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Survey on gay marriage shows split between old and young

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Reader comments

  1. It’s clear that if people who don’t have gay friends are being feed misinformation. all they see is the queer from tv dramas and that is what a gay man is. and don’t see that most of us are not camp! or going out f—–g everything that moves.

  2. This is why it is so important that people come out! It is good news that attitudes are changing with each new generation and the homophobic old people are dying and being replaced by new people who grow up in a less homophobic world! Not all older people are homophobic, though and not all of them are incapable of changing their minds. The most important people you can come out to are your grandparents. Sadly I remember seeing evidence that the problem of homophobia in schools is causing an increase in homophobic attitudes in young poeple and the tide will turn if we are not very careful…

  3. As a lifelong, (70 year old) fairy, I must admit that I have never been quite comfortable with the idea of gay ‘marriage;’ is bound to get folks’ backs up…wot’s the point in gratuitous, ‘in-yer-face-ness.?
    It does the ‘acceptance’ cause no good.

    It’s the word which is wrong.

    And in the understandable desperation to be equal and not discriminated against…gays have ultra-conformed and ‘married’ they have conformed from a position of non-conformity so that they can be seen as somehow ‘conforming’ by ‘marrying’….and I am making a very bad job of explaining myself, I know!!

    Why bother?
    Why go through all that church wedding crap..?
    It needs to be a civil ceremony and nowt to do wi’ t’ church or religion.
    Just a civil binding which, if nothing else, declares that ‘we are together…an item…and that what is mine is yours and the other way round…if and when death overtakes us.
    A variant for Jewish gays could be..”What’s yours is mine, what’s mine’s me own…!!”…but that is another suggestion… (I claim racial licence, yer ‘onour!!)

    What has the bleeding church or religion got to do with it all?
    What has the bleeding church got to do with straight weddings anyway,come to that?
    The purpose of getting married is to have kids….are the churches needed in the bedroom?
    So why bother in the first fooking place.
    It’s all cash, that’s why…

    Why all them acres of lace and frills and frolls..
    Ah well..what would an old fairy know……………..
    It was so much more fun when it was all illegal…(pine.. pine.. pine…hahaha!!)


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