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California Supreme Court rules school can expel students for being gay

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Reader comments

  1. What a backward, immature society the USA is when this can be allowed to happen.

  2. Leon K Fox 1 May 2009, 9:07am

    I hate religious people so much sometimes.

  3. How very sad and shameful.

  4. The only message this sends out is that religious schools won’t care a jot about some one who could have been a (star?)pupil for years before realising their sexuality – and will deny them their friends and help and support just when they may need it most – you couldn’t make it up!!!!

  5. lol – how apt – the security words were 17 looney for the above post!!!!

  6. make my own school and it will private we don’t let any black people gays or Jews. oh wait i just though for a name for my school NAZI SCHOOL

  7. Surely the school is a ‘business’ as it charges for its services and operates on a ‘for profit’ basis? Either way the State should start preventing any religious organisation from using any state owned facility to promote their religion. We’d soon have a proper debate about acceptable behaviour then.

  8. So much for the Land of the Free, where all men are equal
    (that is, unless you are an unmentionable sexual deviant).
    The word “pathetic” springs to mind, but really this is nowhere near strong enough to describe the revulsion i feel at the church and its bigotted, disgraceful attitude to gay people.
    Christ is hanging his head in shame, i’m sure.
    “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” were the words said by Christ on the cross; what a pity they’re being said even now but and are falling on deaf ears.

  9. Har Davids 1 May 2009, 4:22pm

    I don’t know if the parents were aware of the kind of school they were sending the kids to, but maybe we should all be bit more critical of the kind organisations we do business with. I’m not sure I would send my kid to this one.

  10. Terry Floyd Johnson 1 May 2009, 5:47pm

    The California Supreme Court is wrong in this decision; education is under California law, if it has educational facilities and ops. Religious belief is not a banner to be able to do whatever they like; to expurge students because they think they may be gay.

    This church is as ancient and illegal; as the findings of the California Supreme Court’s decision, to allow religion to rape the statute system of California.

    This means that any school can do so, for they are under the same auspices of the educational code. the CA Supreme Court seems to forget that gays, bis are guaranteed constitutional rights, and the Bill of Rights.

    Religion does not protect a church if it is a educational unit- overseen by the California State government.

    Ostrazation of this church would be a ready answer for this blunt, execution of the killing of the free rights of U.S. citizens.

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