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Moscow authorities promise to stop gay pride marches

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Reader comments

  1. what a sad-sad guy the mayor is. and what a sad-sad place moscow/russia is… travelling back in time has finally become possible. all it takes is a plane ticket to moscow.

  2. Alexander 8 May 2009, 9:08am

    Looks like Russians haven’t lost their reason yet. Well done Moscow!

  3. Hey Alex, if you want to move there, I know a reliable international movers… Plus as this really qualifies as time travel you would also pass for a few years younger than your actual age. Oh but hang on, as Russians die younger as a result of their reasonable lifestyle, you would also die younger. But then who would mind that? Well done Alex boy, and just get on that plane I am sure the costs of airfare could easily be raised.

  4. Or hang on Alex, are you already in Russia? I am sure some money could also be raised to keep you there. Just let us know what is needed to rid/protect the decadent West from you. Oh and if you can take some like minded friends with you, that’s all the better.

  5. Andy . . . you are being too kind to Alexander. He is what will call an exgay. A self loathing self hating christian fundamentalist. . . but please do buy him a one way plane ticket to Moscow.

  6. Ex…gay? Aren’t they the ones who claim they’re “cured” of homosexuality, then go on lots of “business trips” to local hotels where they place Craigslist ads seeking hot m4m action? People like that (by which I mean Alexander) hate any sort of “out” activity because it reduces the number of self-loathing closet cases for them to play with.

  7. DanB . . . a brillantly succinct summary of exgay paranoia and hypocrisy

  8. Patrick, Dublin 10 May 2009, 3:24pm

    I predict a prety nasty spectacle of gay pride marchers being beaten to a pulp on May 16th. Their bravery is astounding and something to be greatly admired. This is what the spirit of gay pride is all about – fighting the homophobic system to demand our equal rights.

    The best outcome is that it will be heavily televised and on the news outlets worldwide. I sincerely hope Russia’s name is brought in to total shame and disrepute. I hope the West expresses its disgust and outrage over the hatred and homophobia in Moscow.

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