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Openly gay soldier Dan Choi dismissed from National Guard under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Reader comments

  1. That is a shame, but I saw it coming.

  2. Mihangel apYrs 7 May 2009, 2:12pm

    so: “Specifically you admitted publicly that you are a homosexual, which constitutes homosexual conduct.”

    This is a novel meaning of the word “conduct”, and the use of the word “admitted” is extremely offensive!

    WTF happens when gay NATO soldiers work and fight along side US forces – are the US boys guarded?

  3. Mihangel apYrs 7 May 2009, 2:16pm

    Dan’s courage in proclaiming his sexuality, along with the undeniable patriotism needed to serve effectively in the National Guard proves that the US is willing for the world to die in flames before allowing LGBTQAI people serve to protect what they believe in.

    There are a number of short AngloSaxon words that I am very tempted to apply to the powers that be in the US military. And a number of pithy comments to make about Obama’s govt since it hasn’t embargoed such bigotted cruelty

  4. Mihangel apYrs 7 May 2009, 2:30pm

    is this a dishonourable discharge? They say “This is to inform you that sufficient basis exists to initiate action for withdrawal of Federal Recognition in the Army National Guard for moral or professional dereliction” So is he dismissed for morality or for unprofessionalism. In either case it is offensive, in either case he could sue for libel

  5. Shameful conduct by the US military, but brave by Mr Choi.

    So many of their, and our, countrymen, who have fought and often died for us, are shamed by such actions.

  6. Stuffed Animal 7 May 2009, 4:48pm

    The Hollywood Canteen, that venerable vehicle of patriotism founded by Bette Davis in the 1940s, should be revived. It should be revived for one night, or a series of nights, as a tribute aimed specifically at our service people of LGBT orientation. It should be an event, a celebration, like the recent birthday bash for Pete Seeger. There should be speakers and singers and honors. For far too long, the United States has given its LGBT enlisted personnel ostracism, criminalization and stigma as rewards for their distinguished service. It’s time to atone for that transgression with a media event that simultaneously honors them and educates the public about their invaluable contributions to the defense of our nation. We should do this while a significant number of them are still around to appreciate the tribute; many have already gone to their graves having known nothing but bigotry and hatred. We can’t force Barack Obama and the Joint Chiefs to do right by the Dan Chois of this world. However, we can shame the Hell out of them, and make it that much harder for them to justify cruel and discriminatory policies like DADT.

  7. jonnielondon 7 May 2009, 4:56pm

    Dan, I am proud of you for speaking up in the face of such absurdity, hypocriscy, and stupidity. Shame on the US government. I hope and wish that your public actions will translate into some badly needed changes in the US military’s policy on LGBT people. Many countries have already gone done this road, like mine (Canada), and we are better off for it!

  8. jonnielondon 7 May 2009, 5:01pm

    Dan, I am proud of you for publicly standing up to the US military. I only hope that your public stance will translate into some badly needed policy changes in this organization that discrminates against LGBT people. Many countries have already set the stage and shown the US the way, but the US keeps dragging its feet on this. My country, Canada, has already gone down this road with no ill effects, and we are better off for it.

  9. So shockingly offensive! It is amazing that this can happen. America is such a backwards country on this issue. Change has got to come – let’s hope it hurries up.

    What an offensive value judgement to say that he has committed a moral dereliction! WOW! It didn’t undermine the American soldiers when they had to fight alongside the British army, where gay people are allowed to serve.

    Get rid of this homophobia quick!!! It is true that September 11th would never have happened if the American military had not been enforcing such a shameful policy. The blood of all of those people is on their hands.

  10. christophersays 7 May 2009, 5:34pm

    Dan Choi’s courage, along with the other members of Knights Out, is among the few things that makes me proud to be a citizen of the United States. It is unfortunate that currently American Gays and Lesbians must defect to other nations in order to be recognized as equals.

  11. christophersays 7 May 2009, 5:36pm

    I would proudly serve in the British Forces if I could escape the way I’ve been treated as a Gay citizen of the United States.

  12. E. Cornelio 8 May 2009, 3:36am

    I applaud Lt. Choi’s bravery to come out and speak out against the policy of DADT. Coming from a family of both former and current servicemembers, it is bad enough that our men and women have sworn to give up their lives to protect this country in times of war and to give up all the rights we, as americans, take for granted every day, to serve their country. It is time for Obama to fulfill his promise to rid of this horrible policy. One should never be judged on who or what they are.

  13. The United States military is now the laughing stock of the civilised world – they appear as lumbering primitive creatures from the swamp. As Europe progresses and ‘the gay issue’ is no longer an issue in our armed forces, the Americans atitude looks so backward. They are treating gays just as they treated blacks 60 years ago and it is an affront to the modern democracy. Land of the Free? Land of the miopic and bigoted sadly. This case has brought the US armed forces into even greater ridicule. What is Obama doing about this? All those fine words – this is dragging his nation backwards to the times of Jim Crow and lynchings in the eyes of his NATO partners. He needs to act now unless he is after all just a man of straw.

  14. The truth 8 May 2009, 9:51am

    I have no sympathy for this trouble-maker. Gay people who join the US military are hypocritical idiots with no self-respect. They know fully well that the American government legally discriminates against them, loathes them, and doesn’t want them. This has nothing to do with public service but about soul-selling compromise. Any gay people in the armed services of this country should be beyond ashamed.

  15. The Truth – so in your opinion gays who wish to join the military should just honour the status quo?
    By that token, Rosa Parks should have respected the wishes of that bus driver and given up her seat. How do you imagine equality is ever going to happen unless people like Dan Choi push for it? Sometimes you have to step outside the comfort zone to initiate change, as getting back in your box and not making waves is just what keeps oppressed minorities as oppressed minorities. Otherwise you might wait 500 years before anyone in government pushes through equality legislation – unless that’s what you were hoping for.

  16. The truth 9 May 2009, 5:54pm

    Are you comparing a legal contract with the Department of Defense to separate but equal racial segregation? Interesting. You talk about honor. There is a binding agreement when a homosexual joins the military in this country that states you will not public announce your homosexuality or engage in homosexual activity. Cadets in all military academies take oaths about lying, cheating, stealing etc. I have no sympathy for those that dishonor a signed agreement and whine about it. Serve your country in other ways. Become a foreign service officer, a cop, a teacher, a politician. I know plenty of gay people in the US military and most think they are above the law, beyond reproach and arrogantly elite. If you don’t want to live in an oppressed situation, don’t volunteer to be in it. I do not recall Rosa Parks volunteering to be discriminated against. Are you daft?

  17. So the truth – You call MY opinions interesting. Interesting. Who’s really on the therapist’s couch here?
    Are you really such a pen pushing jobsworth that you’d hold some bigoted and misguided contract above the civil rights of an entire minority group? What if those gay military men and women are better at being soldiers than anything else?
    In your book, that’s just tough… arbitary rules are arbitary rules after all.
    What if I invent some arbitary rule telling you that the social group you’re part of are banned from doing the job you do and have trained for all your life because I say so, so there. No right of appeal and no sneaky trying to get employment under the radar in your profession of choice. Would you be so happy to say “Well the powers that be know best” under those circumstances?
    Are you volunteering to be discriminated against? Because I’ve got a bucketload of discrimination with your name on it and I work for a government think tank that thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to choose what profession you go into. Is that fair by you? I’m sure you wouldn’t consider challenging it, because that would be arrogant of you now, wouldn’t it, to choose to be discriminated against?
    And you think I’M daft!
    Just give me one GOOD reason why ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ is a good policy as I’m desperately trying to find baseline logic in your argument and I’m drawing a complete blank. So far your argument boils down to “rules are rules” and that just doesn’t cut the mustard with me. Why was it implimented in the first place?

  18. The truth – while we’re on the subject are you equating taking oaths that you won’t lie cheat or steal with oaths that you’re going to keep schtum if you’re a gay soldier?
    Firstly how is that not lying? Sooner or later those conversations about who’s waiting for you back home come up in the mess… are gay GI’s supposed to say “I’m celebate”? “I’m seeing a nice straight girl who someday I’ll marry”? How long do they spin that gigantic fib out for and for whose benefit?
    Secondly since when was homosexuality equatable with lying cheating and stealing?
    I can only think of the Old Testament… specifically Leviticus which also tells you those polycotton military uniforms they wear are off limits due to being clothes of mixed fibres. And should those soldiers have to pick through bombed out villages on a Sunday they’d better not pick up any sticks in the process, as there are biblical sanctions against that too. Seems like a lot of arbitary rules could be applied here if we go the bible route.

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