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Breaking: Maine’s governor passes gay marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 6 May 2009, 6:50pm

    Great news. hopefully the legalisation of gay marriage this year in so many states is sending a message to the courts in California that civil rights cannot and should not be decided by majority opinion. California is the most populous state in the US and if marriage is legalised there then it will be easier to demand the same equality in the more backward states.

  2. Jean-Paul 6 May 2009, 9:35pm

    Félicitations, Gov. John Baldacci, and welcome to the human race, citizens of Maine.

    Just one little remark though. In all fairness why waste money on a referendum, which may simply lead to another and another referendum, while thousands of people have starved to death in Africa in the time it takes to read this post?

    There is no bigger fan of the American Constitution than I, but it is common knowledge that it is not carved in granite and that amendments are a distinct possibility. Why not have a referendum on that instead?

  3. Also today, the New Hampshire Legislature passed legislation to protect marriages from the religious zealots! Just awaiting the Governor’s signature…….

  4. Brian Burton 7 May 2009, 6:17am

    Good on ya Maine. New Hampshire is taking a good lead in this and there is room for even more improvement as they go.

  5. Dave North 7 May 2009, 7:22am

    One by One the dominos fall………

  6. Congratulations to all involved in bringing about this change and to all who will benefit.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 May 2009, 2:41pm

    And now, lets start the ball rolling in the UK.

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