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‘Outraged’ parents attack drag queen website

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  1. Outraged parents, eh? About half a dozen right wing bible thumpers more like

  2. I’d rather my kid look at this & dress characters rather than watch hardcore porn! After all it could open up some interesting discussions!

  3. SO the parents’ group are using the old “we must protect the children” line eh? I wonder if they are the same sort of people to protect & support their children, if said children grow up to be gay and/or a drag queen (or drag king).

  4. trans children wear womens clothes. heterosexual children stab people for fun.

    WHICH IS WORSE????????????????????????


  5. Here’s what youngsters these days think of outdated medieval morons!

    And isn’t appalling that to see the above video Google/YouTube make you sign in and agree to disclaimers!

  6. Complain now 6 May 2009, 5:29pm

    sadly the company behind this also does a football thug game where kids are encouraged to part with REAL cash to buy online knives and weapons – not as innocent a company as one might think.

  7. Ian Laughlin 6 May 2009, 5:42pm

    It’s difficult to track exactly what sort of organisation “Parentkind” is, but they aren’t a charity. They appear to be a private limited company masquerading as a parental information resource. Most of their campaigns are to do with the spurious ‘right’ of parents to deny their children a secular, comprehensive edication. So, it would seem to be an obscure front organisation set up by the usual suspects. Anyone working in the education, care or voluntary sectors should familiarise themselves with the group in order to avoid accidentally making a referral to this organisation.

    Establishing “family” groups which then endeavour to mislead professionals that they are neutral groups is a common tactic of the antigay extremists.

  8. Brian Burton 6 May 2009, 5:50pm

    This is all so stupid, I cannot drum up enough enthusiasum to say anything!

  9. Stuart Neyton 6 May 2009, 6:39pm

    Wow, this group should be congratulated for giving this site free advertising.

  10. Oh, yawn! have those people nothing better to do with their petty little lives?

  11. Concerned parents? If these people were really concerned about their children, they would try being parents. Parents are supposed to monitor what their children are doing. Instead these concerned parents are attacking websites, while there kids are sending sex pictures to each other.

  12. This story is from the Daily Express, a newspaper that is published by a pornographer who includes in his list of titles the very child friendly “Asisan Babes”, “Extreme Housewives” and “Barely Legal”.

    Humbug is alive and well.

  13. Oh please, won’t SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!

  14. If you don’t want your children to access this site online, it’s THE PARENTS’ F—–G JOB TO POLICE WHAT THE KIDS ARE WATCHING!

  15. Ivan (12):
    Thanks for the insight. I won’t waste me time commenting on this one…except to say

    The Gay Liberation in America which took place as a result of the Stonewall Riots in June ’69 was speareheaded by Transsexuals. I have it on film, and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. Only our fabulous drag queens had the balls to say:

    ‘Enough is enough, and f*ck you, NYC pigs!’ The rest is history.

    Hugs and kisses to all you Trans.

  16. Jean-Paul 7 May 2009, 6:08am

    complain now (6)

    At first I thought I would not comment on this issue, but something you said stuck to one of the little wheels turning in my lame-brain.

    It has to do with the following phrase:

    ‘…not as innocent a company as sone might think.’

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m no better than you are at putting together the puzzles of life, trust me!

    Bear with me for a minute, OK?

    A neighbor of mine, who went to Mass practically every day and who lived in a brick house with a living room the size of a football field, complete with a white baby grande piano and an enormous fireplace, a lovely and delicate wife, three children who are now all professionals now earning 6 figures a year, started talking to me one day over the white picket fence.

    Now, I’m the kind of guy who loves to have a bit of flowers in the ground around the house so in the Spring I go out and buy whatever strikes my eye and I stick them in the earth here and there and I more or less ignore them for the rest of the summer.

    My neighbor, whose name was Guy, was the kind of guy who would spend a week turning over his flower beds, adding manure, srirring it all up, adding peat moss…get the picture?

    Then he would go the most expensive greenhouse in town and arrive home with the back of his half-ton truck full of the most beautiful flowers imaginable… planting systematically…watering with fertilizers…weeding…get the picture?

    As we talked over the fence, I found out in no time that he thought my flowers were more beautiful than his and he wanted to know my secret. I jokingly told him that if I wouldn’t give away my secret recipe for lobster bisque, I certainly would not give away my gardening secrets.

    We became friends, friendly enough that one day I asked him in passing how he managed to retire at 50 years old (the guy had a grade 7 education), buy such a magnificent home, and spend his time gardening, filling his bird feeders, going to the curling club and buying expensive paintings ‘and we all love the frames’…get the picture?

    Hard work, he says, good old-fashioned hard work. He had owned a small company that installed sewage systems in new subdivisions somewhere in Ontario.

    The twist was that his wife’s nephew was one of my best friends, and when I asked him how Guy made his fortune, he chuckled for a minute, aand told me that Guy had managed to put aside a few bucks, that he invested in the stock market and that he had made a killing at it.

    When I asked what Guy had invested in, my friend chuckled again and said quite frankly that Guy had invested in a company in Florida that manufactured condoms. Get the picture?

    My point is that I often wonder if there is such a thing as being innocent in the business world. Are we naive when we think that money just falls out of heaven or grows on trees?

    Businessmen go where the money is, and very often morality takes a back seat except when you want people to think you’re a great guy by going to Mass every day.

    Sorry to have hogged the inches on this thread, but as I said, I’m kind of a lame-brain sometimes.

    Oh, and not to be unkind, but did you know that Dale Carnegie once said that any fool can complain and that most fools do?

  17. Leon K Fox 7 May 2009, 9:30am

    People can’t help being gay, so gay sex IS normal, eugh…

  18. Erroll Clements 7 May 2009, 4:23pm

    what a load of bollocks ! Kids are already screwing and fathering children at the age of 9 in this country, also what ever they do or don’t see on the web is not going to change their sexuality!You are either gay or not, it not something you pick up at your local asda !

  19. Brian Burton 7 May 2009, 4:43pm

    The truth about all of this Lies in the soil. I’m Arthur Fallowfield here on behalf of Slack Alice and my good buddy Everard. Yes indeed, I was laying in my hammock this very morning, I was wondering at the time if John Hanson was ever comming back with ‘The Desert Song.’ But alas no I’m told. I was never in the Navy, I was however in an all male review ‘Come Peep Through My Porthole.’ Everard was livid with me over that, he adores Sailors, it used to be the bellbottoms now it’s just bottoms (Bitch!) Most of you seem like nice Boys on this site, I sincerley hope I’m right.

    Sorry all, I just nipped into the loo for a minute and found a total stranger on my laptop!?

  20. They’re outraged because the kids may get the impression gay sex is normal. Well, I was under the impression that the modern age had somewhat accepted gay culture as it’s not a choice and is actually extremely widespread, therefore natural and normal. Seriously, these sad morons need to get a grip on life. Clearly all old fuddy duddys living in the 19th Century.

  21. This sort of stuff really riles homophobia in parents. Not a clever or progressive move on behalf of the community to accept this. What the hell are people thinking? I wouldn’t want my kids looking at this website – it’s really vapid and shallow!! Virtual plastic surgery??? Please.

    Drag is mostly sexualised and not a topic suitable for younger kids to be exposed to. Especially when it glamourises such shallow attitudes in fashion and surgery. We are encouraging a generation of screwed up people that push stuff to the limit. Stuff that should now be mainstreaming not becoming more extreme (i.e. transexuality). It’s really sad.

    What next, virtual wraps of coke you can buy to make your character more outgoing? Vile.

  22. Just reread my post. Doh! I must point out that in my last comment I was discussing the website glamourising shallow attitudes, not drag queens themselves.

    Also, I meant that I would like to see transexuals mainstreaming now. Not becoming the subject of a shallow website where people who don’t know trans people will form suggestable opinions.

    Apologies for my comment haze :) x

  23. This is the best website ever!! It’s like a virtual pet Drag Queen.

    I played with the site for a while. It’s like playing dress up with a doll. I don’t see what is so outrageous about the site.

    Maybe I’ll find a cute bloke and he’ll import me to Europe : )

  24. Brian Burton 9 May 2009, 11:33am

    I Love Drag Queens, especially Talented Theratrical ones. I was a Drag Queen’s Dresser when I was sweet sixteen and never been kissed! Do any of you remember Holliwood’s ‘Devine?’ Danny La Rue never changed his name, he was always Danny La Rue in drag or a pinstripe suit. Britains ‘Lilly Savage’ came and went. Barry Humphreys has been going for 100 years. I miss Evadney Hinge and Hilder Bracket. In the 1960s I used to frequent Pubs in the East End of London where Drag acts came naturally on a Saturday night.
    Britain has a fantastic ‘Drag Queen’ heritage. They helped to blaze the trail which led us to Homosexuality not being illegal anymore. You people who whinge and grissle about not having your cake and eating it too should be ever greatful to the ‘Drag Queen.’

  25. Brian:

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    In the first place I love drag queens too. Why? Because they have the kind of balls it takes to be who you are, and to live ‘the life’. I like the way they can be sassy and lovable at the same time. I’ve never met a drag queen I didn’t like for one reson or another.

    And secondly, as I said in my post 15, it was a drag queen who triggered the Stonewaal Riots and brought Gay Liberation to America. Not only a drag queen, but a black drag queen to boot.

    What guts! What style! What authenticity! What a priviledge to be a friend of a drag queen!

    This is the 21st century. children need to learn as soon as possible about the rainbow community.

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