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Lesbian couple attempt to marry in Russia

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Reader comments

  1. Alexander 6 May 2009, 5:26pm

    I lived in Russia MANY YEARS AS A CHILD and then studied this country from abroad. I remember it as a land with many problems. However, what is highly remarkable is that the standard of relationships between males and females has always been healthy. Males were males and females were females. No confusion. Strangely enough, is has been an envy of many “developed” countries in this regard. Even today, many wealthy Westerners are keen to find their girlfriends or wives from Eastern Europe, because females there are feminine and nice. “Liberal” poisonous non-sense has not consumed their minds yet.

    But homosexual agenda does not want to rest. “Lets go to Russia and Eastern Europe and spoil everything over there!”, it says. “In the name of “rights” and feel-good culture, lets confuse children and destroy family so that we feel satisfied. We will do it methodically – starting from portraying homosexuals as victims and stating “facts”, and then imposing it on the government through Europe and “human rights” notions“. More importantly, brand anyone who disagrees with homosexual lifestyle as “homophobic” and “bigot”, and persecute anyone who came out of homosexuality so that they are scared to speak.

    Usual methods and tactics. Usual stuff. All so boring.

  2. Yeah, and so is your little rant, mate, where’d you lift it from, some yank religious site?
    Good luck to the girls, more power to them.

  3. Yes, Alexander, one can clearly see that you have spent a lot of time in Russia since you seem to have suffered the usual brain damage which comes from a prolonged exposure to that society. And yes, you are a homophobic bigot and I just wonder what exactly you are doing on this website?

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