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Evangelical group forced to apologise over gay slurs against minister

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  1. Spreading false rumours in the name of Jesus? . . . very interesting.

    Very Godly behaviour
    Very Christian behaviour
    Very Holy

    I think not

  2. It’s really very simple. How do you make an unreasonable prejudice seem reasonable? By slandering its object.

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 1 May 2009, 6:38pm

    “Forward Together spokesman Ian Watson told the Press and Journal that it had been an honest mistake and there was “no intention to distort the truth or create trouble”.”

    Mmmmm, not sure I entirely believe that I have to say ….

  4. Why did she leave him? I’m sick and tired of useless man who use women as a facade and get children out of them! Now she i sleft as a sinlge parent, while he lives happily ever after!

    Very Christian

  5. Very Christian,

    I suspect you’re like the rest of us, and know no more of this man and his motives than are written in this article. He may have cunningly married his wife in an evil gay plot to ‘get children out of her’ – or he may have been confused, self-denying and believing that he could be ‘cured’ of gayness through a Christian marriage. His former wife may be skint and tied to the sink – or she may have a new partner and lots of child support. You don’t know. So why repeat the mistake of ‘Forward Together’ and assume that anyone in the subgroup you don’t like is acting from the worst of motives. It’s just not very Christian, Very Christian.

    Of course it sucks when a closeted gay person marries a straight, and the gay person carries some responsibility. But praps a little campaigning and encouragement from within the church will help stop this happening. ‘Gay Christian Men! – Why not find yourself a lovely bloke!’. Let me know if you feel like creating a banner along these lines – glad to dip into my pocket to help with the materials.

    love and kisses,


    Of course it totally sucks for the partner when a gay person marries a straight.

  6. Oops, slight glitch in the editing there.

  7. @ Niki,

    Ummm, I think you need to go back and re-read the story. His wife left him first!

    It just happened that he met a man afterwards.

    How about this point-of-view: She used him to pop out a few babies and then ran away. He was so betrayed by women, he turned gay.

  8. Just more lies that christianists tell. Are we surprised. Their realtionship with the truth is tenuous at best

  9. Forward Together’s apology rings very hollow…

    Unfortunately, slander (especially salacious slander) is daily fare amongst Evangelical Christians – and certainly not only against LGBT people. It’s driven by the paranoid, black-and-white thinking that comes straight from the Bible itself.

    Of course a sexual component always adds a certain frisson when you’re very repressed that way – but, for them, there’s just NEVER any good reason to leave, or refuse to join, the Evangelical cult. So the reputations of heretics, liberals, apostates, heathens and ‘backsliders’ must be blackened by any means necessary!

    Gays are just seen as a ‘softer’ target for The Righteous Ones…

  10. Rob Fox

    I agree, I think some evangelical Christians think the LGBT communities are a softer target for their righteous condemnation.

    Based on my experience with the news thread on this site, it seems like some of them still feel they can enact what they think they do not have to be accountable for in their wider communities

    Moreover, I like to feel that we can readdress any imbalance on these threads by facing evangelicals head on so to speak with the homophobia, heterosexism and bigotry which they so often fail to be held accountable for

  11. It is the 80% of Mr Rennie’s congregation who are the true christians, but certainly not Forward Together.

    I hope Mr Rennie was using very expensive solicitors.

  12. Simon Murphy 4 May 2009, 4:37pm

    Christians are by their very nature dishonest as they make all sorts of unproveable farcical claims about some ‘god’ which they cannot prove exists. Why would anyone be surprised about other areas in which they lie repeatedly

  13. Brian Burton 10 May 2009, 5:22pm

    Years ago I met a guy at a friends house. This guy asked if he could see me as he was not in the district for long. Anyway, we made Love at my place and as we lay there talking afterward, he told me he was married with a 15 year old son. He and his wife and son were staying in a Hotel nereby. I saw him the next day and he was sporting a black eye. He explained his wife was waiting for him behind their room door, and when he entered, she socked him. “You will not look for boyfriends this trip” she demanded. He said to me whistfully, “I have not forgiven her for this yet.” I often wondered what happened to him?

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