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Gay marriage becomes legal in Sweden today

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Reader comments

  1. Very cool, Sweden. It should be like this everywhere. The church ddin’t invent marriage and I don’t see why they’ve appropriated it and think they can dictate to others what it means. Marriage should be a civil matter.

  2. Vincent Poffley 1 May 2009, 12:51pm

    Progress, but churches should not be exempt in any way. If you offer a service then you must offer it to everyone who can use it – religion cannot ever be a valid reason not to do this. There is no difference whatsoever between a church refusing t marry gay people and a shop refusing to serve black people. Both should be criminal offenses and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  3. stephen kay 1 May 2009, 3:47pm

    Well done for firstly kicking the church out of the state by disestablishing the state religion. Secondly for giving gay people equal rights. The day will come when we put the church on trial and i think sweden may be a front runner in setting up a court to hear the evidence of 2000 years of hatred and murder perpetrated against us by the church.

  4. Great for swedish democracy… an embaressment for all other european countries (including the UK) that have opted for second class unions (pacs, civil partnrshps cus, bananas, donkeys… whatever but not the word marriage which is only between “normal” people, like man, wife and plumber (her or his lover))

    Not to mention the barbaric southern european nations like greece and italy (yes we’re talking of the famous 3* world of europe) they are still 100% homophobic and enslaved by super squallid catholic and orthodox churches. Religion as always stopping progress… that’s all.

  5. Well done Sweden. The Swedes have always been one of the most progressive nations in Europe, if not the world.

  6. Karl Rosenqvist 2 May 2009, 11:25am

    Thank you thank you .. I wish it hadn’t taken 55 years to do it.
    Also, some credit belongs with other nations who have taken this step before us.

  7. thanks, bravo, Sweden. Just as we should not indulge one sided negatives when it comes to gay folks, so maybe we ought to avoid one sided negatives when it comes to people of faith. Religion is as religion does to neighbors – that is the Golden Rule, repeated in various forms among several different world religions. Sadly, the loudest religious leaders or institutions we often hear when changes occur are the negative ones. Still cannot quite figure out why the positive, caring believers sound so silent, while the nasty-negatives ones sound so loud. This change is a no brainer, and in time will seem like a tempest in a secular or religious teapot – so little will it negatively affect anybody in Sweden or around the world, gay or straight. Thanks again, bravo, Sweden. If my own USA continues to go downhill, I may take comfort in the idea that I might eventually flee to Sweden if/when things get bad enough.

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 May 2009, 4:10pm

    Yep, full equality for Sweden. Many British gays embrace second class citizenship and have settled for it and nothing more. If they’re so equal to marriage, why can’t straights choose a partnership instead of marriage? Its clear by that alone that they are different and definitely not equal. They delude themselves thinking that they are. As more countries abandon legal segregation (anthing that separates a minority from the majority is segregation) for full marriage recognition, the UK and others will be left behind. It seems that the UK is the only one that believes in separate being equal. Sad, but it will catch up with them in one way or the other as they become outnumbered.

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