary Fontaine 8 May 2009, 1:28pm

    The army wants bravery? The army wants courage under fire! That is what this fine soldier displays only it is ironic he has to do to to the army rather than any adversary. Everyone should support this admirable person!

  4. jonnielondon 8 May 2009, 1:42pm

    “Don’t lie, don’t hide, don’t discriminate, and don’t weaken the military:” seems to be a credo we could all live by. Why should the US military be promoting such unethical behaviour amongst their troops? A sad comment on American state of affairs!

  5. I was in the US army and and out. My unit knew I was gay and nobody had an issue with it. It really depends on the commander, if they want to make an issue of it and if they want to throw you out on DADT. I was lucky, I guess, that I was able to serve openly and come out with an honorable discharge.

  6. Brian Burton 8 May 2009, 6:50pm

    I agree with your opinion with regaurd to who the Commander is. With me, in the UK Army, I told my C.O. I was Gay and all he did was have me sent to our exelent Army Camp in Cyprus with It’s Blue lagoons, fab. beaches and many, many beautiful guys!

  7. christophersays 8 May 2009, 8:37pm

    Don’t forget about the other piece of this argument. The commercial sector within the United States is just as guilty. Corporations may also currently terminate employment if someone is a known Gay or Lesbian. Additionally, landowners may legally deny renting property and/or even evict known Gays and Lesbians based solely on their identity.

    The U.S. Armed Forces’ discriminatory policy is fodder for unequal practices throughout the country. By failing to address the inequities DADT has somehow legitimized, the federal government continues to promote the intimidation, coercion and brutality the Gay and Lesbian community unfortunately knows all too well.

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