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Conservative Party ‘to prioritise gay rights’

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  1. Stuart Neyton 6 May 2009, 3:13pm

    I’m still sceptical about his committment. What would change my mind would be if he made it policy to rename civil partnerships to “marriage”. Their sister party in Sweden, the Moderate Party, voted in favour of same-sex marriage recently.

  2. He has a lot more work to do in this sphere before he convinces me that he can carry his party with him; especially the ‘old guard’.

  3. This is a joke, right? This is a party who have opposed every single piece of legislation designed to give gay people equal rights and are the same Party who refuse to repeal Section 28 at Kent County Council. Having young Cameron at the helm does not change the fact that they are still the nasty party, always have been, always will be.

  4. Ann Onymouse 6 May 2009, 3:31pm

    I agree; I’m sure he’s genuine himself, but most of the iceberg is below the surface. If they get a load of new MPs, how do we know it wont be the same old anti-gay Tory party at the grass roots and among all the backbenchers? Especially if they talk about repealing the Human Rights Act which is what led to our equality in the first place.

  5. If the Tory party erodes just one human right, it will be on the road to eroding all human rights. He needs to be really upfront now and ensure that his colleagues are willing to ‘go public’ and back him. If he cannot do this, the day will arrive when the ‘old guard’ will elbow him aside and return to their nasty ways.

  6. Let’s reserve judgement until we see if Gay Rights are a priority when the Tory Party publishes its Election Manifesto. It’s all TOO easy to make grand statements – the proof will be in their actions not their words…. I’m not holding my breath!!!
    That said, if Cameron told me today is Wednesday [it is!] I’d still feel the need for independent verification.

  7. He needs to put his money where his mouth is. He says he believes in gay marriage but he has never said that he would support introducing it! Civil partnerships do NOT give equality. If there was a tory commitment to introduce same-sex marriage then that would be one step in the right direction.

    With 75% of tory MPs wanting to remove gay adoption rights I really can’t see how he could turn the party around and make it a pro-equality party. They are still several steps behind labour and the LibDems and they can only swing it if they actually move to be one step ahead. It is easy to see how to do that- they need to support same-sex marriage and have better policies for dealing with the institutionalised homophobia in the education system which results from tory section 28. They need to make a formal apology for S28. They need to have policies for dealing with the homophobic regimes of foreign countries. Pro-gay asylum-seeker policies… etc.

    Perhaps they are waking up to the fact that it isn’t just the 10% of us who are gay who consider gay equality issues when deciding who to vote for. There are many other people out there who are parents, siblings, children, friends, colleagues etc of gay people too.

  8. vulpus_rex 6 May 2009, 4:10pm

    I suppose I make an assumption that those on these pages who are so cynical about David Cameron are also apologists for the Labour party.

    However I do genuinely want to know how bad things will have to get before they will consider the alternatives in government.

    I rather have the impression that Gordon Brown could order the slaughter of every first born child in the UK and there would still be a hard core of gay men who would bleat on about clause 28 and claim that slaughtering babies is OK as long as the Labour party say it is necessary.

  9. im really torn on this one. I agree that i cant have faith in anything david cameron says, because although i might believe him, i know the people behind him dont, so nothing he says would ever come to light.

    However, for the first time in my entire life, im becoming increasingly irritated with Labour. yes, they have done more for us than any government, but all the other non gay related issues where theyve made mistakes are mounting up in my head. Although most people see voting Lib Dem a wasted vote, im seriously considering it.

    I shall be taking a close eye at them all come election time… please remember to vote for someone, as i believe you cant complain about politics if you didnt use your right. cheers :o)

  10. “Reaching out to gay rights groups is one of Tory leader David Cameron’s top five priorities, it has been claimed.”

    My reaction to this is much the same as that of the first seven posters, above. (I think we can ignore the negativity of the 8th poster, “vulpus_rex”.)

    I particularly agree that “having young Cameron at the helm” spouting more contemporary attitudes does not mean that there has been a massive mental change in the attitudes of the vast blue-boned Tory populace. Even young Cameron reeks, to me, of privilege and the self-protecting establishment classes of Public-School England.

  11. Priority? My Arse! His only priority is getting votes by any means. When he is given power he will give us the two finger salute. Even if some past reforms where ‘forced’ on the Uk, what notice do you think cameron will take of Europe? And no, I’m not an apologist for anyone but myself!

  12. Seems to me that no matter the (possible) good intentions of his shadow cabinet, the fact remains that the Tory grass-roots & mainstream are still opposed to gay rights. He would therefore have a difficult time getting gay rights voted through.

    I’ll take my chances with a different political party.

  13. vulpus_rex 6 May 2009, 4:48pm

    Eddy – I will in return ignore your smug, self-righteous consenualism.


  14. Lesley Hedges 6 May 2009, 4:56pm

    If Cameron is so gay-friendly why is he courting the homophobic right wing Polish Law and Justice Party as part of a new European grouping ? Why does the Tory manifesto say they will give tax breaks to support marriage ? This is blatant discriminatuon while they oppose gay marriage. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw Section 28. I would not be surprised at all if they tried to bring it back in a different form. Most Tories are still voting against our basic human rights – look at their voting record in parliament not at their leaders weasel words. I’m voting Green and I suggest your readers do the same.

  15. We (my partner and I) have got Tories living left, right, and centre round us and though they all talk to us over the garden fence, so to speak, the stench of sneering arrogant condescension is unmistakeable . . . and laughable! They all bloody think they’re right.

    I was seated next to one of them last Christmas at the Christmas Dinner we always have in this street and suddenly this blue-boned Queen-loving Tory eyes me and starts on, with her jaw set with hatred, about “disgusting paedophiles”! To practically every Tory, except the odd contortion which is a gay-Tory, queers and paedophiles are much the same thing, if not EXACTLY the same thing.

    Is anybody here blessed with knowing dozens of queer-loving Tories?

  16. Discussion of “Disgusting paedophiles” over Christmas Dinner!? There’s gotta be hatred going on there, IMO. As somebody above says, after the experience of Section 28 NEVER trust a Tory again.

  17. Brian Burton 6 May 2009, 5:46pm

    Oh! Yes, In our dreams!

  18. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 May 2009, 5:52pm

    Referring to his speech at the annual meeting of party activists in 2006, he said: “I stood up in front of a Conservative conference, my first one as leader, and said that marriage was important, and as far as I was concerned it didn’t matter whether it was between a man and a woman, a man and a man or a woman and a woman,” he said.

    Hmmmm, David….if that is your view, then why didn’t you demand that legal marriage be available to gay couples?

    Since when did the Civil Partnership law stipulate that such unions are to recognised as marriages? Where is that written? This is NOT a question of semantics or attitudes. The law is the law. The marriage causes act doesn’t mention it. If they are legal marriages, how come no marriage licence is required or a certificate of marriage issued to a partnered gay couple? I have no problem if people want civil partnerships but don’t call them marriages, they simply are not and are NOT interchangeable. If they were, gay couples would be able to apply for a marriage licence and straight couples could register for a civil partnership if they so choose. That alone proves they are not interchangeable and are not equal. Having the same rights under a different name doesn’t make them equal unless the law categorically states it as such and why are there separate categories on forms for “married” and “civil partnership” if they are truly equal? Surely “married” would suffice if they were.

  19. vulpus_rex 6 May 2009, 5:54pm

    It’s really strange, almost ironic, that in order to see some really blinkered, dishonest biggotry you have to come and read the comments on a supposedly liberal leaning website!

    Hysterical screaching about clause 28 and smearing a few old ladies isn’t going to change the fact that the next government will be Tory.

    They will not be elected by an army of fascists – the will be elected by people from every walk of life who are sick to death of the most incompetent government in UK history.

  20. Polednice 6 May 2009, 6:04pm

    I agree that our next government is unfortunately likely to be the Tories. If only people realised that it’s a false dichotomy and voted for the lib dems or greens! Alas, we’ll end up with another government that we’ll hate within a short time purely because we perceive it to be the lesser of two evils.

  21. Mihangel apYrs 6 May 2009, 6:30pm


    I hope that the Tories have changed their spots. I think we are going to have them as the next govt so we will have to wait, see, and appeal to Europe if necessary.

  22. Sister Mary Clarence 6 May 2009, 6:47pm

    Well if you don’t like him, don’t vote for him, it’ll make s–t all difference if you do or you don’t. As Vulpus has already pointed out there will be sufficient people from every walk of life who are sick to death of the most incompetent government in UK history. Included amongst them will be hords of gay people who are happy to vote for the party.

    I’m sure you’ll all be happy playing the down-trodden victims on the fringes of society for the next 15 years while the rest of the country gets on with recovering from Labour’s legacy of distruction of this country.

  23. Jonny Roland 6 May 2009, 7:04pm

    Hooray for David!

    It’s about time some people on this site realised he’s a good person and the Conservatives have changed. Some people are so sceptical and pessimistic it’s unbelievable.

    Facts: The Conservatives have more gay MPs than any other party, more gay Shadow Cabinet members, and in summer 2008, LGBTory, the affiliated group for gay Conservatives attended every single Pride event.

    Fiction: The Conservatives are stuck in the past- over the past 4 years David Cameron has time and again proven that he is different to the Conservatives of the 1980s. New leader, same old Tory MPs- just as there’s the odd one or two Tory MPs who are against gay marriage, there is the odd one or two Labour MPs who believe in mass nationalisation and 90% tax rates.

    If you never give David Cameron a chance you’ll never know what he can achieve. He is our only hope.

  24. Don’t believe a word that comes out of a Tory’s mouth…..sorry. Especially about gay rights.

    Agree its going to be very difficult for labour to win the next election – but, frankly, I would rather them than the tories – and I’m not particularly hot on labour (I am a socialist).

    This all goes to show why ‘the system’ in this country is irrelevant and unrepresentative.

    Bored myself now!

  25. All of these viperous anti-Conservative comments are sad – why are these rabid people so bitter and twisted? Are they yearning for some Never-Never Land of Socialist Utopia?

    I know heaps of gay people who are enthusiastic Conservatives and instead of sitting on their asses pouring our vinegar at their PCs, are out there making a difference serving as local Councillors and community workers.

    The huge majority of people in this country – straight, gay and all colours and backgrounds – are utterly disillusioned with the present government and will vote Conservative at the fast approaching election.

    So change the record, stop harking back to conservative governments in the last century and look forward to a new government which will be a breath of fresh air after this stale, tired old bunch give up the ghost!

  26. Simon Murphy 6 May 2009, 7:18pm

    Vulpus_Rex – I think your dislike for the Labour government is blinding you to the fact that the Tories have never shown the slightest practical support for equality. You may think that Section 28 caused no harm and obviously it caused YOU no harm. But for you to claim that such poisonous legislation didn’t cause untold harm to other gay people is short sighted and arrogant. I won’t vote Labour at the next election. But I will never vote Tory until I see evidence of change as opposed to nice words.

  27. Jean-Paul 6 May 2009, 8:01pm

    vulpus_rex (13)

    A word to the wise. You are an intelligent, thinking man and I do enjoy a good debate.

    BUT, you have taken on a formidable opponent in Eddy, and I would advise you to chose your words carefully when posting a comment to him.

    And carry on… you’re doing great.

  28. Jean-Paul 6 May 2009, 8:14pm


  29. The tories claiming to be the gay friendly party…. What a joke them who wanted section 28 and introduced it, The party who voted against same sex marriage, The Party who promote a marriage allowance… Get a grip Cameron

  30. Sister Mary Clarence 6 May 2009, 8:30pm

    Can I just ask, has it passed all the Labour-ites on here that the vast majority of us are living in local authorities that are under Conservative control. For those of us in London, we have a Conservative mayor.

    Has the sky fallen in? Have we all been shipped off to detention camps on the Isle of Sheppey? Electric shocks? Castration?


    Across the country there are no clear party political divisions on how equality legilation in implimented or enforced.

    As have been pointed out in Thomas’ posting the grass roots Conservative party is awash with gay people. Rather than sitting on the sidelines bitching, they are engendering change from within helping to marginalise the old guard and re-position the party to ensure that it represents not just the gay community but all sections of the broader community that we are part of.

  31. Thomas,

    A comment in itself cannot be viperous – do you mean the intention/motivation behind the comment?

    “Rabid people”, “Bitter and twisted” – how can you speak for my emotional state? I guess you imagine that you can because you don’t like my view? Methinks there is some projection at work here…..

    You know heaps of conservatives, do you? well, there’s a stratified poll of sufficient sample size on which to base your social experience then. I guess your rebutal of socialism is to be expected, given the values you claim to associate with? However, I wonder whether your experience is at all scholarly and evidenced given the emotive opinions expressed that fail to connect in a philosophically coherent form.

    “The huge majority” – there you go again speaking for other people – what is the percentage? How is this huge? Compared to what? Or, is this (as I suspect) just another emotive projective expression of your feeling?

    Finally, I do not base my arguments on past conservative government – rather, a present shadow cabinet without integrative policies and a constitution based on values that are psychologically and philosophically dubious. Oh yes, and on scholarly experience.

    Just a view, sure – but I have relevant data to support it.

  32. Sister Mary Clarence – the roman catholic church is awash with gay people – where has that got them?

  33. Never Kissed a Tory 6 May 2009, 9:01pm

    An anonymous Tory MP tells a gay journalist this? Ever get the feeling you’re being used? Tories need to “decontaminate” their brand byfinding symbols of change. Gay rights is nice and easy….it is surprising enough that a Tory says anything not hate-filled so we ignore their record, their lack of any policies and the hatred of most of that party. Anyone who falls for this trick deserves five years of the Tories!

  34. vulpus_rex 6 May 2009, 9:18pm

    The Tory party have given us the first non-christian prime minister, the first gay prime minister and the first female prime minister. They need no lessons in equality from another political creed and have certainly earned their equality wings in my book.

    Clause 28 was a poorly judged mistake motivated more by the desire to curb excessive local authority spending than a desire to oppress.

    I well remember the hysterical claims at the time – they got so ridiculous that a teaching union claimed that the mere mention of the word gay in sex education lessons would result in prosecutions and libraries would have to remove books with gay characters in them from the shelves.

    Absolute nonsense – absurd political posturing at its worse from people in positions of responsibilty who should have known better.

    It was wrong, I’m glad it’s gone, but I think 25 years later it’s time to move on.

  35. Jean-Paul 6 May 2009, 9:48pm

    Sister Mary Clarence (30)

    Comment from the peanut gallery (me): My, but you’re thinking clearly lately. Spring is in the air, tra-la-la-la, tra-la-la-la!

    Home-run for you; you knocked the ball right out of the baseball park!

  36. vulpus_rex 6 May 2009, 9:50pm

    @27 Jean-Paul, je te remercie pour ton avis mais je n’ai peur de personne, et en plus on dit en anglais – pierres et roches brisent les os, mais fou est-il qui a peur des mots!

  37. i’ll believe it when i see proof.

  38. I accept that the Tories will probably get in next year, and I won’t be sorry to see Gordon Brown go. He was a mistake. If there was an election tomorrow I’d vote Liberal because they’re the party which seems most concerned about social inequality. Since Margaret Thatcher the general political consensus has been pretty similar whether it’s been Con or Lab – I’d like to see a change but doubt it’ll happen. It goes without saying that I’ll never vote Tory. Clause 28 had a huge impact on my life – I was at school when it came out and was coming to terms with my sexuality. I blame the Tories for making my teenage years much more unpleasant than they should have been. I have seen no evidence that they can or ever will change.

  39. Deary, deary me. Days after another tory said that nothing has changed in the tory party the usual relics on here flounce around saying oh, it’s all changed and bleat about how labour has done so much damage to the country forgetting that the cow thatcher, may she rot, did as much damage while denying LGBT rights. Clarence with his usual arrogance claims he is the token black man on here, though quite how he knows that is open to question, claims,in so many words, he’d rather have money in his pocket and suffer the indignation of being classed as nothing better than a paedophile. vulpas at long last admits to some of the effects of section 28 but claims it was introduced as a money saving scheme? Gods, keep taking the dried frogs pills, sonny, you need them.
    I think it quite sad that people come out with such stupid lines as the overblown section 28, murdering babies, along with other ridiculous statements more suited to the pages of the daily mail than here.
    If these people’s overiding interest is in the money they’ve lost due to this government then I feel more than sorry for them, they’ve obviously lost a bit of humanity along the way. Voting tory will neither salvage it nor salve your conscience.

  40. vulpus_rex (36):

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!

    You clever, clever espiègle aristocratique!

    Et bien, suis ta conscience, mon bon homme. Tu viens de me démontrer qu’en plus d’être intelligent, tu possèdes une bonne quantité de courage.

    Un ancient proverbe arabe te décrit bien:

    ‘Les chiens aboient, la cravane passe.’

    J’interpète ça comme ceci: tu es sûr de ta voie et rien ne te détourne par la désapprobation la plus bruyante.

    C’est en se confrontant qu’en se connait, hein?

    En voilà un autre pour toi qui vient de Molière:

    ‘Je suis ce que je suis, mais je suis pas ce que je suis. Si j’étais ce que je suis, je ne serai pas ce que je suis!’

    A real brain teaser. So good to hear my native language spoken in the land of Shakespeare. And thanks for not simply telling me to f*ck off. That makes you a tad more sophisticated than I had suspected.

    Also, why is someone in this debate not stressing how important it is to vote? Your power to influence your MP’s after the election est une illusion, ou quoi?

    Chapeau, mon potte!

  41. I have been a supporter of the Conservative party for many years and over those years I have been very disappointed with their views on gay rights. However during the last few years I have also seen a huge change in their intolerant views towards gay rights and although being a suppoter of the Conservative party I have to give credit to the Labour party during the last 10 years in establishing the partial move for gay equality. I agree there is more to do. What disturbs me more is that their is still people who support The Conservative party who have views similar to Vulpus_rex. His comments over the last few months have been odious and I sincerely hope there are not many like Vulpus_rex who support the Conservative party. Vulpus_rex is a stain on the work Cameron is trying to achieve.

  42. rantersparadise 7 May 2009, 12:37am

    @ Jean-Paul

    I LOVE you!

    I thought the same when I was reading because I learnt french really early as a child..

    Anyhow, what about the Liberal Democrats?? The ONLY party who hasn’t f—–d it

  43. Jean-Paul 7 May 2009, 2:47am

    rantersparadise (41)


    Have you been hiding in the wings all this time? Don’t you know that a Frenchman would climb the highest mountain to hear the words ‘I LOVE you’. Don’t tell me you’re a fan of Edith Piaf, now!
    That would be frosting on the cake.

    As for UK politics, I love listening to the debates, I pop a comment from time to time, like a self-important moderator, but I don’t really know enough about the history of the parties to actually take one side over the other.

    Gros merci.

  44. In a party full of crows and cuckoos, I very much doubt one swallow will ever make a summer. C’mon Cameron, show us REAL LEADERSHIP, which goes well beyond the lazy recognition of New Labours arduos battles against your own party to give some equality to LGBTs. If you really want to make a stand, you should scrap the “separate but equal” laws.

  45. Vulpus_Rex wrote (in Comment 19)”They will not be elected by an army of fascists – they will be elected by people from every walk of life who are sick to death of the most incompetent government in UK history.”

    No, Vulpus_Rex, the all-white-loving Christian-loving Queen-loving Tories will NOT be elected by “people from every walk of life who are sick to death of the most incompetent government in UK history” BUT by unthinking people from every walk of life who have been skilfully manipulated by those TV, radio, and newspaper journalists who are forever eager for news, for copy, for change and newness at whatever cost to integrity and virtue!

    The BBC’s public-school Machiavel Nick Robinson is currently the most prominent and visible player in this bid to malign our fine government and to create the excitement and mayhem which will lead to the drama of an entirely new cast . . . for him and his likes to then prey on and devour in similar fashion.

    Nick Robinson and his crew are determined to bring Gordon Brown down and I believe it is because he IS a man of considerable integrity and he is a Scot. Public-school English boys smart every time they realise “their” country is being run by a Scot. They hate it. And Tories will play dirty to get rid of one who is not “one of us”. (Remember Thatcher’s key question? “Is he/she ‘one of us’?”)

  46. Ann Onymouse 7 May 2009, 9:11am

    Any chance of a government of the best people from each party to get us out of the financial emergency?

  47. Ryan Haynes - fyi radio 7 May 2009, 9:31am

    It amazes me how much venom some of you have on this discussion board. You throw so much pessimism out no wonder traditionally narrow-minded organisations have no hope of trying to change.

  48. Jenny Roland wrote (Comment 23): “It’s about time some people on this site realised he’s a good person and the Conservatives have changed.” Jenny, Cameron is a wolf in sheep’s clothing if ever there was one. I’ve lived and worked with young Tories of Cameron’s nature. They are utterly self-seeking and vile, and I can assure you that beneath their efforts to appear “cool” and contemporary they still see us homosexuals as not equal to first-class citizens.

    Richard wrote (Comment 32): “Sister Mary Clarence – the Roman Catholic Church is awash with gay people – where has that got them?” Brilliant point, Richard! Well done! This “Sister Mary Clarence” has so far lacked such perception. Yes, the Catholic Church IS awash with homosexuals (self-hating homosexuals generally, and all sorts of psycho-sexual fuck-ups) and surely even the blessed nun herself will acknowledge this – unless of course she is one herself? So if indeed the Conservative Party were now “awash” with gay men and women, which is NOT the case of course, it does not follow that Tory rule of gay and lesbian matters would be at all to our advantage.

    Vulpus_Rex wrote (Comment 34): “[Section 28] was wrong, I’m glad it’s gone, but I think 25 years later it’s time to move on.” LibDem MP Simon Hughes said much the same thing to me when several years ago I asked him why we should believe he was totally pro-gay when during the Bermondsey by-election many years before he actively SMEARED Peter Tatchell in the filthiest way as being unsuitable for election simply because Peter was gay. When people have proven to you that they will lie, deceive, and play dirty against gay and lesbian people, you are a completely utter blinkin’ FOOL if you permit them to rebuke you with, “Oh, come on! Time has moved on!” TIME MOVING ON HAS GOT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Did we release Myra Hindley because “Time had moved on?” Have the media stopped mocking that other Tory Jeffrey Archer for his lies and deceit and period in jail because “Time has moved on”? Vulpus_Rex, you need to THINK and be far more wary. Start by contemplating nice little Chamberlain and his willingness to think that Hitler was really a good honest chap! Foxes like you should be wary of wolves, Vulpus!

    Sr. M. Clarence wrote (Comment 30): “For those of us in London, we have a Conservative mayor. Has the sky fallen in? Have we all been shipped off to detention camps on the Isle of Sheppey? Electric shocks? Castration?” Sister, you cannot quash and neutralize discussions by introducing sheer ABSURDITIES. You follow The Pinks News avidly, I notice. You therefore appear to have completely forgotten the ceaselessly rolling catalogue Pink News tells us of affronts to the rights of gay and lesbian people to be treated with respect and dignity WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF LONDON. I suggest you have a little look back through the Pink News archives. And then if you think all is still nice and rosy, Sister, I suggest you’ve been down your knees for too long, slurping over that crucifix!

  49. vulpus_rex 7 May 2009, 10:02am

    I find it highly amusing that a little bit of critical honesty produces such venom, though sadly it is typical of the supporters of a moribund, desperate government who have nothing left but smear and insult.

    It is also sad that some appear locked in a passive/aggressive relationship with this goverment. Labour can dump on you again and again, yet one fondly remembered act of kindness will permit you to forgive any subsequent act of abuse – how tragic.

    Clause 28 and the views of David Cameron on equality are in practice unimportant red herrings.

    Fortunately some people can see a little bit further than some obscure 1980s legislation.

    Sleaze, corruption, incompetence, dishonesty {fill in endless list of pejorative adjectives} – this is why Labour are going to get the kicking they so richly deserve.

    Jean Paul – tu parles mon mobre (je triche un peu – je l’ai deja entendu).

  50. Ryan Haynes wrote “It amazes me how much venom some of you have on this discussion board.” Ryan, it would be lovely to live in la-la land where everything is fine, people are all beneficent, the sun shines, birds sing, and gays and lesbians can walk freely down ANY street of ANY town in this land, and any land, holding hands just like straights do . . . BUT IT AIN’T THE BLEEDIN’ CASE, my friend! GET REAL. Remember, The Observer’s survey of October 2008 found that 1 in 4 Britons believes that homosexuality should be illegal.

    When you HAVE got real, you won’t employ the word “venom” to refer to rightful demands for respect and dignity for gay and lesbian people.

    The REAL underlying attitudes in this country to gays and lesbians is, for many, such an unpalatable truth, they prefer not to consider it. This is not surprising. Humanity prefers “comfort zone”. Ryan, have you wantched “An Inconvenient Truth”? Do you accept that we are seriously fucking up the ecosystem which is Planet Earth? Or are you, like many others, thinking of where to book your next cheap package holiday via some air-polluting air-travel in some place in the sun?
    Spain? Greece? Ah, relax on the beach, and think that life is hunky-dory! Are you AWARE that as we speak fishermen in Greece are dealing with the reality that MILLIONS of dead fish have been found in their waters in recent weeks? Why? Because farmers around the Med are fertilising like mad, as indeed we are here in the UK and in the USA, and it’s all ending up in the sea, and encouraging the growth of dangerous fish-killing algae. You didn’t know this, did you, Ryan? There’s LOTS you don’t know. You want to sip a drink and think all is dandy. It’s so seriously NOT, my friend, in so many spheres, not just gay and lesbian rights.

    Don’t label all the truths that you don’t wanna hear as “venom” and so justify closing your ears to it.

    We need you on board!

  51. “to show that ‘new Toryism’……IS STILL ALIVE and kicking”.

    Well that’s an odd statement considering they havent even started yet.
    If it all goes tits up tories get right wing and reactionary and like to give someone a good bashing.
    Traditionally this was the gays among others.
    So if it’s not going to be gays……whose it going to be ?

  52. Vulpus spouted (Comment 49): “Labour can dump on you again and again, yet one fondly remembered act of kindness will permit you to forgive any subsequent act of abuse – how tragic.”

    Vulpus, the Labour Government of recent years has NOT dumped on me at all.

    Foxes love blood, don’t they Vulpus! It’s you, like the BBC’s Nick Robinson, who simply wants to see the slaughter of Gordon Brown and the current governement. You’ve got bored. You want some bloodshed, and you’ll incite a need for it in others by encouraging them to think they’ve been “dumped on”. But I say, “No, no, no, Vulus_Rex! You are WRONG. We have not been dumped on!” We have, however, been dumped on in recent times by arrogant greedy city-based Tories, with second-homes, yachts galore, and bank accounts in tax havens!

    Go sort your head out and stop baying for blood.










    HE-E-E-E-E-E-E-LP !!!!!!!!!

  54. If the tory party were serious about helping the gay community they would of said it on National TV, have they????

  55. vulpus_rex 7 May 2009, 10:38am

    Eddy, before you have a stroke consider the following:

    – Home secretary fiddles her expenses
    – Lady Uddai fraudulently claims allowances for a flat she has never lived in
    – Police kill innocent protestor
    – government make it illegal to take photo of policemen
    – they want to lock you up for 42 days without trial
    – taxes off the scale
    – Gordon has bankrupted the country and brough the economy to its knees
    – Government routinely lie about performance statistics
    – Government employees spread smear stories

    The list could be long as you like, and unless you live in a special section of society that isn’t hurt by all of the above then you have certainly been dumped on repeatedly by Labour, but are apperently too thick to see it.

  56. Sister Mary Clarence 7 May 2009, 10:48am

    Clearly from the raging discussions on here no one is going to walk the floor and change their political opinion.

    The proof of the pudding will obviously be when they storm to power next year, unless of course Chancellor Brown invokes the Enabling Act, circumvents parliament and decrees that there won’t be a general election. Assuming that’s not the case, the Conservatives can start work re-building broken Britain.

    As they do so, they will continue Britain’s membership of Europe and it will continue to adhere to the international treaties that have been signed that bind us to a commitment to equality for all Europeans.

    When after a full term in government the Tories haven’t repealed laws providing equality for gay people, I wonder hope many how many of the blinkered, Labour-ite preachers of the end is nigh on here will have the bol**cks to stand up, apologies and admit they were wrong.

    I’m guessing none. There will be some excuse, some reason – “oh they haven’t done it to us yet, but they’re going to”, “oh, well they can’t, but they would have it they could have”, “I never said that”.

    If you take away the equalities legislation FORCED on us by Europe, what has Labour given the gay community – recession, debt, unemployment, instability, corruption, a failing health service (yes I know they created it but it didn’t give them the right to wreck it), huge increases in crime and untold other miseries.

    To their credit they did spin a good yarn about who we should actually thank for a bit of equalities legislation.

  57. vulpus_rex, Eddy:

    Don’t you understand English?
    AdrianT has been at it with Reality Check and Louise for days. It’s two against one.
    John K has just entered the thread, but we should all be there right now. We can continue this thread later.
    PLEASE… go to the thread about ‘Faith schools to be allowed to tell pupils homosexuality is wrong’ and give Adrian a hand by distracting those two religious crackpots. They are relentless.

  58. Jean-Paul

    Thanks for alerting us to this frantic threading from fanatics, and their relentless attacks on Adrian T . . . so when debate alludes them they think they can resort to homophobic abuse of Adrian T

    When they call Adrian T a fairy they are calling ever one on these threads and this site a fairy . . .

    This is war . . . solders please join the battle on the news article: “Faith schools to be allowed to tell pupils homosexuality is wrong”

  59. It didn’t take long for that sister of perpetual indulgence, Sister Mary Clarence, to emerge with his/her working class Tory nonsense!

  60. Sister Mary Clarence 7 May 2009, 6:39pm

    Another first class posting their Neville.

    That’s really added to the debate

    Wouldn’t be the same on here without intuition and insight like yours.

    If only you could bottle it, you’d make a fortune.

  61. Dear Lupus and Sinister Mary,

    Instead of attacking labour, perhaps you should ponder WHY people distrust Cameron? You assume EVERYBODY who criticises him is some kind of traitor to Britain (or as you define it, a labour voter). Your logic is flawed, which is good in a way since it shows up how weak your argument in favour of Cameron actually is.

    Some totally anonymous liar (It was an MP, I think we all agree that liar is in the job description) dangles some vague non-substantiated promise and you immediately claim anyone who doubts this as true and solid fact is a labour voter and fifth columnist…

    …are you really labourites trying to make the tories look repulsive enough we may actually turn back to Gordon Brown?

  62. Oh look, MPs making pleasing noises to the pink press with no firm commitments.

    Just like we used to get in the Pink Paper from Jack Straw back in 96, wooing the gay vote but then once in power blocking repeal of section 28, pouring taxpayers money into defending the military ban in the european court, stonewalling on the age of consent and so forth.

    Cameron and the new crop of Tory MPs they hope to have at the next election are sending people to make the right noises to us, but collectively they joined their party in response to its 1980s homophobic, section-28-passing, glory days. Just like the Labour MPs a generation before them who made all the right noises about social justice to get elected but who had joined 70s Labour when it was in government supporting the South African apartheid regime.

    The Liberals are the only people to show any consistency on equality and diversity.

  63. Brian Burton 14 May 2009, 8:03am

    CONCERVATIVE PARTY TO PRIORITISE GAY RIGHTS. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha!Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!…….I wonder If they will??? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!…..Jean-Paul and Eddy, you naughty Boys!Ha! Ha1 Ha!…

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