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Americans ‘want military gay ban to end’

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Reader comments

  1. The American military is a joke. They want able-bodied morons to be cannon-fodder. They lie during the recruitment process. The people that are assigned to dupe people into the service at the basic level are the lowest-witted bunch. An excuse to deny you entrance they will lap up with no way to contest it. It needs a complete overhaul. It is governmental dysfunction and discrimination at its worst.

  2. Anyone who volunteers for the US military is a half-wit to start with. No wonder they suffer from such feelings of emasculation when confronted by a gay man. Real men who are secure in their sexuality don’t feel threatened by gay men. The gung-ho machismo of Amercian soldiers is simply a manifestation of sexual dysfunction and confusion. But then what does one expect from the most homophobic country in the western world?

  3. Evangelical 12 Jul 2009, 9:57pm

    You people are idiots, proving your cause is idiotic.

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