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Men convicted of attack on gay squatter

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Reader comments

  1. Yet ANOTHER story of gay domestic violence – when will the govt listen??

  2. Whatever provocation took place… the beating was wrong.

    However, it’s weird how his mother was now supporting him after rejecting him….. sounds messy. Who knows what REALLY went on here? Why were 3 people so pissed with him?

    He said he has trouble going out now, so am loving the fact that he is miraculously better and now off on holiday (probably with his compensation!!)

  3. Brian Burton 7 May 2009, 6:27am

    There is more to this story than meets the eye. Young Dulai seems to be parading with a plackard spelling ‘Victim Here!’

  4. There’s never an excuse for violence.

    As for parading around with a plackard – I think that says more about your views than his behaviour. Sounds a bit like flame bait (comments used to bait people into arguements online)

    Glad they got convicted. Excellent. Domestic violence like this needs consistant sentencing (be it male – male, female – male, male – female, female – female, etc)

  5. i have 2 say i was aqqited this was not a case of domestic violence i was invite into this mans home for a coffe and to make sure all of us got a taxi home safe .neil my boyfreind left after jonathon and and x partner staret argiuing mr dulai was angry jonathon left him for a dulai had rang my man asking him out on a date to get back at jonathon ..wen my man said no mr dulai assumed he was homophobic and what gives anyone the right to sexually harrass a staight man..and even tell police they had sex when my boyfreind and me stood in court mr dulai addmitted in court he lied to the police he addmitted he never had a relationship with neil but felt let down that he chose to be with me maybe a case of perjury and making false police reports should be considerd..swxual harrassment is unexeptable.maybe when my boyfreind gets out of prison for stopping a fight between 2 x lovers should be conssiderd..i was on bail for a year held in custody my kids were placed on a at risk register..becuse i was on trial for a violent crime ive been aqqited he addmitted in court i never hit him..took him a year to tell the truth.well thank god as i could have lost my family all becuse he could not have the man he wanted …now the truth is out my kids are no longer on a at risk register…mr dulai a victim of his own over sexulised behavior ..what next cry rape to his next out their be carefull of who you choose to date.if u reject the advances of a man does not make you homophobic,

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